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ALEXANDER G, HOLLAND made his will March 25, 1835 and it was recorded August 27, 1835 [W&I, 1832-1834, p. 186f] He mentioned:
(1) wife, NANCY P. HOLLAND
(3) "deceased father's estate" but did not name father
(5) sister, MARY
(6) wife's brothers and sisters, names not given

On motion of HUGH H. BRADLEY be is aptd guardian of ROBERT VAN BUREN HOLLAND, a minor orphan of ALEXANDER G. HOLLAND, decd. Bond $7000 with CHARLES BRADLEY and WILLIAM W. CARTER securities. [QCR. 1833-1836, May 2, 1836, p. 383]

HUGH H. BRADLEY, guardian of ROBERT VAN BUREN HOLLAND, a minor heir of ALEXANDER G. HOLLAND, decd, made report and resigned guardianship. JAMES S. BRADLEY aptd new guardian with CHARLES BRADLEY security. Bond $7000.
[Ibid., 1836-1839, February 6, 1837, p. 33]

JAMES S. BRADLEY and wife et al - ex parte - Clerk to take proof whether it would be in the interedst of REOBERT V HOLLAND for land to be sold. [CCR, 1846-1853, January 21, 1847, p. 65]

JAMES S. BRADLEY and wife et al and ROBERT V HOLLAND - ex parte - It is in the interest of petitioners that the land be sold. Clerk to sell land. [Ibid.,July 30, 1847, p. 95]

JAMES S. BRADLEY and wife et al - ex parte - Clerk sold land to JOHN W. PRICE and JOHN LASATER for $8 an acre, $2400. [Ibid., January 19, 1848, p. 4123]

JAMES S. BRADLEY and wife and ROBERT V HOLLAND - ex parte - Half the purchase price to be paid to JAMES S. BRADLEY, husband of NANCY P. BRADLEY, and at death of wife, to ROBERT V HOLLAND or his guardian. [Ibid., January 4, 1849, p. 191]

JAMES S. BRADLEY and wife and ROBERT V HOLLAND - Clerk has $1200, part of the money ensuing from the sale of the land mentioned and invested it in the purchase of a negro woman, HARRIET, and three children, for the benefit of his ward ROBERT V. HOLLAND. BRADLEY, as guardian, made this investment. [Ibid.,  July 3, 1849, p. 208]

JAMES S. BRADLEY and wife and ROBERT V HOLLAND - Tract sold may contain more than originally thought. Clerk to have tract surveyed. [Ibid., p. 216]

JAMES S. BRADLEY, guardian = It appears that the negro woman, HARRIET, and her two children, purchased by the petitioner for his ward, ROBERT V HOLLAND, are worth more than the price given for them. [Ibid., January 12, 1850, p. 250]

JAMES S. BRADLEY and wife and ROBERT V HOLLAND - ex parte - JOHN W. PRICE and JOHN LASATER have paid full purchase price. Land is 63 acres and 154 poles beginning at an elm and stake, GEORGE W. MARTIN's southwest corner, running east crossing the creek at 24 poles in all 122 poles to an ash marked as a corner, one of MARTIN's corners, thence south still with MARTIN's line 63 poles to two hickories, thence east with MARTIN's line 150 poles to a stake, thence south 73 poles to a hickory and dogwood, thence west 50 poles to a rock, thence south 126 poles to two poplars, thence west 222 poles to a large white ooak, thence north 272 poles to the beginning. They have divided it into two lots. [Ibid., July 8, 1851, p. 571][

[NOTE: my gt-gt-gt-grandparents, JOHN POWELL and ELIZABETH ASBURY TARVER named their youngest son, ALEXANDER HOLLAND POWELL.]

ANN HOLLAND was dead by February 1, 1841, when WILSON HEARN was aptd admr with securities THOMAS GUTHRIE and HOPE H. HANCOCK. Bond $1000. [QCR, 1840-1844, p. 375]

ELIZABETH HOLLAND was dead by May 2, 1850, when WILLIAM HOLLAND, her husband, was aptd admr with securities JOHN G. THOMAS and T. M. ALLISON. Bond $1500. Deceased was entitled to an esate which had not been reduced to possession before her death. [QCR, 1852-1856, p. 90]

JAMES HOLLAND was dead by February 6, 1837, when JOHN HOLLAND was aptd admr with securities WILLIAM McGREGOR and JOHN POYNER. Bond $160.  [QCR, 1836-1839, p. 27] An estate sale was reported April 3, 1837 [Ibid.1836-1839, p. 43] and a settlement reported February 5, 1843 [Ibid.,1844-1848, p-. 400]

LEVI HOLLAND was dead by October 3, 1836 when JOHN HOLLAND was aptd admr.NANCY HOLLAND, widow, relinquished her rights to admr the estate. Securities for JOHN HOLLAND were WILLIAM McGREGOR and SILAS TARVER. Bond $2000. [QCR, 1836-1839, p. 5.]

An inventory and estate sale was reported March 1, 1841 [Ibic., 1840-1844, p. 481] and an earlier estate sale was entered January 2, 1837, [Ibid., 1836-1839, p. 23] Settlements were made December 4, 1838 [Ibid., p. 171] and February 6, 1843 [Ibid., 1840-1844, p. 599]

Cmsrs JOHN O POYNER, THOMAS A. JONES and WILLIAM BILBRO were aptd to allot one yrs provisions to widow and family.
[Ibid., 1836-1839, October 3, 1836, p. 3  

On motion of ECLEMUEL SULLIVAN, be is aptd guardian of SARAH HOLLAND, NOAH HOLLAND and WILLIAM HOLLAND, minor orphans of LEVI HOLLAND, decd/ Securities JOHN O. POYNER and JOHN HOLLAND. Bond $6000. [Ibid., October 1, 1838, p. 144]

LEVI HOLLAND married NANCY SIDDLE, August 26, 1806, WCT, with AARON ANGLIN, bondsman.

LEWIS HOLLAND was dead by December 7, 1840, when JOHN HOLLAND was aptd admr with securities ANDREW CHANDLER and EDMUND GILLIAM. Bond $800.[QCR, 1840-1844, p. 361]

MARY HOLLAND - On application of HIRAM CROPPER and it appearing that MARY HOLLAND resides in this county who is represented by the applicant to be an idiot or lunatic. Sheriff ordered to summon jury. [QCR, 1858-1864, September 2, 1861, p. 507]

HIRAM CROPPER - Petition for writ of lunacy - case of MARY HOLLAND - Cmsrs find MARY HOLLAND is of unsound mind and has been for the last 18 months. She owns $300, one bed, one mare, one cow. Recommend court apt guardian. She is about 35 or 40 years old. Signed: WILLIAM T. CARTWRIGHT, NORMAN WALSH,. NELSON G. ALEXANDER, WILLIAM B. PURSLEY, W. K. PALMER, J. H. JOHNSON, F. E. SHANNON, M. T. BENNETT, J. K. RAMSEY, and R. P. DONNELL. Ordered that GEORGE CRUTCHFIELD be aptd her guardian with securities J. ORGAN and WILLIAM GREEN. Bond $800. [Ibid, October 9, 1861, p. 520]

NANCY HOLLAND was dead by May 3, 1841 when WILSON HEARN, admr reported an estate sale. This could well be the same deceased as ANN HOLLAND (above).

NANCY HOLLAND was dead by March 3, 1845, when JOHN HOLLAND was aptd admr with securities BENJAMIN T. SULLIVAN and HOLLAND SULLIVAN. Bond $300. [QCR, 1840-1844, p. 104]

RACHEL A. HOLLAND was dead by January 4, 1841 when WILSON HEARN was aptd admr de bonis non with securities BENJAMIN W. G. WINFORD and THOMAS TARVER. Bond $10,000. [QCR, 1840-1844, p. 369]

RICHARD A. HOLLAND made his will August 14, 1828, and ir was presented at the September Court 1828. [W&I, 1827-1830, p. 211f] He mentioned:
(1) daughter, FANNY, and her children, names not given
(2) son: RICHARD
(3) son, WILLIAM and his son, JACKSON, and other chilldren, not named
(4) son, SAMUEL WESLEY and his children, names not given
(5) son, ROBERT
(6) son, ALEXANDER
(7) daughter, MARY ELLINGTON
(8) son, JOHN
(9) wife's father, name not given, but was living
(10) wife, name not given
(11) executrix, wife, and JAMES K. MARTIN and ROBERT DONNELL

NANCY HOLLAND and JAMES M. MARTIN qualified to execute the will. Am estate sale was reported May 3, 1841 [QCR, 1840-1844, p. 501] and a second one on August 7, 1843 by the admr de bonis non, WILSON HEARN [Ibid,p. 645]

WILSON HEARN, admr et al v THOMAS J. THOMPSON et al - Compl HEARN has attended and managed this cause as admr of RICHARD HOLLAND, decd. Clerk to determine reasonable allowance for HEARN. [CCR, 1846-1853, August 11, 1848, p; 161]

WILSON HEARN, admr et al v TOLLIVER and THOMPSON et al - final decree - WILSON HEARN pruchased the house and lot and transferred it to C. W. DAVIS of Williamson County. [Ibid., January 4, 1849, p. 203]

WILSON HEARN, admr of RICHARD A. HOLLAND - ex parte - Petitioner is admr with will annexed of RICHARD A. HOLLAND, decd, and has executed all his trusts under said will except the legacy bequeathed to the children of SAMUEL W. HOLLAND and he has said legacy of $300 in his hands. By the will of said RICHARD A. HOLLAND he gives at the death of his widow said sum of $300 to the children of his son, SAMUEL W, and it appearing that the said SAMUEL W. has been married three times, having a child by each wifend that his last wife is still living. Court is of the opinion that all the children already born or shall be born are entitled to the legacy. WILSON to pay legacy to clerk to loan out. [Ibid, January 12, 1850, p. 259]

SAMUEL W.HOLLAND et al - ex parte - Clerk to report the amount of money belonging to the children of SAMUEL WESLEY HOLLAND in his hands and whether to pay to each. [Ibid., 1857-1860, January 5, 1859, p. 253]

SAMUEL W. HOLLAND et al - ex parte - Clerk reports that he has in his hands $506.77 belongning to the children of SAMUEL W. HOLLAND. From the affadavit of said SAMUEL W. HOLLAND he had only two children: SAMUEL WESLEY HOLLAND, JR., and SUSAN ELIZABETH HOLLAND who married THOMAS JONES and according to the will of their grandfather they are all that are interested in said legacy. Said SAMUEL W. HOLLAND, SR. is now 66 years old and has been living with his present wife about 17 years without having any children and the presumption is that they will have no more children. That SAMUEL W. HOLLAND, JR., and SUSAN ELIZABETH HOLLAND are both of age. Money should be paid them. It appears that RICHARD A. HOLLAND died leaving a will in which he bequeathed to the children of SAMUEL WESLEY HOLLAND, $300, which is now with interest $506.77. Ordered that they receive fund. [Ibid., January 6, 1859, p. 270ff]

DR. RICHARD HOLLAND married July 3, 1800, Halifax Co., VA, NANCY CHAPPELL who was born in Halifax Co., VA, about 1782. She was the daughter of ROBERT CHAPPELL and NANCY TUCKER. The HOLLANDS migrated with other residents of Halifax County to Tennessee in 1809, settling in Wilson County, TN. They had four children, only two of whom survived infancy:

[Phil E. Chappell, A GENEALOGICAL HISTORY OF THE CHAPPELL, DECKER, and other KINDRED FAMILIES OF VIRGINIA, 1635-1960 (Kansas City, MO: Hudson Kimberly Publishing Co., 1960), p. 231)

ALEXANDER HOLLAND married POLLY BOTTS, December 30, 1801, Halifax Co., VA,[Carrington, HISTORY OF HALIFAX COUNTY, VIRGINIA (Baltimore: Regional Publishing Company, 1975), p. 460.

WILLIAM HOLLAND - in the case of GEORGE W. HOLLAND v ARMSTRONG and wife - It appearing that WILLIAM HOLLAND died intestate in WCT in the year 1855 being the owner of the tract of land mentioned; that he left compl HOLLAND and deft JULIA his only living children and heirs at law; deft JULIA agreed to a division of the land on the 15 January 1856 which was reduced to writing and by the terms of which siad JULIA gets all the lower part of the tract lying south east of the branch running through the tract from WARE's line and empties into Smith's Fork crrek and 20 acres of good timber land to be laid off the upper end. Said HOLLAND gets the balance. Compl HOLLAND sold his interest to compl HAYS. Agreement stands. [CCR, 1857-1860,. July 6, 1858, p. 160]

WILLIAM HOLLAND married FANNY STILL , November 14, 1806, WCT, RICHARD HOLLAND bondsman.

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