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Subj: GUILL GenForum
Date: 10/13/98
From: (Stephen E. Eskew)
Hi Nancy,
The GUILL surname has been added to GenForum!
Check it out!
The address is:

Kenneth Blue Guill has posted an abstract of the will of Alexander Guill, Sr. of Prince Edward County, VA dated 9 Jan 1809. He has also posted the marriages of the children of Alexander Guill, Sr.
Metairie, Louisiana, USA
Visit my home page at:

Subj: Alexander Gill 1623 on the Bonny Bess
Date: 10/15/98
From: (Ken Guill)
I have been working on a possible grandfather of Alexander Guill, Sr.Prince Edward Co. This is what I have been able to find out:
Alexander Gill arrived in Virginia on 9-12-1623 on the BONNY BESS.
- Muster of Inhabitants at Mulbuery Island(James Town) taken 25-Jan-1624: ALEXANDER GILL, 20, in the Bonny Bess
Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, Vol. 26, pp.381-382
I found the following:
Will of Thomas Roper - Proved 5 Feb 1626-27:
" I desire that John West, my servant, Mail, bee sett free and likewise Alexander Gill, servant to Captain Pierce, or else if he refuse to release him, then said Alexander Gill torecieve 200 pounds of tobacco from Captain Pierce..."
Thomas is listed in the Muster as Thomas Roper of Milden in Bedfordshire, gentleman and arrived in Virginia on the BONNY BESS the same day as Alexander.
From the" Minutes of the Council and General Court of Colonial Virginia, 1622-1632, 1670-1676," ed. by H.R.McIlwaine, p.6;
Oaths of surpremacy and allegiance:
"On the Bonny Bess which comes to James City the 12 of September,
Alexander Gill of Maldon in Bedfordshire."
I was able to find Alexander in the Parish Register for Maulden, Bedfordshire, England. Here is what I've got from there:
1. John GYLL b.unknown, died 18 May 1575 in Maulden.
2. His son- Richard GYLL born before 1550, died 25 Jan. 1627. Richard married Mary BONION in Maulden, 10 Feb. 1589. Mary was born in Maulden and baptized there on 23 Aug. 1560. They had the following children
3. Eliz GYLL baptzied 17 Jan 1590, died 18 Aug. 1609 in Maulden.
4. Margery GYLL baptized 6 Jan 1593 in Maulden.
5. John GYLL born and died 27/28 Nov. 1596(Bap. and Buried) in Maulden.
6.Mary GYLL baptized 3 Sept. 1599 in Maulden.
7. Sarah GYLL baptized 18 Sept. 1601 in Maulden.
8. Agnes GILL baptized 9 Dec. 1610 in Maulden.
9. Rebecca GILL baptized 18 May 1606 in Maulden.
10. Alexander GYLL baptized 26 Jan. 1603 in Maulden.
I have to get back to England and see if this family goes further but in Hertfordshire which is the very next county and has a lot of GYLL/GILL, families.

Date: 10/16/98
From: (Ken Guill)

I did not find out about this [web page] forum until after the GUILL GENFORUM page finally came up. (
I am putting most of my information up there but will keep you posted on what comes up.
Your page has been a great help in clear'n up some of the stuff I was missing on TN.
If any one needs the family that moved to Cal. or Ga. I have lots on them!

X-Message: #1
Date: Tue, 8 Sep 1998
From: "The Quinn Family" <>
Subject: [TNWILSON-L] Guill (Gill) and Gardner lines
We are wondering if someone might be able to assist us in our search of the Guill (possibly ?? Gill) line. This is our connection:
Marjorie Phillips Wright
b. 11 Feb.1898- Nashville, Davidson Co., TN  d. 9 June 1984- "
Sallie Price Guill (Mother of Marjorie Phillips Wright) b. 2 Dec.1874 - possibly in Wilson Co., TN d. 15 Dec. 1952 - Nashville, Davidson Co., TN
Frances (Francis) Gardner Guill or Gardner Guill = Father of Sallie Price Guill
b. possibly in Wilson Co., TN d. possibly in Wilson or Davidson Counties, TN
Frances Gardner Guill or Gardner Guill was married to Frances America (Mecca) Swingley (daughter of John G. Swingley and Sarah McFarland, possibly from Bartous (Partous) Creek, Wilson Co.TN). We have extensive information concerning the Swingley line linking them to Ulrich Zwingli (1484-1531), the Swiss reformer and compatriot of Martin Luther. Our information concerning the Guill line, however, is woefully deficient; and we are anxious to rectify that deficiency. Any help you could lend us would be greatly appreciated. Listed next is the information we do have about the children of Gardner Guill (or Francis Gardner Guill) and Frances A. Swingley:
Francis Gardner Guill Married to Frances America Swingley
Eddine Guill
Sallie Price Guill
Eugene Guill
Stella Guill
If you can give us any information concerning any of these names, we would greatly appreciate it. I wonder if the Guill line is related to the Gill line in Knoxville, TN.
Also we wonder if the Guill line is related (through marriage) to the Gardner line (Francis Gardner, born Dec. 3, 1784, son of John Gardner & Mary Douglas....information from the Francis Douglas Gardner Bible and compiled by Mrs. Orville DeView of Knoxville, TN on Oct.28, 1963). Any enlightenment on these subjects will be greatly appreciated.
L. Quinn
Subj: Giull or Guyll
Date: 8/12/98
My name is Rebbie, and we live here in East Tennessee real close to the most beautiful mountains in the world! I have a two fold question for you.

Your web pages are quite impresseive, and I can tell you know what you are doing!

Ok, I am researching, the Matthews, here. Our oldest one here is John Franklin Matthews. His dad, William, brought his family down from either Va or Pa or maybe MD. We can't find the link anywhere. Have you anything on a Matthews?

Number 2! And this is the BIGGY! Is your Guill any relation to Guyll? I have a Lee Alexander Guill, leaving KY, with his sons John and Willard in the 1800's. His wife dies before they leave KY, then he dies en route. We know absolutely nothing about Lee and his family. Do you have anything on them? We have pratically searched every web site there is, and are wearing the books out in all our local libraries!

Would greatly appreciate any info what so ever!!

Subj: Guill family research
Date: 9/22/98
Dear Friend,
I found you on the Internet and wonder if you would share your information on the Guill's in your family line.

My grandmother's name was Amanda Beatrice Guill and her father's name was C.M. Guill, but on some record it was misspelled as Gill, and his first wife's name was Ollie H.? He was married twice, I think, but I don't know his second wife's name.

My grandmother's family were from Pittsylvania and Halifax Counties, VA.

Thanks for your time and consideration in this matter.
Pat Nielsen
North Carolina

Date: 9/23/98
To: Genny1

I am so happy I found you.  Now I know I'm not alone!  My name is Rita J. Guill.  I have been researching my family for about 7 - 8 years.  It has been difficult to say the least.

Right now I am trying to locate the parents of my great great grandfather - David Crockett (D.C.) GUILL. He was born in Tennessee in1836 -37.   His father is from VA.  Mother is from TN.

And he enlisted in the CSA 4 Mar 1862 in Savannah, GA. before coming to Texas.

I have much info on other GUILL lines.  Please write me at the address for more.  I will be glad to exchange info or help anyone I can.

Email:  STDUTL@

(And my response to Rita:)
I know so little on my Guill line (actually my husband's) but I have some queries on Guill posted on a web page at:  (this page)
I will be glad to post yours too, and maybe all together we can come up with info to help each other.
Nancy Goodman in TN

Here is ALL I know on my (husband's) Guill line:


1. John Halson (Howson) LIGON
He married Nancy Jane Elizabeth GUILL in Prince Edward County, Virginia.
(*See note a /Bob Carver)
They had the following children:
+2 i. Nancy Jane LIGON

2. Nancy Jane LIGON was born on 11 May 1794 in Prince Edward County, Virginia. Died on 21 Jun 1882 in Mt. Juliet, Wilson County, Tennessee. Buried in Hollis Wright Cemetery. She was age 65 in the 1860 census in Tennessee.

She married Tyree LANE on 17 Jul 1810 in Wilson County, Tennessee. Tyree LANE was born on 18 Nov 1787 in Campbell County, Virginia. Died on 12 Oct 1868 in Mt. Juliet, Wilson, Tennessee. Buried in Hollis Wright Cemetery. SOURCE OF MARRIAGE DATE: ACKLEN'S BIBLE RECORDS-TOMBSTONE INSCRIPTIONS.pg422 They had the following children:
+3 i. James Allen LANE
(other children not listed)
3. James Allen LANE was born on 16 Feb 1826 in Mt. Juliet, Wilson, Tennessee. Died on 10 Aug 1884 in Mt. Juliet, Wilson, Tennessee. Buried in Hollis Wright Cemetery He married MARY JANE OSMENT on 23 Nov 1848 in DAVIDSON CTY. TN. MARY JANE OSMENT was born on 10 Oct 1829 in MT. JULIET, WILSON CTY. TN. Christened on 23 Nov 1848 in married Allen Lane. Died on 14 Apr 1856 in MT. JULIET, WILSON CTY. TN. Buried in buried Hollis Wright Cem. Wilson Cty. TN.
They had the following children:
+4 i. Martha Elizabeth LANE
+5 ii. James Franklin LANE
He also married Martha M. BOND on 25 Sep 1857. Martha M. BOND was born on 4 Jan 1839 in Mt. Juliet, Wilson, Tenn. Died on 16 Jun 1897 in Mt. Juliet, Wilson, Tenn. Buried in Hollis Wright Cemetery; Mt. Juliet, Tenn. They had the following children:
6 i. Jesse Allen LANE (2) was born on 10 Jul 1858 in Mt. Juliet, Wilson, Tennessee. Died on 12 Aug 1858 in Mt. Juliet, Wilson, Tenn. Buried in Hollis Wright Cemetery; Mt. Juliet, Tenn.
+7 ii. John Wm. Chadic (Chaddock) LANE
8 iii. Mary Novella LANE was born on 3 Oct 1860 in Mt. Juliet, Wilson, Tennessee. Died on 28 Oct 1860 in Mt. Juliet, Wilson, Tennessee. Buried in Hollis Wright Cemetery.
+9 iv. Robert Hatton (Halton) LANE
+10 v. Benjamin Alexander LANE
+11 vi. Turley Larry LANE
12 vii. Purley Novela LANE was born on 16 Feb 1870 in Mt. Juliet, Wilson, Tennessee. Died on 8 Mar 1870 in Mt. Juliet, Wilson, Tennessee.
Email Nancy Goodman at:

Date: 9/24/98
Hey Nancy,
Always good to hear from you, and many, many thanks for all you've done to try and help me. I REALLY appreciate it!!
I need to know who C. M. Guill (misspelled Gill) is, or what C. M. means. In another family listing, he is the father of Amanada Beatrice Guill (my grandmother), born on 6 November 1909, in Halifax County, VA. Married Ishmael Lemuel Oakes on 22 October 1925, in Halifax County, VA. She gave birth to Ishmael Lemuel Oakes, Jr. on 22 October 1926, in Halifax County, VA. She also gave birth to another son who died at the age of 10, and was nicknamed Spike. I have no other information on the second child.
Also, the listing says that C. M. Guill (Gill) was married to Ollie H. ? I don't remember my Great-grandmother's given name, but my grandmother said that her mother was her father's second wife. My grandmother was buried in Richmond, VA in the early 60's. I don't know when C. M. Guill died, I believe it was before I was born.
Take care and keep in touch.
>---Original Message--->
> Pat:
> Send me a query detailing what you need and I can post it on the page and
> maybe someone else will be able to never know when someone else
> has already travelled the same route you are taking, and most people that I
> meet online are generous with their help....that's one reason I try to help
> others, cause so many have helped me, without expecting anything in return but
> a thank you....
> NancyG>
Subj: Re: GUILL GENEALOGY (& Lane)
Date: 9/24/98
From: (Bob Carver)

According to surviving records in Prince Edward Co., VA, there was an ALEXANDER GUILL who was born about 1730, perhaps in England, and died in 1810, in Prince Edward Co. The name of his wife is not known, but it could well be that he had two, since he may have have fourteen children, spanning a 21-year period. The name GUILL does not seem to be English, but rather Huguenot.
The fourteen supposed children are:
(1) Samuel Guill
(2) Nancy Guill
(3) Mary Guill married February 21, 1782, Barnett Brightwell
(4) John Guill married January 14, 1795, Margaret Wilson
(5) Lucy Guill married December 21, 1785, William Thaxton [to Wilson Co., TN]
(6) William Guill married (1) January 15, 1789, Betsey Brightwell, daughter of Reynolds Brightwell, with Charles Brightwell bondsman; (2) August 6, 1794, Sally Throgmorton
(7) Alexander Guill, Jr. married December 15, 1788, Betty Hubbard, daughter of John Hubbard, with John Fielder bondsman
(8) Jane (Jenny/Jincey) Guill married December 2/25, 1790, Samuel Shepard, with Thomas Shepard bondsman [to Wilson Co., TN]
(9) (*note a) Elizabeth Guill married December 17/23. John Howson Ligon, with bondsman Charles Brightwell [to Wilson Co., TN]  
(10) Rhoda Guill married Alexander Eskew with Barnett Brightwell bondsman [to Wilson Co., TN]
(11) Russell Guill married Elizabeth Cawthon, daughter of Thomas Cawthon
(12) Reuben Guill married December 12/24, 1801, Mildred Shepard, daughter of Robert Shepard with Samuel Shepard bondsman
(13) Nathaniel Guill who married June 23, 1799, Polly Hughes, perhaps sister of Margaret (Peggy), see below
(14) Josiah Guill who married Margaret (Peggy) Hughes, daughter of John Hughes with Nathaniel Guill bondsman. [to Wilson Co., TN] (*see note b)

Yet a 15th GUILL, Byrd, is given by the descendants of BYRD's son WILLIAM who was born August 6, 1814, Rural Hill, Wilson Co., TN. BIRD was in Wilson Co. by July 23, 1814, when he witnessed a deed.
JOSIAH was in the county by February 5, 1817 when he bought 232 acres of land.
It appears that JOSIAH GUILL had at least the following children, called heirs of JOSIAH GUILL, SR., decd, in 1842:
(4) ANN E., wife of WILLIAM TATE:
(5) MARY (Polly), wife of ROBERT CRUDUP; and (6) SUSAN, wife of ROBERT SHEPHERD.

The name sometimes was recorded as being GILL not GUILL. As there were also GILLs in Wilson Co., this causes some confusion.

Bob Carver

(*note b) My ancestor was JOSIAH GUILL and MARGARET HUGHES.

Date: 9/25/98
To: Genny1
That's prettty interesting, I think he (Bob) has more than I do.
I have 3 Alexander Guills. I don't think I have the children of the 3rd one, if I did, I might be able to figure this all out.
What HURT, is I have seen lots and lots of GILLS and not paid any attention to them! I can't remember where I saw them!!
Will get back to you soon!
Subj: Guill people
Date: 9/26/98
To: Genny1
NANCY - It's Rita J. Guill. Sorry it took so long to get back to you. I wanted to say thank you for posting my query! I thought I would never find anyone else tracing us.
Rita J. Guill
Subj: RE: [TNWILSON-L] Also HERE!! Roll Call
Date: 10/8/98
From: (David Hubbard)
Hello Genny,
I am working on the Francis P DAVIDSON family.
In the Wilson County  -County Minutes 1814-1829. Davidson Bill of Sale 2 Feb 1825, there's a William B. Guill listed with other Davidson heirs. Later a Wilson Y Davidson (whom I believe is one of the heirs in the 2 Feb document) dies and his estate is administered by William B. Gill (same person?) 5 aug 1831 a Purnel Hearn's will is published and the witnesses are William B. Gill and Frank (Francis?) Davidson. (Francis P Davidson is listed on a marriage bond to Sarah Hearn 18 Dec 1826, but there's no marriage license on record.)
Do you have any info on this Guill/Gill?
Thanks David Hubbard,
Junction City, KS
<<-----Original Message----->>
From: []
Sent: Wednesday, October 07, 1998
Subject: [TNWILSON-L] Also HERE!! Roll Call

My husband's Wilson County (TN) surnames that I research....I call them mine...

GOODMAN (Robert Goodman, Sr.> Stephen Goodman> William S.Goodman> Delbert H.Goodman> Aubrey D. Goodman> Billy H.Goodman (my spouse>

LIGON (John Halson (Howson) Ligon> Nancy Jane Ligon LANE> James Allen Lane> Martha Lane Goodman> Delbert H. Goodman> Aubrey D. Goodman> Billy H.Goodman (my spouse>

LANE, LAIN, LAYNE (John Lain I> John Lain II> Tyree Lane> James Allen Lane>
Martha Lane Goodman> Delbert H. Goodman> Aubrey D. Goodman> Billy H. Goodman (my spouse>

CARTER (Armistead Carter> Mary Carter LANE> Tyree Lane> James Allen Lane>
Martha Lane Goodman> Delbert H. Goodman> Aubrey D. Goodman> Billy H. Goodman (my spouse>

EDDINS, EDDINGS (William Eddins, Sr.> Rebecca (Betty) Eddins OSMENT> Mary Jane Osment LANE> Martha Lane Goodman> Delbert H. Goodman> Aubrey D. Goodman> Billy H.Goodman (my spouse>

CHANDLER (Robert Chandler, Sr.> Robert Chandler> Rebecca Chandler Eddins> Rebecca (Betty) Eddins Osment> Mary Jane Osment Lane> Martha Lane Goodman> Delbert H. Goodman> Aubrey D. Goodman> Billy H.Goodman (my spouse>

OSMENT, OZMENT (Richard S OSMENT.> Mary Jane Osment LANE> Martha Lane Goodman> Delbert H. Goodman> Aubrey D. Goodman> Billy H.Goodman (my spouse>

HEATH (Martha Heath LANE> John Lane II> Tyree LANE> James Allen LANE>
Martha Lane Goodman> Delbert H. Goodman> Aubrey D. Goodman> Billy H.Goodman (my spouse>

GUILL (Mary Jane Elizabeth Guill LIGON> Nancy Jane Ligon LANE> James Allen LANE> Martha Lane Goodman> Delbert H. Goodman> Aubrey D. Goodman> Billy H.Goodman (my spouse>

COGGIN (Martha Coggin Clemmons> Malinda Clemmons Goodman> William S. Goodman> Delbert H. Goodman> Aubrey D. Goodman> Billy H.Goodman (my spouse)>

COOPER (Joseph W. & 2nd wife, Mary S. BEECH> Laura Louise Cooper Goodman> Aubrey D. Goodman> Billy H. Goodman (my spouse)>

BEECH (Lawson BEECH> Mary S. Beech COOPER> (ditto above)>

LEE (Lilah Lee BEECH> Mary S. Beech COOPER (ditto above)>

CLEMMONS (Samuel Thompson> Jeptha> Malinda Clemmons Goodman> William S. Goodman> Delbert H. Goodman> Aubrey D. Goodman> Billy H. Goodman (my spouse)>

Nancy Goodman in Hendersonville
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In Reply to Steve Eskew
: Re: Guill - Wilson Co, TN [posted by Steve Eskew on October 15, 1998]:

From: (Bob Carver)

Steve and all...
The following is a copy of information I obtained at the Mt. Juliet Library, Wilson Co., TN, in the GUILL folder....


WILLIAM GUILL was born August 7,1814 at Rural Hill in Wilson County, Tennessee, one of at least eleven children born to BYRD GUILL.

The GUILL Family came to Wilson County from Prince Edward County, Virginia in the early 1800s. Records indicate that the GUILL's, the LIGON's, and the JOHN LANE's all came to Tennessee about 1805, and settled near the waters of Cedar Lick Creek, Stoner's Creek and Suggs Creek.

ELIZABETH GUILL, a sister of BYRD, married JOHN HOWSON LIGON in Virginia.

Two of the LIGON daughters married JOHN LANE's son, TYREE LANE, and JOHN HOLLIS WRIGHT, also an early settler in the area.

The HARALSON family also came from nearby Halifax County, Virginia, and settled in Wilson County about the same time.

WILLIAM "Billy" GUILL was married to VIRGINIA ANN "GINCEY" HARALSON on January 29, 1837. She was a daughter of EPHRAIM and LUCY HARRIET WOOD HARALSON.

BYRD GUILL was married in Virginia, but his wife apparently died in the early 1820s, and no record is available of her in Wilson County.

WILLIAM and GINCYE (sic) GUILL lived on a farm on the old Gladeville Road, south of the present Central Pike near the present Old Union Church community. He died Nov. 18, 1892, GINCYE (sic) was born April 16, 1820 in Halifax Co., Virginia, and died Sept. 12, 1890. They are buried in the family cemetery east of Harkreader Road near Old Union Church.
Their twelve children were:

(1) ELIZABETH ISABELLA (b. 11-25-1837) (d. 3-30-1911)
(2) MARY ANN (b. 2-11-1839)(d. 7-22-1851)
(3) AMANDA JANE (b. 9-?-1841)(d. after 1900)
(4) LUCY ANN (b. 1843)(d. ?)
(5) EPHRAIM BYRD (b. 10-15-1847)(d.8-10-1863)
(6) JOHN WILLIAM (b. 8-21-1848)(d. 1-6-1852)
(7) AMERICA F. (b. 3-?-1851)(d. after 1910)
(8) ELVIRA T.(Ella)(b.8-8-1853)(d.10-21-1822)
(9) LARRY LEA (b. 5-19-1855)(d.2-5-1857)
(10)VIRGINIA HARRIET(b.6-7-1858)(d.11-18-1933)
(11) JAMES THOMAS (b. 3-?-1861)(d. 5-?-1930)
(12) MARGARET ELLIS (b. 3-29-1864)(d.3-14-1936)

There are numerous court and vital records available in the files of Wilson County records, especially the HARALSON's.

BYRD GUILL's Sale and Settlement records recorded January 13, 1827 and March 10, 1829 indicate that he died in 1826 leaving several minor hiers.
ALEXANDER ESKEW was appointed Guardian for the minor children including WILLIAM GUILL.


In the above account, there are a couple of errors that I know of.
BYRD was not brother to ELIZABETH GUILL who married JOHN HOWSON LIGON, but  [she was] his aunt.
Also the arrival date in Wilson County for some of those families named was a little later than 1805.

I am posting this for information and perhaps any corrections anyone may have.

Bob Carver

Date: 10/18/98
From: (Jose Santibanez) (Rita J. Guill)

Hello, Nancy!
I wanted to send out a word to everyone I found something I would like to share.
Yesterday at the Ft Worth Public Library, I found a book, "English Emigrants to America, 1627 - 1684".
In it was listed as arriving in 1684 - Isaac and Anna GUILLE, Indentured to Augustine Boullay in VA for 4 years.
Children: Magdalene - for 5 years.
John - 5 years
Stephen - 7 years
Joseph - 11 years

Then - and this could be the BIGGIE - I found a book "30,000 Names of Immigrants in PA, 1727 - 1776"
212) 14 Sept 1754, Ship NANCY, -------Ewing, Capt. from Rotterdam Netherlands to Cowes Isle of Wight, England - then to Port of Phili PA
Abram 'DUILLE' Alexandre GUILLE

These were excerpts from MS VOL 'LORD MAYOR'S WAITING BOOKS' held at the City of London Record Office.

Thanks -
Rita J  Guill

Subj: Coggin/Guill
Date: 10/20/98
From: (Gail S. Tomlinson)

I see that we share these two lines in our research. I have been seeing your name on the Guill site on GenForum.
My latest Guill was Susan who m. Robert Shepard in Wilson Co. 1822.
She was dau. of Josiah, Sr., the son of Alexander Sr. of Pr. Edward Co.  
Robert's father was Samuel Shepard , the Rev. War Patriot in Wilson Co.
I am happy to be networking on both these families.--
Gail Shepard Tomlinson
Senatobia, MS

Subj: Re: New GUILL web page
Date: 10/22/98
From: (kenneth blue guill)
--On Wed, 21 Oct 1998 12:19:30 Genny1 wrote:
>Hi gang:
> I have added a web page - Table of Guill Descendants at:

>Check it out when you have time and let me know of any additions, corrections, or deletions that need to be made.........
> NancyG in TN

Hi Nancy:
Kenn here in cold wet Germany! But great job you are doing. Here is my line:
Alexander Guill,Sr&Hannah Rice>
Alexander Jr.&Elizabeth Hubbard>
Bluford&Mary Orr>
William Bluford&Ellen Virginia Moody>
Marshal Anderson&Mary Lou Henry>
Marion Bluford&Martha Combs>

By the way what program are you using to make the web pages and where are you posting them to. I have had a time with that end of things. Any hints?

Subj: John Guill 1758-1842
Date: 10/23/98
From: (Ann Martin)
Hi Nancy
If you would like to post my name on your descendancy list page:
Here is my information:
Alexander Guill and ?
John Guill and Margaret Wilson

Ann Martin
You are doing a great job with the Guill pages. Thanks so much.

Subj: Another Guill descendant  Date: 1/18/99
From: (The BMeltons)

Dear Nancy,

Like Rita, I am a descendant (3 g granddaughter) of David Crockett Guill through his daughter, Beulah Benton Ironie Guill.

DJ Melton


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