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I think you are asking for information on sites in the Smokey Mountain area of TN, not Wilson County, except, of course, for Suggs Creek.

Suggs Creek is named for AQUILLA SUGGS, one of the pioneer hunters, "superceded" RURAL HILL as a community designation. It is located on Stewart's Ferry Pike, about four miles west of Gladeville, in the Southwest quarter of Wilson County.


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Subject: Re: [TNWILSON-L] Wilson Co Migration patterns - JACKSON & DONELSON

ANDREW JACKSON was, indeed, a very popular President in the pre-Civil War period...particularly in Middle Tennessee. JACKSON at one time owned property and was a partner in business in Wilson County, as well as practicing law there.

His home, "The Hermitage," is located only a few miles west of the Davidson County-Wilson County line on US Highway 70.

He had many dealings, personal and professional, with Wilson Countians. You will note that there are lots of GEORGE WASHINGTONS, THOMAS JEFFERSONS, JAMES MADISONS, JAMES MONROES, MARTIN VAN BURENS, BENJAMIN FRANKLINS, and ALBERT GALLATINS (Sect. of the Treasury), as well as ANDREW JACKSONS in the lists of childrens' names of our Wilson County ancestors. A little later, parents named sons WILLIAM HENRY or WILLIAM HARRISON, JAMES POLK or JAMES KNOX, ZACHARY TAYLOR....perhaps present-day Washington politicians should take note...if they want their names to be honored in this way.

While the brothers, etc, of RACHEL DONELSON JACKSON, also owned land in Wilson County, they are not the DONELSONs who settled in Wilson. The WIlson DONELSONS came from Caswell County, NC.

HUMPHREY DONELSON made his will August 5, 1781 and recorded at the September Court, 1781, Caswell County. He named:
(1) wife, MARY
(2) sons, WILLIAM
(3) son, ANDREW
(4) son, ROBERT
(5) son, EBENEZER
(6) son, HUMPHREY
(7) daughter, MARY RICHMOND, wife of JAMES RICHMOND
(8) daughter, JENNETT
(9) daughter, MARTHA
(10) daughter, MARGARET
(11) daughter, REBECCA
(12) executors, wife, & WILLIAM RICHMOND

witnessing the will were THOMAS WILEY, LAUGHLIN McALYEA
[Kendall and Donaldson, CASWELL COUNTY, NORTH CAROLINA WILLI BOOKS, 1777-1814, p. 7]

WILLIAM DONELSON married MARGARET MOTHERAL, September 5, 1793, with JAMES RICHMOND, bondsman

ANDREW DONELSON married MARY MOTHERAL, July 18, 1791, with JAMES RICHMOND, bondsman

ROBERT DONELSON married ELIZABETH RICHMOND, January 16, 1799, with JOSHUA RICHMOND, bondsman

[Kendall and Donaldson, CASWELL COUNTY, NORTH CAROLINA MARRIAGE BONDS, 1778-1868, pp. 37-38

EBENEZER DONELSON was bondsman for DAVID BURTON and ANN DAVIS, October 8, 1807, WCT.

HUMPHREY DONELSON married SALLY KELLY, WCT, Febraury 17, 1808, with OBEDIAH WOOLWINE, bondsman.

MARGARET DONELSON [i.e, MOTHERAL, and widow of WILLIAM DONELSON] married THOMAS CARVER, December 4, 1809, WCT, with HUMPHREY DONELSON, bondsman

[Whitley, MARRIAGES of WILSON COUNTY, TENNESSEE, 1802-1850, pp. 3 et passim.]

The DONELSONS, RICHMONDS, MOTHERALS, and GREERS - and perhaps THOMAS CARVER...all migrated to Wilson County in the very first years of the life of Wilson County as a separate county, as the above marriage bonds will show.


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Subject: Re: R. CARRUTH
Date: Sat, 9 Jan 1999 11:44:37 EST


It contains the following "pertinent" info for you:

"Davidson's Creek is a rather lengthy stream that rises in the southern portion of present-day Iredell County and flows southwestward into the Catawba two miles south of the Granville line. The upper reaches of this creek became the center of a third accumulation of pioneers on the northwest Carolina frontier prior to the summer of 1749. Not only was the Davidson's Creek settlement the earliest to be established as far west as the Catawba River, but it also became the nucleus of the Centre Presbyterian Congregation, established sometime between 1752 and 1755.

"On Novembe 26, 1748, a grant of 650 acres was surveyed for JOHN DAVIDSON (or DAVISON) 'beginning at a black oak.....' The chain carriers for the surveyor [note 144
The surveyor was 'C (probably Charles) Robinson.'] were JAMES TEMPLETON and GEORGE DAVIDSON. [note 145 GEORGE DAVIDSON, brother of JOHN, was the father of WILLIAM LEE DAVIDSON, Whig general killed at Cowan's Ford in 1780.]

"In 1724, a JOHN DAVIDSON settled on Chicksalunga Creek in the Susquehanna Valley. [note 146 'Assessment Lists and Other Manuscript Documents of Lancaster County Prior to 1729.' comp. H. Frank Eshleman, Papers and Addresses of the Lancaster County Historical Society, 65 vols. (Lancaster, PA, 1897-1961), XX, 183]
Accompanied by WILLIAM DAVIDSON, he crossed the Susquehanna before 1734 and settled in the vicinity of Letort's Spring. [note 147 The site of present Carlisle, PA. The Blunston Licenses 1734-1735, Land Office, Capital Building, Harrisburg, pp. 9-11 (hereinafter cited as Blunston Licenses). ] At the same time, ROBERT DAVIDSON [note 148 This ROBERT DAVIDSON, probably the father of Major JOHN DAVIDSON of Mecklenburg County arrived in America in January, 1728, aboard the 'Deligance of Glascow' in company with WALTER and ADAM CARRUTH. Chalmers, Pioneer, Industrialist, Planter (Charlotte, NC: Lassiter Press, Inc., 1943, ppp. 2-3; New Jersey Wills, XXIII, 202-3] was living in the Middle Octoraro settlement (southeastern Lancaster County). " [p. 46f]

WALTER CARRUTH was one of the men listed as Justices of the Peace for Anson County, NC, on p. 50, note 181. He later became a Justice of the Peace for Rowan Co., NC, p. 82, note 94.

In the list of slaveowners in Rowan Co., NC, for the year 1768, WALTER CARRUTH is listed as owning one and JAMES CARRUTH also owning one. [p. 177]

On p. 49 - "The CARRUTHS originated in Renfrew County, Scotland [note 171, Harold B. Carruth, Carruth Family: Brief Background and Genealogical Data of Twenty Branches in America (Ascutney, VT, 1952), p. 7] After 1600, numbers of them joined the repopulation of northern Ireland, where the name may be found in a Belfast muster roll of 1631. [note 172 ibid., pp. 19-20] In Ballymartin Parish, County Andrim, the will of JAMES CARRUTH was proved in 1728. It mentioned sons ALEXANDER, JAMES, JOHN, WALTER, and ADAM, and 'overseer' JOHN HUGGEN. [note 173, ibid., p. 21]

"ALEXANDER, WALTER and ADAM CARRUTH, accompanied probably by members of the HUGGEN family, migrated to Pennsylvania in 1729 [note 174 New Jersey WIlls, XXXIII, 203-4] and settled in Lancaster County. [note 175 Carruth, p. 22; Lancaster Common Pleas, vol. XI, (1738-39), vol XII (1739-41).] ALEXANDER died in 1739 and his estate was administered by ADAM CARRUTH, JOHN HOUSTON, and JAMES HUGGEN. [note 176 Carruth, p. 22] The CARRUTHS were in the Shenandoah Valley in 1745, [note 177 Wilson, Tinkling Spring, p. 472] and WALTER (accompanied by ADAM and ALEXANDER's widow, JANE) removed to North Carolina three years later, where he settled on the headwaters of Coddle Creek. [note 178 NCCR, IV, 951; Rowan Deeds III, 397; NC Land Grants, VI, 125-127]

"JAMES HUGGEN settled on land adjoining CARRUTH. His earliest grant bears the date March 25, 1752. [note 179 NC Land Grants, VI, 156; XI, 14] Although it cannot be proved that he and his son, JOHN were in North Carolina in 1749. the close family relationship -- of at least twenty years standing and on both sides of the Atlantic -- would seem to warrant the conclusion that JAMES HUGGEN accompanied WALTER CARRUTH to Carolina."

p. 127 - In 1757 JOHN BRALY (or BRAWLEY) bought 596 acres on Reedy Fork Creek, a branch of Haw River. [note citation omitted by me] He married SARAH, the daughter of WALTER CARRUTH, in 1758, and settled with his cousin or brother, THOMAS BRALY in the Irish settlement....." [note citation omitted by me]

p. 188 - In recounting the missionary activities of the Rev. HUGH McADEN of the New Castle Presbytery, the source includes the statement that the minister "rode to WALTER CARRUTH's 'about 8 miles' and stayed there until September 21 [1755] at which time he preached to a large congregation, 'who seemed pretty regular and discreet.' Then, while en route to DAVID TEMPLETON's, 'about 5 miles from Mr. CARRUTH's . . . " [note citation omitted by me]
p. 26 - WALTER CARRUTH, JANE CARRUTH and ADAM CARRUTH are listed with WILLIAM SHERRILL, ABENTON SHERRILL and ADAM SHERRILL, as well as many others as being among the first settlers in this region of North Carolina.

p, 101 - "During the ten-year period following the rash of land grants of March 25, 1752, at least forty settlers are recorded as having acquired land in the Davidson's Creek settlement. Several of these pioneers, being sons, nephews, or brothers of settlers previously considered, had the same origins as their kin. These included JAMES and ROBERT CARRUTH. . .HANS McWHIRTER.  .MOSES WHITE."

All of the capped names are mine....

The SHERRILL family, McWHIRTER family, and WHITE family all eventually, like the CARRUTHS, settled in Wilson County, TN.

I am wondering if my ELIZA HUGGEN(S), wife of ALEXANDER WINFORD, is a relative of the above mentioned HUGGEN family. This couple were married in Delaware, lived in MD, and some of their children came to NC and then to Wilson County, TN.


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