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Descendants of James CAMPBELL

Generation No. 1

1. JAMES (1) CAMPBELL was born in Scotland, and died Abt. 1842 in Tennessee??. He married ? ELIZABETH McCOY ? 1794 in Mercer County, Kentucky.

Notes for JAMES CAMPBELL: JAMES CAMPBELL is a mystery to us, and we've yet to even prove that his name is James; but in speculation thus far, we think he may be the emmigrant or the son of an emmigrant who was forced to leave Scotland during the awful time of the "clearances", which occurred circa 1740s through the early 1800s. Also unconfirmed, but speculated is that he may have married Elizabeth McCoy, also of Scotland, in Mercer County, Kentucky in 1794 . They moved to Wilson County, Tennessee sometime around 1804. Hugh is the only confirmed son born in Kentucky in 1796. James may have lived until 1842. be continued (sjc 1997)

Notes for ? ELIZABETH McCOY ?:Unconfirmed as wife of James
2. i. HUGH2 CAMPBELL, b. Abt. 1796, Kentucky\VA; d. 07 Mar 1867, Wilson County, TN.
ii. JAMES CAMPBELL JR., b. Kentucky?Tennessee.

Notes for JAMES CAMPBELL JR.:Unconfirmed son of James
iii. THOMAS CAMPBELL, b. Kentucky?Tennessee.

Notes for THOMAS CAMPBELL: Unconfirmed as son of James.
iv. WILLIAM CAMPBELL, b. Kentucky?Tennessee.
Notes for WILLIAM CAMPBELL: Unconfirmed son of James
v. ELIZABETH CAMPBELL, b. Kentucky?Tennessee.

Notes for ELIZABETH CAMPBELL: Unconfirmed daughter of James

Generation No. 2
2. HUGH (2) CAMPBELL (JAMES1) was born Abt. 1796 in Kentucky\VA, and died 07 Mar 1867 in Wilson County, TN. He married SARAH HEARN 24 May 1816 in Wilson County, TN, daughter of GEORGE HEARN and TABITHA SKEEN.

Notes for HUGH CAMPBELL: HUGH CAMPBELL was born ca 1796 in Kentucky, four years after statehood was gained from Virginia. Thus far, we know very little of his early life in Wilson & Smith County, Tennessee except that in 1816 he married Sarah Hearn, daughter of George & Tabitha Skeen Hearn. He was a trustee of the Methodist Episcopal Church South, near the present day community of Watertown, on the banks of Round Lick Creek. His family lived previously or had lands nearby in Smith County, possibly near Hickman Creek or Smith's Fork, which he sold to his two oldest sons, George and James when, in 1847 he decided to move further west in Wilson county, just south of the county seat of Lebanon. He supported his family here, farming on 317 acres for eight years, then, in 1855, sold his lands, (at a very good profit), and moved to the westernmost reaches of the county, to a community on Suggs Creek, at the time called, Rural Hill. Here he purchased 345 acres and was quite prosperous, raising a large family, growing crops, and making shoes until the Civil War and Union armies ravaged his land and livelyhood. He died on the 7th of March 1867 and is remembered still to this day. be continued (sjc 1996 )

Notes for SARAH HEARN: SARAH HEARN is the daughter of George and Tabitha Skeen Hearn. Her father is a desendent of an London merchant who came to the Maryland Colony of America in the late 1600s.

Her mother has an interesting and historic ancestry back through Robert I Bruce, King of Scotland. Aye..., we are very proud of this, indeed! be continued (sjc 1997)

Children of HUGH CAMPBELL and SARAH HEARN are:
3. i. GEORGE HEARN(3) CAMPBELL, b. 17 Apr 1817, Tennessee; d. 09 Feb 1910, Wilson County, TN.

ii. JAMES F.?S. CAMPBELL, b. Abt. 1819, Tennessee?.
4. iii. ELIZABETH CAMPBELL, b. Abt. 1821, Tennessee?.
iv. MARTHA CAMPBELL, b. Abt. 1822, Tennessee.
v. LIZA CAMPBELL, b. Abt. 1823, Tennessee.
vi. MARY ANN CAMPBELL, b. 17 Feb 1832, Tennessee; d. 19 Feb 1904, Tennessee; m. JOHN S. BOSTICK, 05 Oct 1847, Tennessee.
5. vii. THOMAS M. CAMPBELL, b. 18 May 1837, Tennessee; d. 22 Jun 1916, Nashville, Tennessee.
viii. EADIE ADALAIDE CAMPBELL, b. Abt. 1841, Tennessee; m. WILLIAM JEROME DOBSON, 29 May 1859, Wilson County, TN.

Notes for WILLIAM JEROME DOBSON:William Jerome Dobson also served in the Confederate army, in the same outfit as his brother Thomas M. Dobson & Thomas M. Campbell, their brother-in-law. This outfit was the 38th TN Infantry 2nd Co H. William fought up through, (and survived!), the battle of Franklin, TN. Ms Edith Nolen of Nashville, his only surviving descendent, told me he was a cook for the company and that his wife, Eadie A. Campbell, snuck through enemy lines to bring him food before the battle. He survived the Civil War and was living in the Nashville area in the be continued (sjc 1996)

Generation No. 3
3. GEORGE HEARN(3) CAMPBELL (HUGH (2), JAMES (1) was born 17 Apr 1817 in Tennessee, and died 09 Feb 1910 in Wilson County, TN. He married (1) ELIZABETH SKEEN 26 Dec 1838 in Wilson County, TN, daughter of JOHN SKEEN and EDITH HANCOCK. He married (2) SARAH BAIRD Aft. 1860 in Wilson County, TN.

i. ELIZABETH (4) CAMPBELL, b. Tennessee?; m. CHARLES W. HUGHLEY, Abt. 1838, Tennessee?.
ii. HUGH L. CAMPBELL, b. 09 Aug 1840, Tennessee; d. 22 Oct 1876, Wilson County, TN.
iii. EDITH CAMPBELL, b. 21 Jul 1843, Tennessee; d. 14 Nov 1902, Sumner ? County, TN; m. WILLIAM MARION HEWGLEY, 14 Dec 1859, Wilson County, TN ?.

iv. SARAH FRANCES CAMPBELL, b. 09 Apr 1850, Tennessee; d. Tennessee ?; m. PAUL JOHNSON, Wilson ? County, TN.
v. MARY A. CAMPBELL, b. 14 Jan 1856, Tennessee ?.
vi. ALICE NAOMI CAMPBELL, b. 22 Oct 1859, Tennessee; d. Abt. 1952; m. WILLIAM A. RAMSEY, Tennessee ?.
4. ELIZABETH (3) CAMPBELL (HUGH (2), JAMES (1) was born Abt. 1821 in Tennessee?. She married STEPHEN WILLS in Wilson County, Tennessee.

i. HUGH J.? (4) WILLS, b. Tennessee.
5. THOMAS M. (3) CAMPBELL (HUGH (2), JAMES (1) was born 18 May 1837 in Tennessee, and died 22 Jun 1916 in Nashville, Tennessee. He married SARAH ANN DOBSON 15 Oct 1856 in Wilson Co., TN, daughter of WILLIAM DOBSON and MARGARET BROWN.

Notes for THOMAS M. CAMPBELL: THOMAS M. CAMPBELL was born in Smith County, Tennessee, in the year 1837. He was the youngest of three known sons, born to Hugh and Sarah Hearn Campbell. By the time Thomas was thirteen, his family had relocated their homeplace three times. He had experienced much and was probably learning the skills of farming and shoemaking. Also living in Rural Hill was the large family of Benjamin Dobson, whose granddaughter, Sarah Ann, Thomas was to meet and marry in 1856. If we can believe the federal census dates, Sarah was only 15 at the time.

Thomas and Sarah began their large family, only to be interrupted by the Civil War. Being a young man, Thomas was caught up in the fervour; whether by choice or force we will never know. He became a member of the 38th Tennessee Infantry, Company H and was promoted to corporal. His outfit fought gallantly at the bloody battle of Shiloh, TN, and soon became part of the infamous, Army of Tennessee, under General Braxton Bragg. He was accompanied by two of his brother-in-laws, William Jerome and Thomas Dobson; William being the company cook. The army eventually marched into Mississippi, across Alabama, north to Kentucky, where they participated in various skirmishes culminating in the battle at Perryville. After this, the army retreated back to Tennessee and eventually into Georgia. A major epidemic of measles had attacked the army and Thomas was one of those who became critically ill. As recorded in his application for Confederate Pension, some fifty years later, he had become so incapacitated by his illness, that the southern army was forced to give him a discharge from active servive. This all came about when the south was in dire need of fighting men, thus indicates how very sick Thomas was. After the war, Thomas was unable to keep up the farm and sold his prosperity in land.

Like many others after the Civil War, Thomas took his growing family west. Blossom, Texas was home for a few years and when things apparently didn't work out, Thomas brought his family back to Tennessee. They sold the land Sarah had inherited from her aunt, Jane Dobson Curry and moved finally to Nashville where Thomas became a grocer, then shoe-repairer, and did what he could to support his family; which by now had grown to nine. From the records it appears that Thomas and Sarah did what they could to raise their family; attended the Tulip Street Methodist Church and took life in stride. Their children grew up and went out on their own, though it seems that a few of them continued to live near by.

Sarah died in 1914 at the age of 72, Thomas at the age of 79, in 1916. They are both now resting in the historic, Spring Hill Cemetery, north of Nashville, across the Cumberland River, in Tennessee. (sjc 1996)

i. MARGARET A.4 CAMPBELL, b. 1857, Tennessee.

ii. JOHN W.(D?) CAMPBELL, b. 1858, Tennessee.
iii. GEORGE THOMAS CAMPBELL, b. 18 Aug 1860, Tennessee; d. Abt. 1936, Anadarka, Okalahoma; m. AILEEN KEYSER, 1883, Lamar County, Texas.
iv. LAURA J. CAMPBELL, b. 1864, Tennessee.
v. ROBERT LOONEY CAMPBELL, b. 27 Mar 1868, Rural Hill, Tennessee; d. 13 Nov 1957, Houston, Texas; m. (1) MARY F., 24 Nov 1895, Wilson County, TN; m. (2) EULA LEE TODD, 26 Dec 1906, Alvin, Texas.

Notes for ROBERT LOONEY CAMPBELL: ROBERT LOONEY CAMPBELL was born in the town of Rural Hill, a small community just east of Nashville, Tennessee. It had been only 3 years since the close of the Civil War. He was the fifth child born to Thomas M. and Sarah Dobson Campbell. His father was a veteran of the Civil War who fought with the southern army. Robert was named after his father's first commanding officer, Colonel Robert Fain Looney. "PaPa", (pronouced PawPaw), as he is known to his grandchildren, lived for a time in Nashville, TN, then Blossom, Texas, and then in Wilson County, Tennessee, where as a young man in 1895, he met and married his first wife "Mary". It is thought she had 3 children from a previous marriage, though none survived; and in 1900 Mary also passed away.

At some point soon after, PaPa moved again to Texas, where he met Eula Lee Todd. They married in 1906 in the town of Alvin. Relocating to Houston, they had four children; Robert Donnell, James Edward, and twins, Dorothy Lee & William Todd. PaPa was a gentle man, enjoying the peacefulness of his front porch, his guitar and harmonica. He supported his family working with his hands. As an accomplished cabinetmaker, one of his jobs was constructing road signs for the Texas State Highway Department. He also had a furniture store on Leland Street, in downtown Houston, Texas.

He was of medium height, blue eyes, dark brown hair, with a slender but, solid build. I always imagine him as a proud man..., and rightly so. (sjc 1996)
Unconfirmed: Marriage to "Mary F." 24 Nov 1895.
Mary Frances (Fannie) JONES b. 10 Nov 1854\56 , 1st married
Franklin M. CLEMMONS 21 Feb 1872...(see copy of page sent by Anne T. Sloan - 5 April 1996)
vi. MARY E. CAMPBELL, b. 1871, Nashville, Tennessee.

vii. NORA A. CAMPBELL, b. 1873, Nashville, Tennessee.
viii. WALTER J. CAMPBELL, b. 1875, Nashvillle, Tennessee.
ix. CHARLES CAMPBELL, b. 18 Apr 1880, Texas.

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