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Date: 26.11.98/19:02
Rebecca Schuppener (GASCHUP@AOL.COM / no homepage ) wrote:

My great-grandmother is Delila Jane Crockett of Robertson County, TN. She married John Henry Wilson, also of Robertson County, TN. They had a son, Walter Samuel Wilson born in Springfield,TN. He married Beatrice Evertt Swift, daughter of John McFerrice Swift and Dora Day McMurtry. I've been told that My Great-grandmother,Delila was related to Davy Crockett. I would like to confirm that connection if possible. I'm interested in making contact with ANY of my Tennessee relatives:
For those without e-mail please contact me by mail:
Rebecca Schuppener, 173 Butternut Dr. Bolingbrook, IL 60440.
Thank you, Becca

374  Date: 24.11.98/2:30
Len Moody (no email / no homepage ) wrote:
Hi would you have any information on the Moody's
My gr gr Grandfather was Nathaniel Moody, Giles
County on to Memphis and then on to Holly Springs,
Ms. Thanks Len Moody

373 Date: 23.11.98/23:52
guy nicholson ( / no homepage ) wrote:
I havent had very much luck in my tn research. i am trying to find death certificates for both great grandparets who all four) dies in knox co tn. no one seems ro know just where the records are kept ihave tried several times to get info from Nashville but ne luck and ideas? thanks guy

372  Date: 23.11.98/7:34
Steve Watson ( / no homepage ) wrote:
Thanks for this sight. I found it very interesting and posted a query. Any suggestions on how I should proceed with my search for dear old gggg-grandfather would be most appreciated. I suspect he came through the Cumberland Gap. In any event, I'm fascinated by the idea that my ggg-grandfather was born on the Tennessee frontier in its first year of statehood. I'd love to know more about what kind of people made the trip to the frontier and had kids there.
In the meantime, I should be asleep at 1:30 in the morning. I have to leave for work in about five hours. I suppose the fact that I'm sending this e-mail after spending the last hour and one half visiting your websight conveys how much I liked the sight.
Thanks again,
Steve Watson

371 Date: 20.11.98/15:47
JOHN E. OSLER ( / no homepage ) wrote:

370  Date: 20.11.98/5:25
Glenda Barnes ( / no homepage ) wrote:
You have done a beautiful job here. I have been looking for A.B. Bowman to see if he had a daughter named Nora. She was my father in laws mother in Johnson City, Tennessee. Thanks

369  Date: 19.11.98/20:48
Scott Hunter ( / no homepage ) wrote:
hello nancy,
I doing research on the surnames that follows in tennessee.Hunter,king,moody,barnes,roney,goff
have a great day
Scott Hunter

368  Date: 18.11.98/16:32
Terri Carlson ( / no homepage ) wrote:
I am overwhelmed at your site! It may take me days to wade through it. Looking for Thomas Doyle and family. Daughter, Mary Jane Doyle who married Elisha (HIrman) Estes c. 1825

367  Date: 18.11.98/9:35
Ray Herrington ( / no homepage ) wrote:
in Houston & Montgomery Counties, & surrounding.
Also, for wife, looking for NANCE; WYATT; WEAVER: &
BOOKER; all of Houston & Stewart Counties.

366 Date: 16.11.98/2:54
David Lance Clements ( / no homepage ) wrote:
Searching for record of Great Grandfather, Robert Lincoln Clementsn born in Tennessee 1865, died in 1948 Mitchellsville IL.

365 Date: 14.11.98/4:10
Gray Newman ( / no homepage ) wrote:
hello all---I am looking for information from Sullivan County from 1867. I understand the courthouse there burned in 1890. Any suggestions?

364  Date: 11.11.98/3:33
molly marshall ( / no homepage ) wrote:
am looking for a bill brasselton of i think knox county tenn, my grandfather was his slave, he left tenn about the time of the civil war. i have not been able to find him in any censes for that time any help would be appreciated

363  Date: 9.11.98/23:40
Curtis Hornor ( / no homepage ) wrote:
I have been visiting the query pages in search of the name "Brooks" . I have often heard that when you start looking for "Brooks" in Tenn. they come crawling out of the woodwork. I am going to sumit a query about my "Brooks" relatives and hope I get some response. I enjoyed your query pages and keep up the good work. Curtis  

362  Date: 6.11.98/7:34
James L. Burleson ( / no homepage ) wrote:
Just received information on my sister-in-laws Goodman family from her aunt. Several hundred typed pages of names and locations but not a lot of birth dates. Some allied families are: Hannah, Harness, Barnes, plus numerous others. In process of entering the information in my data base.

Like your pages and all of the hard work you have put into them. You shouold be very proud.

Forgot, the name I am looking at for Goodman is listed in Sonny Goodman's posting of 98-02-12. He lists #F7 as Chylley M. Goodman born 1865. This appears to actually be Chesley Mansfield Goodman, b:May 28, 1864 and went by the nickname "Buddy".
Anyway, your site is a great place to visit and brouse.

361  Date: 3.11.98/18:37
J.R. Harrell (O4RHARPOON@AOL.COM / no homepage ) wrote:
Trying to connect back to NC or VA from TN a HARRELL line. G-grandfather, John Thomas Harrell b. June 28, 1862 in Rutherford County, TN; d. March 18, 1951, Nashville, TN. His wife was Nancy Elizabeth Haithcock, b. May 7, 1862; d. July 25, 1937. They had 10 children and the 5th was my grandfather, Joseph Robert Harrell, b. March 20, 1891 Rutherford Cty, d. March 26, 1973 Nashville.

Believe that John Thomas was a "Junior" and that John Thomas "Senior" was born in December 1831, Coffee County, TN; d. April 28, 1907 Rutherford Cty. His wife was a Mary or Martha Sherrill (Sherrell). It is possible that his father was a William Harrell and his mother was Jerusia Jarnagan (Jernigan) but the trail from "Junior" to "Senior" is suspect - based on some Civil War muster reports, pension application form 1902, and an old photograph.

360  Date: 2.11.98/4:40
Bobbie Weller ( / no homepage ) wrote:  
Hi Nancy,
Very nice to find you. I am looking for information on Thomas Murray b..about 1739 Baltimore, Maryland d..before 1805 Washington, TN.
Son Thomas Murray b..1768 Campbell Tn, wife Rachel Davis b..1768 Virginia. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Bobbie

359  Date: 31.10.98/17:43
JLKoch ( / no homepage ) wrote:
Nancy Steel married Peter Stoffel on Sept 9, 1831 in Bristol, Tenn. Nancy's parents are David Steel and Polly Mary Sparr, they died in Bristol, Tenn. Any help on Nancy, Peter or their parents appreciated.

358  Date: 31.10.98/1:09
Jim Kennedy ( / no homepage ) wrote:
I am looking for Sallie or Mollie Goodman who married Leon Hart Circa 1782. I found you page with a lot of Goodmans. But unfotunately I lost it. Do you have any information about Sallie.

357  Date: 28.10.98/20:56
Anne Sloan ( / no homepage ) wrote:
Dear Nancy,
Just found your page through the Coggins Research Team page. Very nice. I am also a Coggin descendent through Martha Coggins Clemmons and the Etheldred Clemmons line.
Anne Sloan

356 Date: 27.10.98/3:40
Bobbie Wakefield ( / no homepage ) wrote:
Researching My GGparents Matthew Bristol m>Susan

355 Date: 25.10.98/17:09
Pat ( / no homepage ) wrote:
Have been looking for something on John Riley who lived at or near Kettle Creek,Ky. He was killed somewhere between the years of 1911-1914 all records was destroyed when fire gutted the court house. He was married too Myrtie Spears Riley daughter of Darrius and Belle(Watkin)Spears. Some say he was buried at Carthage,Tenn. Can't find anything. He was killed by Darrius and Milt Spears. Milt,was the son of Darrius.Grandmother deserted her Spears family after my grandfather was killed,any information you may have would be apperciated.

354  Date: 18.10.98/22:40
Re Edinger ( / no homepage ) wrote:
you offer so much information, but was unable to find information on Robert H. Tate that m: Elisabeth Cornelia Taylor from Marshall Co. around the mid to late 1850's. I have run up against that brick wall for two years now. I will keep checking your site because it offers so much !

353  Date: 18.10.98/22:40
Re Edinger ( / no homepage ) wrote:
you offer so much information, but was unable to find information on Robert H. Tate that m: Elisabeth Cornelia Taylor from Marshall Co. around the mid to late 1850's. I have run up against that brick wall for two years now. I will keep checking your site because it offers so much !

352  Date: 15.10.98/7:54
Barbara Regallo ( / no homepage ) wrote:
Great query sites..finally found a family name . Pile(pyles, etc.) and will try to forward some information I have. Thanks!

351 Date: 8.10.98/1:01
Geneva Emerson ( / no homepage ) wrote:
It's great to find you on the net. I'm a novice with computers, and haven't done a great lot with genealogy yet. I still work and my husband and I care for a nearly invalid mother. It's for her sake and my children's that I'm hoping to find more on our ancestors--besides it's so interesting. I can imagine their lives and families, personalities and problems as I obtain bits of information about them.
After I've reviewed my findings more, I'll leave some names and dates with you. THANKS so much for all this, Ms. Nancy. It's great!
Geneva Emerson

350  Date: 7.10.98/21:06
William J. Schrader ( / no homepage ) wrote:
Just getting started....I am from the Chitwoods of Tenn.

349 Date: 5.10.98/19:17
Karen Mastrofilipo ( / no homepage ) wrote:
Looking for parents etc. of Jeremiah Fryar (b.1780s), married to a Rebecca Lovelady. They had nine children: William (b.1805), John (b.1807), Jeremiah Jr. (b.1809), Sevier (b.1811), Joseph (b.1813), Pleasant (b.1815), and three daughters. I am a lineal descendant of Jeremiah Jr. Any info will help.

348  Date: 26.9.98/6:04
kaye Howard ( / no homepage ) wrote:
I am looking for Matthew McDaniel Patton aka Dan. He was born 1845 or 1849 and died 1921. He married Sarah Clausen April 12,1866. I am looking for their daughters Mary Rose who married Efen Smith, Rebecca Ellen who maried Levi Ausmus. Can anyone help me?

347  Date: 26.9.98/5:50
Kaye Howard (no email / no homepage ) wrote:
I am looking for Matthew McDaniel Patton aka Dan. He was born 1845 or 1849 and died 1921. He married Sarah Clausen April 12,1866. I am looking for their daughters Mary Rose who married Efen Smith, Rebecca Ellen who maried Levi Ausmus. Can anyone help me?

346  Date: 24.9.98/2:44
JEAN BELL( / ) wrote:
GREAT PAGE!! I am researching Overton GOODMAN of Gibson Co TN 1850 and found on your links that he and William GOODMAN were both in Maury Co TN in 1840. I believe this is Overton's father and need to find proof. Now I have a new area to search. THANKS SO MUCH and keep up the good work Jean bell

345  Date: 22.9.98/21:19
Dwight W. Ozment ( / no homepage ) wrote:
Had not checked your webpage for a while, but found some interesting stuff , particularly in the EDDINS/EDDINGS FAMILY page. Have you ever heard from Rose Adele GWYNN re: Eddins/Chandler/Ozment? She is related to the EDDINS/EDDINGS FAMILY (direct descendant, I believe). Her mailing address is (was)
66 North 100 East, Centerville, UT 84014. She has done a good bit of research on these TN "kinfolks".
Best wishes,

344  Date: 22.9.98/5:54
SHAWN WILLIAMS ( / no homepage ) wrote:
searching for the miles rainwater williams family,baker's and simms family's.sevier county or other tn. counties.

343  Date: 20.9.98/23:38
Jan Koch ( / no homepage ) wrote:
My gr-grandmother Nancy Steel Stoffel was born and married Peter Stoffel in Bristol, Sullivan county, Tenn. Any cousins or leads to their parents please e-mail me.

342  Date: 17.9.98/14:58
collin winn ( / no homepage ) wrote:
I am trying to find out about William Winn who was living in wilson county at the start of the civil war. He left wilson county at this time with his family and went to Southern Illinois. can you tell me anything about this family?

341 Date: 16.9.98/6:38
Randy Flowers ( / no homepage ) wrote:
I have been researching my family's genealogy for years and recently found you homepage. It has been most helpful. My great-great-great grandparents were William and Martha Jane Huskey Ogle. Thanks.

340  Date: 15.9.98/18:00
Barbara (no email / ) wrote:
I enjoyed your site. I was able to find one surname which will hopefully provide a link to the past. Thank you for all your time and effort.  

339  Date: 15.9.98/14:29
steve payne (no email / no homepage ) wrote:

338  Date: 15.9.98/1:19
Bertha Carig-Allen ( / no homepage ) wrote:
I'm eager to search my family tree. I've found your website great. I'm very new to the 'internet' thing, so at this time, I do not have a homepage, etc.
thank you for all the great work

337  Date: 13.9.98/23:29
Cathy Goodman Haderlie ( / no homepage ) wrote:
Nancy, are you related to any Goodman's in Arizona? If so, I have information you might be interested in.
Cathy Haderlie

336  Date: 10.9.98/22:49
cindy tomlinson ( / no homepage ) wrote:  
Im looking for information on the Goodman name. Where did they come from. I know that the Tomlinson's came from england. My dad was born and raised in Michigan as far as I know. His name is Glen Goodman. If you have anymore information I can use, please e-mail me. Thank you.

335 Date: 10.9.98/22:35
cindy tomlinson ( / no homepage ) wrote:
Im looking for information on the Goodman name. Where did they come from. I know that the Tomlinson's came from england. My dad was born and raised in Michigan as far as I know. His name is Glen Goodman. If you have anymore information I can use, please e-mail me. Thank you.

334  Date: 9.9.98/21:58
Phyl ( / no homepage ) wrote:
I enjoyed scrolling through the newsletter, but didn't find any Tennessee Claytons. I am searching for the Chester or McNairy Co. TN Claytons: Jessie, Charles Sr., Charles Jr, William and Ben. If you know anything about these early settlers in McNairy please let me know. Jessie is my GG Grandfather and I am unable to locate his father in any wills or early census data. I would love to hear from descendents of these early North Carolina Claytons.  

333  Date: 8.9.98/9:52
Pat Nielsen ( / ) wrote:
I was searching a genealogy link for the surname Guill and stumbled across your name. My grandmother's name was Amanda Beatrice Guill Oakes, born 6 November 1909. I'm researching her family. The Guill's were from Halifax County, VA, but perhaps some of the family had migrated from TN. I'd like to go as far back as I can. If you can help, I'd really appreciate it. Take care and I'll look forward to hearing from you soon. ALL MY BEST, PAT NIELSEN

332  Date: 6.9.98/19:17
Janet Reaves ( / no homepage ) wrote:
See if you think we have a connection. I have Elam Ratliff b. 3 July 1779 in Randolph County, Tennessee, d. 2 August 1855 in Lawrence Co. Tennessee. I have never had a wife's name for Elam and I don't have a Joseph for a son. The children I have are: Zacheus (my gg-grandfather), Mordica, Irene, Barbara, Malinda, Obediah, Owen and Catherine. It's entirely possible that one or two were missed.

331  Date: 2.9.98/23:46
Linda Schlarb ( / no homepage ) wrote:
This is a GREAT site, easy to navigate.

330  Date: 30.8.98/0:52
Jerry Whitworth ( / no homepage ) wrote:
Enjoyed your great home page. I am looking for BASFORD lines in Cheatham,Robertson and Montgomery Co'sTN. Need to connect John, James,Thomas Armstrong,Sarah, and Temperence Basford of whom I decend. Any info. on any of these lines in early 1800's would be most appreciated.

329  Date: 28.8.98/16:06
Janet Totten ( / no homepage ) wrote:
Great home page alot of good info. Iam new to the internet
I love doing my genealogy reseach. Iam trying to find out info on my gggrandfather Isaac Chambers born 1800 in NC moved to Shelby Co. Tn. were my ggranddad Calvin C. Chambers born 1833.
Keep up the good job there are alot of genealogists.
Thank you,

328  Date: 18.8.98/21:01
Dwayne Vanatta ( / no homepage ) wrote:
I am new researching on the internet but it seems like a great opportunity. I enjoyed it and will be back. I am originally ffrom TN. (currently in CA) and trying to research VANATTA from Dekalb county. I have info that links them there in hte eaarly 1800's. Any info or research advice would be greatly appeciated. Thank you,

327  Date: 16.8.98/18:18
Gene Ransom, Jr. ( / no homepage ) wrote:
Looking fo rthe Ransom family in Middle Tennessee. They were in Rutherford abd Bedford Counties. We will be going to Tennessee this fall for a week and I want to make the most of limited time. Where do you suggest I make sure I do research?

326  Date: 14.8.98/22:49
MICHAEL YOUNG ( / no homepage ) wrote:  
I am always looking for my GOODMAN connection, I have the following:
+Nancy Winters m: 16 Aug 1821, ROCKBRIDGE, COUNTY,VA.
I think the GOODMAN, middle name is for his mothers side of the family, but I dont know her name you can see my frustration, keep me in mind if you come across, some YOUNG's, in VA,,,with a GOODMAN, in the line. Thanks,,,,Michael D. Young., Houston, TX

325  Date: 13.8.98/23:47
Lynda Gipson (no email / no homepage ) wrote:
very nice I even found my surmane here GIPSON

324  Date: 13.8.98/19:57
Michelle ( / no homepage ) wrote:
Great idea to start family connections for counties.
Didn't find mine yet know it will be helpful to many.

323  Date: 9.8.98/18:40
Regina GRIDER Pipes ( / no homepage ) wrote:
This is such a great site. I hope to visit you often.

322  Date: 8.8.98/17:58
Karen Bond Prince ( / no homepage ) wrote:
Im researching the James Wilson Bond family
and their ancestors and descendants of
Grundy County, TN

321  Date: 8.8.98/8:18
Sharon Burnette (burnette@laughlin.net_ / no homepage ) wrote:
In 1870 Polk Co., TN there is
299 TAYLOR Walter 22 M W Shoe Maker TN
CROCKET John 32 M W Mine Hand TN
Selia 19 F W GA
I hope this is something helpful.

320  Date: 7.8.98/23:10
Bill Yates ( / no homepage ) wrote:  
Thanks for having your. I'm interested in early Wayne County. Looking for info on Prier Yates circa 1820 -- he's listed in the census records. Prier Yates is a common family name. Any thoughts or help would be appreciated.

319  Date: 5.8.98/11:54
Jim Sargent ( / no homepage ) wrote:
You do a great job Nancy! I know that many people appreciate your efforts!

318  Date: 5.8.98/5:14
shirley tindall withers ( / no homepage ) wrote:  
Mother's family - Brittain, Jenkins, Guthrie, Turner, Still, Dodson, Shakelford and Nivens arriving in Davidson and Williamson Counties around 1800, previously in North Carolina; earliest record Hanover County, Virginia 1754.
Father's family - Tindall, Johnson - Brentwood, Tennessee, late 1800's. Need all other information.
Husband's mothers family - Cole, Gray, Dickens, Thurman, Hays - earliest record Sumner County 1854 moving to Northwest Tennessee.
Father's family - Withers, Cox, Wallace - Hermitage, Goodlettsville area - need any other information.

317  Date: 5.8.98/4:25
Mary Jean Huggins Moss ( / no homepage ) wrote:
Hello! I am the granddaughter of James Ira Southerland who was married to Colia Bennie Morgan. James Ira had a twin sister named Iralia. They lived in Florida but I know of relatives in Georgia. Sure is interesting. Thanks for the help.

316   Date: 4.8.98/2:05
Gerald Jones (stevegerry@earthlinknetwork / no homepage ) wrote:  
Nancy, Just found your web site today. I intend to return. I sent some notes to some people on the query pages. I am looking for John Jones, father of Carrol Jones, Civil War veteran and resident of White County. Carrol was my Great-Grandfather.
Gerald Jones Eastpointe MI.

315  Date: 2.8.98/5:36
Paul Anthony Dedman ( / no homepage ) wrote:
It was sure great to see such a professional site and especially of Tennessee. I'm in NC in the Marine Corps and will be retiring and moving back home to Lebanon most likely before Christmas of 1998. Need alot of info and will be in touch. Thanks for setting up this website!!! Semper Fi!

314 Date: 28.7.98/19:50
Wm. Dennis Carroll ( / no homepage ) wrote:  
Searching parents of Clemuel Carroll b 1805 ,Orange,NC mRuthy Thompson 1829 NC, moved to TN c1830, m2(Julia Patterson) [1862], d1887 McNairy Co TN. Issue, Freman, Mary, William A,John, Nancy, Laura and (?).

313  Date: 28.7.98/19:24
Wm. Dennis Carroll ( / no homepage ) wrote:
Appreciate your homepage. Searching Carroll and Patterson in McNairy Co. and Thomas Powell in Madison or Haywood Co's.  

312  Date: 25.7.98/1:56
Allen Bates ( / no homepage ) wrote:
Looking for Bates family info. If childhood story (and memory) correct, 3 Bates brothers from N.C.? headed west. One stopped in east TN. one in the middle and one made it to Memphis. So there should be related Bates' all over the state that I would like to hear about. But I am most concerned with my fathers family in Mt. Juliet. I heard the house that Ma'am and Pap lived in was over 100 ys old when it was razed. There were two ponds (lakes when I was a kid) down below it where there now a subdivision. I have family living in that subdivision. Maybe I am assuming too much, but I take it you are from there, so you must know of them?

Please e-mail any questions, but I don't have many answers. That's what I am looking to you for, but if I can help you figure out who I am, then I will. One of my cousins kids is supposed to be doing this but I can't get a response from him.
Thanks for your help,
Allen Bates

311  Date: 23.7.98/22:16
Betty Hoyt ( / no homepage ) wrote:
I'm looking for WILLIAM LARIMORE b. 1823 in TN.
Larimores are difficult to find - any help would be
greatly appreciated.

310  Date: 19.7.98/0:20
TommieMorton Young ( / no homepage ) wrote:
Enjoyed reading inquiries. Searching for Gabriel Morton prior to coming to TN (Maury, Marshall counties)

309  Date: 18.7.98/9:32
Mary ( / no homepage ) wrote:
I am looking for any information on my Grandmother's family. Alice GOODMAN brn 12/1869 in Obion Cty, TN to John (Jno) GOOFMAN and Rachel COATS one of several children. She married James Robert JEFFIRS 9/1887 in Troy, TN. They are both buried in Camp Grounds cemetery, TN.
Any help you could give me would be appreciated as it very hard to reseach as I am in CA.
Enjoyed your web page.

308  Date: 15.7.98/22:39
Janice ( / no homepage ) wrote:
Am impressed with your site,easy to look at.I've just started looking for my people,I am an Andrews out of Fl. I will be viviting again.
Thank You

307  Date: 14.7.98/4:00
Larry ( / no homepage ) wrote:
Just found your site--am interested in any information you may have related to the families, courtship and/or marriage of Robert L. Gee and Virginia Haywood of Jelico, Tennessee.

306  Date: 13.7.98/17:43
Bob Hensley ( / no homepage ) wrote:
Hi Genny,
Just got word of your home page today, and I'm sure glad I came to visit ! You've done a great job, and I've thoroughly enjoyed it !

305  Date: 9.7.98/6:37
Jackie ( / ) wrote:
My husband has Chandlers and Eddins/Eddings too! I enjoyed roaming your site. Please come visit mine. I have some old pictures, surnames and the names link to my Familytreemaker website.

304  Date: 8.7.98/19:55
Jack Winter ( / no homepage ) wrote:
Nancy, I will be getting back with you because I love your organized material also my wife Violet Mae ( WATSON) Winter , g-g-g-grandmother was Susan H. WEAKLEY , who was married to Ehud WATSON . Susan , Ehud and two of their young daughters are buried about 2-miles from our home at Marion,Williamson County,Illinois...

303  Date: 8.7.98/12:28
Bill N. Allen ( / no homepage ) wrote:
Researching Allen, Abbott, Ervin and Hayes, my primary research area is West Tennessee and Virginia. A volunteer at the Old Buncombe County Genealogical Society in Asheville, NC.

302  Date: 3.7.98/2:22
Joseph Childress ( / no homepage ) wrote:
I as in the process of looking in to my family which has founded in Knox Co c1794 by John and brother Childress, both Rev War Vets, who came to this area from VA after spending a c10 years in NC. John is buried in the Mt Harmony Baptist Church cemetary on Racoon Valley Rd just 1 mile west of I-75. I would love to know more of the history of this family in Knox Co. Any advise. Jay Childress, DDS

301  Date: 1.7.98/22:22
betty jones (no email / no homepage ) wrote:
just stopping by! nice page!  

300  Date: 1.7.98/22:12
Betty Raven Martin ( / no homepage ) wrote:
Enjoyed your site. I like the surnames in the red bold letters.

299  Date: 1.7.98/0:14
Pauletta Allen King ( / ) wrote:
(My ancestors) Zachariah & Rebecca Barnett Allen's children - Susannah Allen m. Samuel Jeter; James Allen m. Elizabeth Brassfield; Nancy Allen m. Jepthal Terrell among others moved from Granville Co., NC to Tennessee. Most settled in Weakley County. I am seeking further info on these families among others from 1800 to the present.

298  Date: 30.6.98/4:00
Kay Perry Strohecker` ( / no homepage ) wrote:
Looking for a Tennessee genealogy on the Perry Family, esp. I. C. Perry circa 1900. Would love to know if any Perry Family search underway. Planning to visit Tennessee to do up close and personal research later this year.

297  Date: 27.6.98/18:44
Ron Smith ( / no homepage ) wrote:
Absolutely gorgeous. You have done a great job.

296  Date: 24.6.98/5:02
Gary Arrington ( / no homepage ) wrote:  
Great job. Am looking for Arringtons from Tennessee. Please help. They originateed in North Carolina and settled the Smith - Wilson - Trousdale County area of Tenn.

295  Date: 17.6.98/7:24
Gary Stanley ( / no homepage ) wrote:
I'm looking for information on Garland Stanley who died around 1813 in Cmapbell County, TN. He married Eleanor Noble before 1808 in same county. Eleanor moved to Union County Indiana about 1822. They had 4 children, Preston, Nathan, Sarah, and Elizabeth.
Any leads on where I might find Garland's burial records will be appreciated.  

294  Date: 15.6.98/2:08
Jim Davenport ( / no homepage ) wrote:
My dad and I were looking for some information on the Davenport family when we located your homepage. His grandfather was born 1839, probably in Madison County, Tennessee. My grandfather, my father, and I were all born in Madison County, Tennessee. We are new at this, so if you have any suggestions, please send me an e-mail.

293  Date: 10.6.98/3:23
Larry G. Allen ( / no homepage ) wrote:  
Super sight a wealth of information. I will be checking back.

292  Date: 10.6.98/1:50
Roberta Briles ( / no homepage ) wrote:
My family is from Adair Co., KY McKinney, Judd, Estes and Hawkins. I have been doing research for 10+ years. Maybe there is a connection. I will look through yours on McKinney's and hopefully it will fill some empty spots on mine.

291 Date: 4.6.98/5:13
Gloria Wilson ( / no homepage ) wrote:
I am looking for information on the burial place of John Weedman b.about 1822 d. about 1910. I think he is buried in Dyer County, Tennessee, but I need this documented. He was the husband of Malinda Cart and Mariah Cart. Can you help me.

290  Date: 3.6.98/16:39
Jayne Johnson ( / no homepage ) wrote:  
I am reasearching mostly in Coffee Co., TN the following names. Haley, McDowell, Pylant, Butler

289  Date: 1.6.98/21:53
robert j. free (no email / no homepage ) wrote:


288  Date: 30.5.98/1:19
Carolyn Lamb ( / http://_ Don't have one yet. ) wrote:
I'm new at this,but am really getting in to it.
You have the best and most informative netsite I've
seen. I'm tracking my father's side (Bumpus) and
(Maloy). Later I plan to try my luck on my mother's
side (Story) and (Ingram). Thank you so much for
the opportunity to surf and snoop at your site.
Carolyn Lamb

287  Date: 29.5.98/17:25
Sandra Coker Young ( / no homepage ) wrote:
I have information on Craig, Coker, Fowlkes, and Pitt families. Great web page!

286 Date: 27.5.98/1:14
Tommy Goodman ( / no homepage ) wrote:
Hi Nancy:
Looking for Tobias M. Goodman - Grom Germany mid
1700's - Any suggestions ?
Your Site is Impressive !

285 Date: 27.5.98/0:57
guy nicholson ( / no homepage ) wrote:
I do not have a home page but I am desperately trying to find death certificates for
g grandfathers of Knox county and they do not seem to exist one in 1921- any suggestions other than Nashville; they have tried three or four times and say nothing

284 Date: 25.5.98/17:14
tina easley ( / no homepage ) wrote:
I have been trying to find land records in Tenn. for Giles, Haywood, an Dyer counties. My sir names are Gladish Joshua born:1810 in Va. showed up in Tenn. in Giles in 1850.Reddick Willis living in 1850 Dyer census.

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