Potter Deed, 1895

This indenture made and entered into this the 23rd day of January 1895 by and between Julian F. POTTER of the first part and H. L. POTTER of the second part all of the County of Fentress and State of Tennessee. Witnesseth, that the said Julian F. POTTER hath this day bargained and sold to the said H. L. POTTER a tract of land in the County of Fentress and State of Tennessee, and in Civil District No. 3rd for the consideration of three hundred Dollars ($300.00) Two hundred dollars $200.00 of which was in hand paid to me, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged and one hundred dollars $100.00 being due and payable from the said H. L. POTTER to me, and for which he has this day executed his note for a $100.00 to me for balance of purchase money on said tract of land and which is to remain a first lien on said land untill fully paid said tract of land is bounded and described as follows: to wit: Beginning at the mouth of the Bear Branch, on the South side of Mill Creek, thence with Bear branch to the old fgainst the lawful claims of all persons whomsoever. Witness my hand this 23rd day of January A.D. 1895.
Witness J. B. POTTER Julian F. POTTER (Seal)
A. L. BRIER R. H. (her mark) POTTER


State of Tennessee
Fentress County Personally appeared before me W. D. MULLINIX
Clerk of the County Court of said County the within named J. F. POTTER the bargainor with whom I am personally acquainted and acknowledged the execution of the foregoing instrument for the purposes therein contained and R. H. POTTER wife of the said Julian F. POTTER having personally appeared before me privately and apart from her husband, the said R. H. POTTER acknowledged the due execution of the said instrument to have been done by her freely, voluntarily and understandingly without compulsion or constraint of her said husband and for the purposes therein expressed. Witness my hand at office on this 6th day of April 1898. &n
W. D. MULLINIX, County Clerk.


State of Tennessee The foregoing Deed and certificate came to hand Fentress County and was duly Registered by me in Book W. pages
55&56 at 10 o'clock A. M. on the 7th day of April 1898.
P. L. PHILLIPS, Register
By A. L. BRIER D. R.

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