The church at Holly Springs seems to have been located in or near the 14th Civil District
of Carroll Co. (southeast corner of county)  The existing records cover the period from about 1870 to 1900.  Some entries are very difficult to read.  Interested parties should consult the photocopies of the records that are on file at the Gordon Browning Library in McKenzie to insure accuracy.  There are no women on the surviving records.

Bateman, C T or F

Bateman, D G   1886, lettered

Birdwell, F. J  1887, dismissed by letter Dec 1889

Birdwell, Newton  absent, excluded

Birdwell, Samuel R

Birdwell, W P  dismissed by letter Dec 1889

Blount, John G  March 1872 D----

Brewer, Alvin  1886

Brewer, C C  April 1874 excluded, deceased

Brewer, C T  1887, excluded, restored 1895

Brewer, D C deceased June 25th 1884?, February 1872

Brewer, Franklin dismissed by letter May 1887, res(tored)

Brewer, G

Brewer, G M  dismissed by letter

Brewer, I N dismissed

Brewer, J N  dismissed

Brewer, John F  dismissed  1878?

Brewer, Joseph  dismissed by letter June 1887?

Brewer, N D J  dismissed by letter Nov 1886

Brewer, N D J  joined by letter 1843 dismissed 1886

Brewer, Neal   excluded 1897

Brewer, Nick  excluded

Brewer, P N  dismissed by letter 1885?

Brewer, Patrick B  dismissed 1877, retained Aug 1887

Brewer, Pinkston  excluded? 1882

Brewer, T A

Brewer, T M T  dismissed 1883

Brewer, W F  dismissed by letter

Brewer, William W  dismissed 1883

Bridges, E   excluded 1897

Burch, R R  1887, excluded April 1894, restored Aug 1896

Burch, William  dismissed 1881

Burch, William H  excluded Oct 1886

Carey, Elijah  dismissed

Carey, John February 1874 excluded

Carey, John H  excluded, dismissed by letter

Carey, Michael  dismissed 1876

Cary Oliver  dismissed by letter 1889

Cary, C W

Cary, Felix G  dismissed 1876

Cary, Franklin S dismissed by letter 76

Cary, Granvil 1886, excluded April 1894, restored Aug 1894, excluded

Cary, Green dismissed by letter November 1871

Cary, J B

Cary, Mical  November 1876

Cary, Phebioe

Cary, Riley  excluded 1898, restored

Cary, Silas  dismissed by letter 1897

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