Rainey Cemetery, Carroll County, Tennessee


Rainey Cemetery, December 1999
Submitted by David Donahue


            To reach this cemetery turn on west of the gravel road just north of I-40 interchange. Drive about a mile and the cemetery is on the left. Blocks mark four additional probable grave sites. This cemetery was recorded December 29, 1999.

            Derrick Lewis recorded this cemetery in 1976. His record appears in Henderson County, Tennessee Cemetery Inscriptions (R. H. Harris, Memphis, 1976). This is referred to as Lewis in notes below.


Gibson, Luny J., 12/5/1897-4/27/1902, "Dau. of F. S. & V.(?) A. Gibson" [Lewis "Dau. of S. F. & L. A."]

Hampton, Eugenia, 5/22/1926-4/17/1927

Lovell, Effie, 12/19/1889-10/11/1918, "Son of P. A. & G. G. Lovell" "Co. C. 21 B. _. _. " (damaged) [inscription damaged]

Lovell, L. G., 4/26/1865-4/11/1928, "Wife of P. A. Lovell"

Lovell, P. A., 8/13/1858-6/12/1936

Nowell, Calista, 6/11/1896-9/11/1898, "Dau. of J. T. & N. K. Nowell"

Nowell, O. E., d. 3/24/1892, "Aged 10 Y's 8 M's 7 D's" "Son of J. T. & E. P. Nowell"

Rainey, D. N., 3/31/1835-9/1/1909

Rainey, W. R., 10/9/1839-7/23/1902

Rainy, L. C., d. 3.18/1864, "Aged 35 Y's 1 Mo. & 29 days"

Rainy, L., d. 5/15/1863, "Aged 7 Y's, 4 M's, 2 D's" "Dau. of L. C. & S. E. Rainy"

Rainy, S. E., d. 8/23/1892, "Aged 60 Y's, 1 Mo. & 13 Days" "Wife of L. C. Rainy"


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