Mr. Comfort Cemetery


            Mt. Comfort is the largest cemetery in Natchez Trace State Park and Forest. It is located on Maple Lake Road approximately six miles north of I-40 and is well maintained and very active. The exact number of unmarked graves is impossible to estimate, especially as fieldstones marking graves have been removed. However, the large relatively open are near the center of the cemetery probably is full of burials. Unmarked graves may number in the hundreds. Recorded April 25 and 26, 2001.

            Edwin and Clella Carter recorded the cemetery circa 1974 and published the information as part of their three-volume set on Carroll County cemeteries. Their record is referred to as Carters in the notes below.


Allen, Eliza G., 1894-1963\Allen, Virgil G., 1893-1983

Allen, James V., 2/21/1923-____, unplaced "Daddy" footstone\Allen, Marie O., 7/21/1929-____, unplaced "Mama" footstone, "Married Mar. 18, 1946" "Children Wilburn Weldon Vanell"

Allen, Jonie S., 9/10/1925-9/13/1925, "Infant of V. G. & E. C. Allen"

Allen, Magnolia, 7/9/1920-____\Allen, Carlie G., 10/20/1917-4/15/1993, "Daddy" footstone, "Married 11-13-1939" ""Our children Milburn, Minnie Sue, Lorell, Malcolm, Velda and Melvin"

Allen, S. J., 6/11/1893-11/3/1934, "Wife of T. A. Allen" "Mother"\Allen, T. A., 6/27/1851-4/17/1918, "Husband of S. J. Allen" "Father"

Bailey, Alice, 9/8/1891-8/7/1919, "Wife of E. G. Bailey"

Bailey, Ester Lee Bradford, 5/28/1894-8/12/1934

Bailey, Gilbert, no dates (homemade) [dates recorded by Carters, probably from a temporary marker: 11/8/1919-7/16/1957]

Bailey, L. C., 3/11/1937-11/3/1999, "Father" footstone\Bailey, Marie, 4/24/1938-____, unplaced "Mother" footstone

Bailey, Nevie, 1893-1971, "Mother we love you"

Bailey, Thurman, 1918-2000, "Husband" footstone\Bailey, Ruth, 1918-1995, "Wife" footstone

Bailey, Will, no dates (homemade) [dates recorded by Carters, probably from a temporary marker: 1891-1951]

Bateman, Elec Vinson, d. 5/25/1964, "Aged 93 yr" [not found in 2001; reported by Carters, probably from a temporary marker]

Bateman, Eliga H., 6/3/1877-7/3/1933 [replacement]

Bateman, Elisa Eunice, 4/10/1881-12/10/1960

Bateman, Infant, 1912, "Infant son of Eliga and Eunice Bateman" [replacement]

Bateman, Infant, 5/22/1898-5/25/1898, "Infant son of E. A. & E. C. Bateman"

Bateman, John J., no dates, military marker "Co. K 2 Tenn. Mtd. Inf."

Bateman, Mary F., 12/16/1871-5/2/1917

Bateman, Nevada Hall, 11/17/1880-3/1/1937\Bateman, Frank, 3/23/1878-2/10/1949

Bateman, Verdie, no dates, "Infant daughter of Frank & Nevada Bateman" [replacement]

Bateman, William, d. 5/29/1896, "Aged 79 Ys. 7 Ms. 14 Ds." "Husband of Polly & Riannah Bateman"

Batemen, E. V., "Mrs.," d. 6/30/195_, "Aged 92 yr. 8 mo. 26 da." [not found in 2001; reported by Carters, probably from a temporary marker]

Birdwell, Joe, d. 8/6/1951 [not found in 2001; reported by Carters, probably from a temporary marker]

Bolen, Lester, d. 9/16/1903, "Aged 3 Ms. & 24 Ds." "Son of W. R. & F. Bolen"

Bolen, M. C. E. E., 1977-1956

Bolen, Martha, 1877-1956, "Mrs." [not found in 2001; reported by Carters; compare Bolen, M. C. E. E.]

Boyd, Clifford Ray, 9/21/1955-6/6/1981, "Daddy" footstone, "His daughter Sandy Denise" "Son of Johnson & Maudie Boyd"

Boyd, Cora, 3/10/1889-12/9/1909, "Wife of R. F. Boyd"

Boyd, Daulie Rogers, 1889-1922 [replacement]

Boyd, Edgar L., 1886-1952 [Masonic symbol]\Boyd, Ethel B., 1888-1958

Boyd, J. Henry, 1856-1929\Boyd, Fannie Y., 1863-1942

Boyd, Maudie, 11/25/1927-____, unplaced "Mother" footstone\Boyd, Johnson L., 2/2/1923-____, unplaced "daddy" footstone, "Wed Sept. 12, 1942"

Boyd, Ruby [see Brinkley, Ruby Boyd]

Bradford, Anner S., 1911-____; also temporary marker, Stockdale-Malin Camden-Big Sandy, 1911-1993

Bradford, Edward L., 10/10/1855-4/15/1887, "Son of R. Y. & M. F. Bradford" [Masonic symbol]

Bradford, Ester Lee [see Bailey, Ester Lee Bradford]

Bradford, Fate, 5/5/1863-3/9/1967

Bradford, Georgia A., 1932-____

Bradford, J. F., 1858-1942\Bradford, Amarilla, 1864-1950

Bradford, J. W., 6/28/1885-11/3/1934, "Son of J. F. Bradford"

Bradford, Jerry Wayne, 9/18/1951-1/6/1970

Bradford, Jesse S., 6/11/1946-4/22/1980, also temporary marker, Stockdale-Malin Camden-Big Sandy, "Jessie Samuel Bradford"

Bradford, Julia E., 1883-1996, "Sister"\Bradford, Wylie L., 1881-1969, "Brother"

Bradford, Lillie, 12/6/1902-3/10/1940

Bradford, Luther, 5/1903-5/22/1981

Bradford, Mary Frances, d. 8/20/1916, "Aged 83 ys. 8 Ms. 28 ds." "Wife of Lieut. R. Y. Bradford"

Bradford, William D., Jr., 1946-____

Bradford, William D., Sr., 1881-____ [Note: Markers for Anner S. Bradford, Georgia A. Bradford, William D. Bradford, Jr., and William D. Bradford, Sr. lie in a small family cluster]

Brinkley, Denie, 1/6/1901-11/11/1905 [replacement]

Brinkley, Elizabeth, d. 3/26/1898, "Aged about 54 Ys." "Wife of R. G. Brinkley"

Brinkley, Felix H., 1868-1912 (eroded)

Brinkley, Jessie Oscar, 1/3/1895-1/10/1989, military marker as footstone "Pvt US Army World War I"

Brinkley, Josephine, 1872-1913 (eroded) [adjacent to marker for Felix H. Brinkley]

Brinkley, Judie J., 11/3/1853-6/28/1885, "Mother" footstone\Brinkley, John A., 9/10/1839-9/28/1928, "Father" footstone, military marker as footstone "Pvt Co C 20 Tenn Cav Confederate States Army" [Masonic symbol]

Brinkley, Lizzie, 1/11/1892-4/4/1903, "Wife of D. S. Brinkley"

Brinkley, Lou Gertie, 12/13/1897-2/12/1983

Brinkley, Nettie, 3/29/1877-8/3/1922, "Wife of J. W. S. Brinkley"

Brinkley, Obed, 4/27/1902-12/19/1911 [replacement]

Brinkley, R. G., 2/27/1837-10/29/1921, "Husband of Elizabeth and Sallie Brinkley"

Brinkley, Ruby Boyd, 1898-1926 (eroded)

Brinkley, Willie, 1888-1962\Brinkley, J. W. S., 1885-1946

Burton, Elizabeth Wall, 5/20/1802-1/5/1872, "Wife of James W. Burton" [replacement]

Burton, James W., 6/28/1804-12/24/1864, "Born Mecklenberg Co. Va." (eroded, broken and repaired)

Bush, Hazel Hollowell, 9/23/1924-____, unplaced "Mother" footstone\Bush, Wilburn H., 4/19/1922-8/28/2000, "Daddy" footstone, "Our children: Diann and Harold G." "Our grandchildren: Shonna, Heather and Christopher"

Butler, Attiem, 8/4/1881-8/8/1907, "Wife of Rev. C. O. Butler" [overlooked or not readable in 2001; information from Carters]

Butler, C. O., d. 11/12/1913, "Aged 31 yr. 11 mo. 25 ds." "Elder" "Husband of Nora E. Butler" [overlooked or not readable in 2001; information from Carters]

Butler, Mamie Irene, 1879-1917, "Dau. of Joel A. & Lizzie Butler"

Cary, Bell Zora, 5/6/1872-8/1/1952, "Mother" footstone\Cary, F. M., 5/23/1864-11/21/1921, "Father" footstone

Cary, Beulah, 1901-1992, "Mother"\Cary, Frank, 1895-1947, military marker as footstone "Tennessee PFC 140 Inf 25 Div World War I"; dates on military marker 3/14/1895-12/4/1947

Cary, C. D., 9/21/1874-12/23/1892, "Wife of G. M. Cary"

Cary, Eary L. [see Thomas, Eary L. Cary]

Cary, Eldie Marie, 3/5/1949-3/19/1949, "Dau. of L. G. and Mavis Cary"

Cary, Ethel [see Ozier, Ethel Cary]

Cary, Ettie L., 0/19/1900-8/17/1915 [replacement]

Cary, Lillie, 5/10/1884-6/25/1939, "Wife of M. L. Cary" "Mother"

Cary, Millard L., 6/22/1879-12/10/1952, military marker "Tennessee Pvt 5 Btry Field Arty"

Cates, Susan [see Haynes, Susan Cates]

Clark, Alec L., 1869-1953

Clark, Clarence, 1899-1980

Clark, Delmer C., 1925\Clark, Leland Ray, 2/28/1928 [replacement; probably children of Litha Mae and Hercules Clark, whose double marker is adjacent]

Clark, Infant, no dates, "Baby" [1 yard south of double marker for Lillie M. and Oscar L. Clark"

Clark, Jacline, no dates (homemade)

Clark, Joe, no dates (homemade)

Clark, Lillie M., 1905-1981\Clark, Oscar L., 1898-1967

Clark, Litha Mae, 1901-1966, "Mother"\Clark, Hercules, 1896-1967, "Father"

Clark, Lucian Monroe, 1908-1974

Clark, Monroe I., 1903-1980

Clark, Pritchard, d. 10/17/1918, "Aged 24 years" "Son of A. L. & Vessie Clark"

Clark, Troy, 8/26/1922-7/16/1991, military marker "PFC US Army World War II"

Colvett, Sue Jane, 9/14/1943-3/18/1993

Edwards, Eva [see Gilliam, Eva Hatch]

Edwards, F. J., d. 2/11/1881, "Aged about 48 Ys." "Husband of R. J. Edwards"

Edwards, G. C., 1873-1918 [replacement]

Edwards, R. J., 1845-1913 [replacement]

Edwards, T. J., 1869-1926 [replacement]

Edwards, Vonnie E., 12/4/1905-4/25/1910, "Son of W. E. & M. L. Edwards"

Ellis, Ada H., 1898-1966, "Mother"

Ellis, Elwood, 8/23/1914-5/24/1947\Ellis, Willie B., 1/21/1916-2/8/1985

Ellis, Judie Ann, 1887-1926, "Wife of J. W." [replacement]

Ellis, Levie, 8/21/1923-7/17/1934, "Son of J. W. and Judie Ann Ellis"

Ellis, Mae Rogers, 1907-1991, "Mama" footstone\Ellis, Albert C., 1900-1982, "Daddy" footstone

Ellis, Ricky Lynn, 7/28/1959-1/1/1976

Ellis, Robert Scott, 6/9/1955-1/1/1976, "Son of Delbert & Margie"

Ellis, Rozena Thomas, 9/4/1870-4/18/1951, "Duncy"; "Ma" footstone\Ellis, John Lee, 5/4/1869-1/30/1937, "Ringer"; "Pa" footstone; "Erected by A. L. Ellis"

Ellis, Sallie F., 1889-1950\Ellis, Claude E., 1889-1957, "Father" footstone

Ellis, W. R., 1871-1957\Ellis, Rebecca J., 1880-1946

Ellis, William Thomas, 1/3/1897-11/11/1902

Eubank, Eva Gooch, 7/30/1895-10/2/1972, "Daughter"; added metal plate with "Mrs. Eva Eubank" [shares double marker with Sarah E. Webb Parsens]

Eubank, James C., 1/21/1923-4/18/1823

Eubank, Roy, Jr., no dates [marker also recorded by Carters in 1974]

Eubanks, Clinton, 1898-1972

Evans, Eliza C., 5/11/1836-7/11/1922, "Wife of John Evans"

Evans, Hporace Eugene, 4/30/1916-10/23/1919, "Son of Mr. & Mrs. A. G. Evans"

Evans, J. R., 1867-1928

Evans, John, d. 4/25/1916, "Aged 83 ys" "Husband of Lidy Evans"

Evans, John, no dates, military marker "Co. K. 2 Tenn. Mtd. Inf."

Evans, Lidia, 3/15/1832-1866, "Wife of John Evans" "Mother" (broken and repaired) [broken through death date]

Evens, Eda Caroline, d. 8/21/1872, "Aged 8 ys. 6 ms. 20 ds." (broken) [broken through birth date]

Evens, Mary Jane, 10/15/1870-11/20/1870, "Dau. of Nelson & Ara Evens" (eroded)

Forrest, Lloyd, Jr., 1932-____\Forrest, Helen Harrison, 1935-1966

Forrest, Raymell, 1936-1986, "We love you mama"

Foster, Ben, no dates [space holder?]

Foster, Lucy, no dates [space holder?]

Fuller, Candice Aicole, 5/10/1982-5/10/1982 (homemade) [weathered wooden sign 5 feet north of double marker for Maudie and Johnson L. Boyd]

Gilliam, Eva Hatch, 9/21/1897-9/29/1994 [see also Hatch, Hubert]

Gooch, Eva [see Eubank, Eva Gooch]

Gooch, Mary E., 7/5/1843-9/25/1871, "Consort of L. O. Gooch"

Goshorn, James C., 1909-1963, "Father"

Hall, A. T., 1/13/1831-7/27/1878, "Wife of R. H. Hall"

Hall, Albert E., 6/19/1856-7/29/1879, "Son of R. H. and F. M. Hall"

Hall, Bettie C., 1857-1869, "Dau. of R. H. and F. M. Hall" (eroded) [identifiable but not readable in 2001; information from Carters]

Hall, Callie, 10/31/1874-7/22/1934\Hall, Allen, 8/17/1873-2/3/1958

Hall, E. E., 9/10/1844-5/5/1921, "Wife of R. F. Hall"\Hall, R. F., 4/1/1841-6/6/1886, "Husband of E. E. Hall" "Dear parents"

Hall, E. L., 2/1/1829-1/15/1904, "Wife of E. W. Hall"

Hall, E. W., 7/29/1826-2/4/1913, "Husband of E. L. Hall"

Hall, Edward, d. 3/5/1857, "Age about 75 Ys"

Hall, F. M., 12/25/1828-4/13/1863, "Wife of R. H. Hall"

Hall, Infant, 8/18/1881, "Infant son of E. G. and E. J. Hall"

Hall, James J., 7/26/1822-1/15/1904, "Father"\Hall, Mary G., 3/24/1820-8/14/1895, "Mother"

Hall, Linnie [see Oxford, Linnie Hall]

Hall, Linnie, 1878-1964 [overlooked or not found in 2001; reported by Carters]

Hall, Nevada [see Bateman, Nevada Hall]

Hall, R. H., 2/28/1820-1/10/1910 [Masonic symbol]

Hall, Riannah, 11/16/1861-8/19/1877, "Dau. of R. H. and F. M. Hall"

Hall, Rowena W., 3/29/1843-1/19/1866, "Dau. of J. J. and M. G. Hall"

Hall, Talbert R., 7/21/1882-7/13/1884, "Son of E. G. and E. J. Hall"

Hall, Verdie, 9/11/1895-9/19/1896, "Dau. of A. M. and A. A. Hall" (eroded) [partially unreadable in 2001; relationship information and birth date as reported by Carters]

Hammett, James A., 7/28/1834-7/22/1907

Hampton, Birtie F., 7/20/1908-____, "Mother" footstone\Hampton, Elmer O., 8/6/1893-____, "Father" footstone

Hampton, Curtis, no dates (homemade)

Hampton, Delbert Doyle, 6/11/1929-2/19/2000

Hampton, Dock, 4/12/1861-7/25/1924

Hampton, Donald Lynn, 2/24/1956-4/6/1956, "Son of Mr. & Mrs. Curtis Hampton"

Hampton, Dorothy, 2/1/1926-____, unplaced "Mother" footstone\Hampton, Leon, 4/6/1926-4/19/1993

Hampton, Earnest, no dates (homemade)

Hampton, Evelyn, 7/11/1935-____, unplaced "Mom" footstone\Hampton, Gilbert, 6/27/1924-____, unplaced "Dad" footstone, "Our children: Belinda and Christopher"

Hampton, Fannie R., 11/16/1916-6/21/1979\Hampton, Charles E., 3/10/1910-3/3/1981

Hampton, Ganis, no dates (homemade)

Hampton, Geneva P., no dates (homemade)

Hampton, Homer, 1892-1940, "Husband" footstone\Hampton, Dora L., 1900-1992, "Wife" footstone\Hampton, Ollie M., 1902-1988, "Husband" footstone

Hampton, Jessey, no dates (homemade)

Hampton, Lona, no dates (homemade)

Hampton, Lorene, no dates (homemade)

Hampton, Ludie Uvis, 1897-1928, "Daughter" footstone\Hampton, Rosa Lee, 1870-1935, "Mother" footstone\Hampton, Abe, 1870-1940

Hampton, Madline, 1923-1995, "Mother" footstone\Hampton, Curtis, 1913-1997, "Daddy" footstone

Hampton, Marie, 1959-____, "Dau. of Curtis & Madline"

Hampton, Mart, no dates (homemade)

Hampton, Martin, no dates [probably a Hampton, marker only reads "Martin"; Carters also assumed last name to be Hampton]

Hampton, Martha J., 1869-1947\Hampton, John P., 1864-1928

Hampton, Michael Dale, 11/2/1955-12/12/1955 (homemade)

Hampton, Millie, no dates [probably a Hampton, marker only reads "Millie"; Carters also assumed last name to be Hampton]

Hampton, Nellie, no dates (homemade) [adjacent to marker for Mart Hampton]

Hampton, Richard leroy, 8/10/1941-1/5/1998, "Beloved brother" "Brother of Earl, Julia, Tyler" "Son of Ervin and Fannie"

Hampton, Roble, 1/16/1934-3/12/1983

Hampton, Roland A., 1905-1968\Hampton, Birdie L., 1909-1995

Hampton, Ronald Ben, 2/24/1956-4/6/1956, "Son of Mr. & Mrs. Curtis Hampton"

Hampton, Roy, no dates (homemade)

Hampton, Steedie Thomas, 1882-1975, "Ma" footstone\Hampton, Wylie Andrew, 1875-1955, "Pa" footstone [covered by two low steel-roofed grave houses]

Hampton, Thedo, no dates (homemade)

Hampton, William, 1882-1949\Hampton, Alma, 1885-1969

Hampton, Willie O., 2/12/1909-12/27/1992, "Daddy" footstone\Hampton, Dellie M., 3/11/1912-____, unplaced "Mother" footstone\Hampton, Euna F., 5/3/1942-____, unplaced "Sister" footstone

Harris, Eli, d. 1923 [replacement]

Harrison, Helen [see Forrest, Helen Harrison]

Harrison, William Monroe, 1902-1976

Hatch, A. D., 2/1/1911-3/12/1911, "Son of W. H. & R. J. Hatch"

Hatch, Aaron G., 2/1/1921-6/3/1999, military marker "PFC US Army World War II"; added to military marker "Wed Nov 22 1947 to Dorothy Baker"

Hatch, Eva [see Gilliam, Eva Hatch]

Hatch, Henry, 1833-1908\Hatch, Camilley, 1843-1893, "Our love, father and mother"

Hatch, Hubert, 1895-1921, "Wed Eva Edwards 1916" [replacement]

Haynes, Chester E., d. 11/1/1892, "Aged 7 Ys. 8 Ms. 26 Ds." "Son of C. H. & S. E. Haynes"

Haynes, Elizabeth, d. 10/1/1899, "Aged 75 ys. 1 mo. 1 da." "Wife of W. Haynes"

Haynes, R. E., d. 10/7/1892, "Aged 14 ys. 7 ms. & 27 ds." "Dau. of C. H. & S. C. Haynes"

Haynes, Sudie [see Palmer, Sudie Haynes]

Haynes, Susan Cates, 1854-1926, "Mother" footstone [compare Haynes, Susan E.]\Haynes, Charles H., 1847-1938, "Father" footstone,

Haynes, Susan E., 8/16/1853-2/25/1926 [compare Haynes, Susan Cates]

Haynes, T. G., d. 6/21/1894, "Aged 1 Yr. 6 Mo. 7 Ds." "Son of C. H. & S. E. Haynes"

Haynes, William, d. 2/14/1852, "Aged 27 Ys. 4 Ms. 12 Ds." "Husband of E. Haynes"

Hays, Celestia Gray [see White, Celestia Gray Hays]

Hedge, Alice, no dates (homemade)

Hedge, Cathy Jean, 6/13/1958-1/29/2000, "Mama"\Hedge, James Henry, 1/26/1953-____, "Daddy" "Our sons: Josh and Adam"

Hedge, Clara, 1915-1936

Hedge, Gracie O., 3/20/1914-11/25/1984, "Mother" footstone\Hedge, Bert, 7/31/1909-9/14/1995, "Father" footstone, "Married Sept. 13, 1936"

Hedge, Infants, 1936-1936, "Infant sons of Bert and Clara Hedge"

Hicks, Arthur, Jr., 8/3/1930-11/3/1986, "Hubert" "A beloved father"; two military markers as footstones "A2C US Air Force Korea"

Hicks, Billie, no dates [not found in 2001; reported by Carters; probably earlier marker for Billy Hicks]

Hicks, Donna, no dates (homemade)

Hicks, Edd, no dates (homemade)

Hicks, Hazel [see Hollowell, Hazel Hicks]

Hicks, Lavinia Todd, 1925-1986, "Mama" footstone\Hicks, Ulmat, 1915-1997, "Daddy" footstone, "Married June 2, 1943" "Our children Patricia Kenneth Ricky"

Hicks, Sarah B., 1895-1974\Hicks, J. Arthur, 1896-1974, "Married 1912"

Hicks, Vile, 1866-1947\Hicks, Billy, 1858-1930 [replacement]

Hicks, Viola, no dates [not found in 2001; reported by Carters; probably earlier marker for Vile Hicks]

Hilliard, A. R., 10/22/1890-12/1/1923\Hilliard, Ava, 8/14/1891-7/21/1922

Hilliard, Aleen [see Smith, Aleen Hilliard]

Hilliard, G. H. (Gid), 4/15/1852-1/20/1932

Hollowell, Alta, 7/1/1925-8/13/1994 [adjacent to marker for Audrine Hollowell]

Hollowell, Athur, no dates (homemade) [as reported by Carters, probably read from a temporary marker: Arthur Hollowell 1905-1953]

Hollowell, Audrine, 1926-1983, military marker as footstone "S1 US Navy World War II"

Hollowell, Belah H., 1894-1972, "Mama" footstone\Hollowell, Euless G., 1894-1984, Daddy" footstone, also military marker as footstone "Pvt US Army World War I"; dates on military marker 4/10/1893-3/9/1894 [note discrepancy in birth date]

Hollowell, Child, d. 10/1/1899, "Child of G. L. and M. E. Hollowell" (fallen)

Hollowell, Clarice King, 12/25/1922-____, unplaced "Mama" footstone\Hollowell, James Lexie, 2/10/1918-4/17/1997, "Daddy" footstone, also military marker as footstone "Cox US Navy World War II"; "Our children: James and Jerry grandchildren: Wanda, Jason" "Great grandchildren: Candice, Meagan"

Hollowell, Clinnie M., 1898-1928, "Father" footstone [replacement]

Hollowell, George L., 4/8/1867-10/28/1941\Hollowell, Ida F., 6/14/1883-1/9/1952

Hollowell, Hazel [see Bush, Hazel Hollowell]

Hollowell, Hazel Hicks, 1922-____, unplaced "Mama" footstone\Hollowell, Larie, 1918-1990, "Daddy" footstone, also military marker as footstone "Sgt US Army"; dates on military marker 9/29/1918-10/27/1997; "Married Mar. 22, 1943" "Our children Wm. Joe & Bobby Joe" "Grandchildren Brad & Will"

Hollowell, Infant, 6/28/1913-6/28/1913\Hollowell, Infant, 6/28/1913-7/16/1913, "Twin Infants of G. L. and I. F. Hollowell" (eroded)

Hollowell, M. E., d. 3/24/1909, "Aged 39 Ys. 9 Ms. 20 Ds." "Wife of G. L. Hollowell"

Hollowell, Mattie G., d. 7/15/1909, "Age 4 m's 2 d's" "Dau. of G. L. & M. E. Hollowell" (eroded)

Hollowell, Medie M., 1892-1963

Hollowell, R. C., 1938-1940

Hollowell, Robert, 7/31/1927-12/21/1986

Hollowell, Susan Ada, 1870-1942\Hollowell, Henry J., 1861-1945

Hollowell, Ura, 7/24/1895-9/28/1898, "Dau. of W. G. and Emma Hollowell"

Holmes, Nevada, 1/17/1880-9/27/1929, "Wife of L. E. Holmes"

Horn, Addison B., 1873-1953\Horn, Bessie L., 1877-1918

Horn, Annie Laura, 4/9/1916-4/16/1916, "Dau. of A. B. and Bessie Horn"

Horn, Bessie S., 5/9/1893-6/20/1917, "Wife of John L. Horn"\Horn, John L., 1/31/1892-____, "Husband of Bessie Horn"

Horn, Homer L., 4/28/1889-9/14/1951

Horn, Ila Alba, 1/15/1900-7/30/1924, "Mother of Elon James and Bernard Spellings"

Horn, Levyan H., 1859-1944, "Mother"\Horn, Howell H., 1855-1943, "Father"

Horne, John W., 3/17/1886-____, "Father"\Horne, Maude M., 2/8/1891-2/3/1937, "Mother" [Woodmen of the World memorial]

Ivy, Laura [see Tubbs, Laura]

Ivy, Mandy P., 1897-____, "Wife" footstone\Ivy, Robert C., 1895-1963, military marker as footstone "Tennessee Pvt 19 Co 157 Depot Brigade World War I"; dates on military marker 8/15/1895-1/19/1963

Jackson, Charles Leon, 1933-1978, military marker PFC US Army Korea"

Jackson, Clyde A., 1908-1978

Jackson, Donna Marie, 10/9/1963-10/10/1963 (homemade) [barely readable in 2001; 1 yard north of marker for Carmack M. Russ]

Jackson, Opal, 1914-____

Jackson, Roy C., 1966-1997 (homemade); also temporary marker, Bruceton Funeral Home, "Roy Clyde Jackson"

James, Ila [see Horn, Ila Alba]

Jones, __rmistea__, no dates (homemade) [Armistead Jones per Carters]

Jones, A. H., no dates (homemade) [read as A. R. Jones by Carters]

Jones, Corbit, no dates [reported by Carters; based upon Carters record this probably is the northern of two burials under the collapsing grave house; see also Jones, Tabitha]

Jones, Corie, no dates (homemade)

Jones, Dovie, no dates (homemade)

Jones, Elizabeth, d. 12/28/1915, "Aged 66 Ys. 1 Mo. 21 Ds." [Eastern Star symbol]\Jones, J. C., d. 2/17/1912, "Aged 65 Ys. 5 Ms. 24 Ds." [Masonic symbol], "Our father and mother are gone"

Jones, Elizabeth, no dates (homemade)

Jones, Genetta M., 9/12/1859-7/25/1868\Jones, Henryetta, 3/4/1856-7/25/1868

Jones, H. L. C., 1883-1935\Jones, Josie C., 1870-1957\Jones, Robert L., 1906-1911\Jones, Georgia May, 1909-1925

Jones, Ida, no dates (homemade)

Jones, Jackson, no dates (homemade)

Jones, L. Lorie, no dates (homemade)

Jones, Lillie, no dates (homemade)

Jones, Lorene, no dates [reported by Carters]

Jones, Lorie, no dates (homemade)

Jones, Louisa, no dates [reported by Carters]

Jones, Loyd Buford, no dates, "Son of D. G. Jones" "Died infant" (homemade)

Jones, Lucy, no dates (homemade)

Jones, Margret J., 12/3/1829-11/15/1854, "Wife of G. L. Jones" [dates are unreadable in 2001; dates as reported by Carters]

Jones, Mary E., 12/15/1857-1/20/1858

Jones, Mary, no dates (homemade)

Jones, Nexie?, no dates (homemade)

Jones, Rosa A., 10/11/1888-4/3/1911, "Wife of D. G. Jones" (eroded)

Jones, Roy, no dates [reported by Carters]

Jones, T. M., 5/22/1878-4/25/1905, "Husband of S. E. Jones"

Jones, Tabitha, d. 4/16/1931, "Aged 74 Years 10 Months 15 Days" temporary marker [southern of two burials under a grave house which appears about to collapse; see also Jones, Corbit]

Kelley, Joseph Smith, 6/1/1927-6/21/1994, military marker "PFC US Army Korea"

Kent, Mary Maxine, 10/15/1930-11/4/1997 [Eastern Star symbol]

King, Blanche Hester, 10/16/1921-11/26/1997, "Mama" footstone\King, Walter, 4/6/1920-9/12/1999, "Daddy" footstone, also military marker as footstone "PFC US Army World War II Btry C 198th FA BN"; "Married July 15, 1950" "Our son Steve wife Teresa" "Our grandchildren: Tyler, Kristen and Kayla"

King, Chesley, 1823-2/29/1863"

King, Clarice [see Hollowell, Clarice King"

King, Dealie, 3/5/1908-12/23/1921, "Daughter of G. T. & S. E. King"

King, Ella, 4/20/1918, "Dau. of Gray & Eva King" [replacement]

King, Gray, 1896-1960\King, Eva, 1892-1979

King, Infant, 1910, "Infant daughter of Rev. G. T. and S. E. King"

King, Infant, 3/21/1877, "Infant son of E. G. & M. G. King"

King, J. P., d. 4/18/1906, "Aged 22 Ys. 3 Ms. 12 Ds." "Son of W. P. & M. J. King"

King, M. J., 6/24/1849-____, "Wife of W. P. King"\King, W. P., 4/7/1849-1/8/1925, "Husband of M. J. King"

Lee, Linda F., 3/16/1948-10/22/1998\Lee, Bennie H., 10/8/1944-____

Lynch, Daisy, no dates (homemade)

Lynch, Lindie, no dates (homemade)

Lynch, Luther, no dates (homemade) [unable to read first name in 2001; name from Carters; Lynch markers are similar to homemade Jones family markers]

Martin, Ila Thomas, 11/5/1914-10/12/1999, "Mom" footstone\Leo Russull Martin, 2/27/1905-____, "Dad" footstone, "Married July 4, 1937"

McAuley, Doris, 1885-1936 [replacement]

McAuley, Florence, 6/13/1857-3/29/1942 [Eastern Star symbol]\McAuley, Franklin, 11/29/1851-2/9/1931 [Masonic symbol]

McAuley, Frank G., 6/18/1888-6/19/1890, "Son of Martin and Sarah McAuley" (eroded) [dates difficult to read in 2001; dates are from Carters]

McAuley, Martin, 2/16/1847-12/27/1911\McAuley, Sarah, 3/20/1854-____, "Our father and mother are gone"

McAuley, Mildred?, 12/17/1886-9/11/1887, "Dau. of Martin and Sarah McAuley" (eroded) [identifiable but not readable in 2001; information from Carters, who found first name difficult to read in 1974]

McKay, L. M., 10/12/1812-8/11/1887, "Wife of H. A. McKay"

Melton, 5/9/1884-11/16/1955\Melton, Isaac H., 1/18/1883-3/24/1964

Melton, Eugene, 1967 [overlooked or not found in 2001; from Carters]

Merrick, M. H., 1846-1908 [Masonic symbol]\Merrick, Mary E., 1856-1932 [Eastern Star symbol], "Father Mother" footstone

Miller, Henry, 1854-1899\Miller, Rosella, 1888-1909\Miller, Martha, 1857-1924

Miller, Infant, 12/21/1926, "Inf. son of Lucy Miller" [replacement]

Miller, Lucy, 1890-1959

Nolen, Judy Thomas, 1889-1971

Nolen, Viloa, 5/6/1900-6/18/1967\Nolen, William Edd, 5/13/1896-6/11/1946, military marker as footstone "Tennessee Pvt 329 Infantry 83 Division World War I"

Norden, Louis Kansas, d. 10/25/1949, "Aged 86 yr. 10 mo. 10 da." [not found in 2001; reported by Carters who may have read a temporary marker]

Nordin, Dofus, 10/23/1900-11/23/1901, "Son of J. R. and Laura Nordin"

Nordin, Judie, 6/1903-1/1948, "Daughter" footstone [probably daughter of Laura and John R. Nordin, whose double marker is adjacent]

Nordin, Laura, 1868-1949\Nordin, John R., 1864-1937 [Woodmen of the World memorial]

Nordin, Luskey, 9/22/1899-11/11/1899, "Son of J. R. and Laura Nordin"

Nordin, Mary L., 1908-1987\Nordin, Dorris T., 1893-1983, military marker as footstone "Dorris Thomas Nordin" "Cook US Navy World War II"; dates on military marker 10/8/1893-7/18/1983

Odle, Vanie, no dates (homemade)

Odle, Viola, 2/26/1919-____, unplaced "Mama" footstone\Odle, Willard, 5/2/1915-2/18/1987, "Daddy" footstone, "Wed Dec. 23, 1938"

Oxford, Linnie Hall, 1878-____

Ozier, Ethel Cary, 8/15/1896-1915 [replacement]

Palmer, Sudie Haynes, 1889-1918, "Mother" footstone

Parish, Ardie P., 1896-1977\Parish, Earnest C., 1881-1976

Parish, Braudy R., 9/16/1857-7/20/1889, "Dau. of C. and J. B. Parish"

Parish, Claiborn, 12/14/1899-10/19/1916

Parish, David W., 1851-1929\Parish, Martha J., 1871-1957, "His Wife," "Mother" footstone

Parish, E. J., d. 10/7/1898, "Aged 48 Ys. 4 Ms. & 27 Ds." "Wife of Sion Parish"

Parish, Eligah F., 1/18/1868-2/24/1935, "Father"\Parish, Isabelle, 9/22/1867-____, "His wife" "Mother"

Parish, Elizabeth, 12/22/1829-5/6/1913

Parish, Frances T., 6/11/1895-10/19/1941\Parish, Gather P., 3/24/1895-10/21/1941

Parish, George Columbus, 2/9/1877-3/26/1971

Parish, George, 3/16/1822-3/21/1880 [Masonic symbol]

Parish, Inez, 1920-1999, "Wife" footstone\Parish, Herbert, 1913-1995, military marker as footstone "William H. Parish" "PFC US Army Air Forces World War II"; dates on military marker 11/29/1913-5/16/1995

Parish, Infant, 2/10/1905-2/12/1905, "Infant dau. of G. C. and L. E. Parish"

Parish, Infant, born & died 2/19/1902, "Infand son of J. C. & L. E. Parish"

Parish, J. Claiborn, 9/11/1873-1/19/1945\Parish, Louise Estell, 2/17/1897-4/23/1974

Parish, John H., 1931-1933\Parish, Infant, no dates, "Infant of L. H. and Tomie Parish"

Parish, Joseph Esco, 2/29/1892-4/17/1894\Parish, Dolly, 9/7/1896, "Infant daughter of E. T. and I. B."

Parish, Lee Ettie, 4/6/1880-3/12/1929, "Wife of G. C. Parish" [Woodmen of the World memorial]

Parish, Lillian Beatrice, 1905-1962

Parish, Louise G., 10/16/1822-1/16/1905, "Wife of G. Parish"

Parish, Lowell C., 7/29/1916-6/8/1919, "Son of E. G. and F. E. Parish"

Parish, Lucie H., 1906-1941, "Mother" footstone\Parish, Ebern N., 1903-1975, "Father" footstone

Parish, Martha A. B., 1/3/1825-6/22/1862, "Wife of Geo. Parish" (broken, eroded) [dates are unreadable in 2001 and come from Carters]

Parish, Mary F., 2/1/1840-1/30/1916 [adjacent to marker for George Parish]

Parish, Paralee, 9/13/1855-4/7/1932, "Wife of W. T. Parish" "Mother"

Parish, Rebecca, 1859-1950\Parish, Donie, 1869-1957

Parish, Robert E., 1939-2000\Parish, Sandra K., 1950-2000, "Wed June 11, 1966"

Parish, Samuel, d. 4/12/1906, "Aged 78 Ys. & 3 Ds." "Husband of I. L. Parish"; military marker as footstone "Co. D. 7 Tenn. Cav."

Parish, Sarah, 1859-1950

Parish, W. T., 8/10/1851-8/13/1894, "Husband" "Father" [Masonic symbol]

Parish, William, 3/1830-1/10/1894, "Husband of Elizabeth"

Parish, Wm. A., 3/23/1845-7/16/1870 [Masonic symbol]\Parish, George G., 9/5/1850-5/3/1873 (broken)

Parsens, Sarah E. Webb, 7/19/1864-8/17/1944, "Mother; metal plate with "Mrs Sarah Parson" [shares double marker with Eva Gooch Eubank"

Parson, Sarah [see Parsens, Sarah E. Webb]

Poss, Hugh, 1920-1993\Poss, Mae, 1910-1972 [as recorded by Carters: Mrs. Ritha Poss 1910-1972]

Pritchard, Clara Mae, 9/20/1900-6/22/1985, "Wife" footstone\Pritchard, Wm. Albert, 7/24/1894-1/22/1975, "Husband" footstone

Pritchard, Harriett A., d. 1/26/1916, "Aged 54 Ys. 10 Ds." "Wife of N. L. Protchard"

Pritchard, Ide Selph, 1902-1946\Pritchard, Guy M., 1900-1971

Pritchard, Leeander, 6/14/1860-12/9/1931

Pritchard, Samuel D., 1/10/1885-4/4/1951\Pritchard, Mavis E., 5/30/1889-11/25/1951

Pritchard, Sarah B., 4/8/1836-2/7/1916, "Wife of William D. Pritchard"

Pritchard, William D., 1838-9/24/1889

Pruett, Polly, 1815-1860, "Wife of Nelson Pruett" [overlooked or not readable in 2001; reported by Carters]

Quillen, Sarah Jane, 8/14/1848-12/1933\Quillen, Jim, 4/10/1846-6/12/1933 [replacement]

Robison, Lorene, 9/3/1903-10/29/1905\Robison, Oberlin, 8/18/1907-3/9/1928

Rogers, Bettir P., 1885-1968\Rogers, Connie E., 1886-1962, also temporary marker, Brewer, "Connie Elias Rogers"

Rogers, Daulie [see Boyd, Daulie Rogers]

Rogers, Green, 1/31/1848-10/7/1906

Rogers, James Isaac, 1876-1905 [replacement]

Rogers, Mae [see Ellis, Mae Rogers]

Rogers, Wilma Marie, 1905-1906 [replacement]

Russ, Alice, 3/8/1890-11/20/1966, "Mrs." [not found in 2001; reported by Carters who may have read a temporary marker]

Russ, Carmack M., 10/12/1917-10/16/1971

Russ, Clarice White, 12/6/1910-9/19/1983

Russ, Leroy, 9/7/1934-12/22/1986

Sanders, Alma L., 1898-1986

Sanders, Amon, 5/18/1907-9/23/1908, "Son of B. E. and Tinnie Sanders"

Sanders, Buford, 5/31/1910-9/8/1911, "Son of B. E. and Tinnie Sanders"

Sanders, Eliza C., 1852-1922\Sanders, James B., 1847-1930 [Masonic symbol]

Sanders, Fair Imogene, 12/27/1902 [replacement; infant-size grave]

Sanders, James, 4/23/1809-9/9/1854 (eroded) [death date is best guess]

Sanders, Joe E., 1934-1974, military marker as footstone "Joe Edward Sanders" "SSgt US Army"\Sanders, James B., 1921-1976, military marker as footstone "Pvt US Army World War II"

Sanders, Martha W., 5/27/1814-6/25/1883, "Wife of James Sanders" "Mother"

Sanders, Robert E., 1882-1967\Sanders, Eudora G., 1897-____

Sanders, Thelma Gray, 7/9/1904-10/29/1904 [replacement]

Sanders, W. L., 3/7/1815-4/10/1906, "Father"\Sanders, Elizabeth, 10/29/1829-2/18/1903, "Wife of W. L. Sanders" "Mother"

Smith, Aleen Hilliard, 6/16/1907-4/30/1938

Smith, Charles L., 9/13/1956-7/10/1958

Smith, Donna D., 12/22/1966-2/16/1974

Smith, Estell, 1905-1984

Smith, Joe C., 5/7/1917-3/12/1985, military marker "Tec 5 US army World War II"

Sanders, Sarah Belle, 1875-1943\Sanders, Conn L., 1877-1955 [masonic symbol]

Smith, Mariah, 8/6/1881-10/23/1923\Smith, Henry A., 8/5/1885-1/14/1953

Smith, Patricia, 5/23/1947-____, unplaced "Tish" footstone\Smith, Alonzo Lance, 4/17/1944-6/9/1992, "Smitty" footstone, "Wed June 19, 1965" "Our children: Robert, Anita, Debra"

Smothers, Clara Mae, 10/6/1905-2/13/1915

Smothers, Dennis Lenro, 1/26/1913-1/14/1985, military marker "US Army"

Smothers, Ina Belle, 9/8/1922-11/8/1922

Smothers, John Wiley, 7/3/1882-11/24/1962, "Father" footstone\Smothers, Mattie Lena, 7/25/1886-9/20/1885

Smothers, Katie Lois, 3/31/1923-10/4/1929

Smothers, W. A. (Ras), 7/11/1880-8/30/1912\Smothers, Addie Florence, 12/25/1882-2/5/1949

Spellings, Ila [see Horn, Ila Alba]

Spellings, Mary, d. 9/13/1843, "Aged 9 yr. 9 mo." [overlooked or not readable in 2001; reported by Carters]

Spellings, N. G., 12/1/1851-____, "Husband of L. C. _____ [Small?] Spellings"\Spellings, 1/25/1861-2/2/1906, "Wife of G. __. Spellings"; "Mother" footstone[difficult to read]

Thomas, A. O. (Opp), 1882-1940

Thomas, Billy, no dates, "Reserved" [probably a space holder]

Thomas, Columbus V., 5/26/1888-4/12/1909, [Woodmen of the World memorial; between markers for Emely N. Thomas and John A. Thomas]

Thomas, Dorothy Nell, 12/7/1938-12/28/1938, "Dau. of Mr. & Mrs. Isaac Thomas" [replacement]

Thomas, Elbert R., 1886-1964\Thomas, Lula J., 1895-1987

Thomas, Emely N., 1855-1916 [replacement]

Thomas, Gertrude E., 1903-1930\Thomas, Jessie Lee, 1928-1928 "Mother & Son" [replacement]

Thomas, Hazel, 12/17/1906-10/20/1909

Thomas, Henry, no dates (homemade)

Thomas, I. P., 9/20/1854-4/13/1914, "Husband of M. E. Thomas"\Thomas, M. E., 9/28/1858-____, "Wife of I. P. Thomas" "Our father and mother are gone"

Thomas, Ila [see Martin, Ila Thomas]

Thomas, Irvin B., 3/9/1882-9/21/1957, "Daddy"\Thomas, Eary L. Cary, 4/6/1893-1/10/1955, "Mother"

Thomas, John A., 1850-1924 [replacement]

Thomas, John Norman, 7/14/1883-8/26/1950

Thomas, Judy [see Nolen, Judy Thomas]

Thomas, Judy, no dates (homemade)

Thomas, Lewis, 6/20/1908-3/21/1942\Thomas, Vadie, 2/5/1894-5/23/1940

Thomas, Malcolm, 5/1/1926-5/15/1926\Thomas, Lois M., 2/1/1916-2/14/1916, "Infants of Neal & Aslee Thomas" [replacement]

Thomas, Mary Aslee, 7/15/1890-9/29/1967\Thomas, C. Neal, 11/17/1885-8/9/1968, "Married Mar. 11, 1912"

Thomas, Mary E. (Sis), 1875-1961

Thomas, Mavis M., 1930-1995, "Mom"; "Mother" footstone\Thomas, Oran W., 1930-____, "Dad"\Thomas, Johnny W., 1963-1987, "Son"; "Brother" footstone

Thomas, Nancy A., 1869-____ [ground disturbance indicates she probably is buried here]\Thomas, W. H., 1875-1943, "Rev."

Thomas, Pressley W., 1909-1974\Thomas, Chester H., 1906-1975

Thomas, Richard, 1816-1879\Thomas, Rebecca, 1825-1891 [replacement]

Thomas, Rozena [see Ellis, Rozena Thomas]

Thomas, Steedie [see Hampton, Steedie Thomas]

Thomason, Elsworth Dennie, 6/23/1920-11/26/1937

Thomason, Infant, d. 7/24/1871, "Infant babe of J. W. & Mary L. Thomason"

Thomason, Mary L., d. 1/31/1892, "Age 42 yr. 3 mo." (eroded) [dates and age unreadable in 2001; from Carters]

Thomason, Ollie, 12/22/1888-12/9/1928\Thomason, Bealie, 7/23/1885-____

Tippett, Rachel, 9/9/1890-1/10/1891\Tipett, Bertha, 4/20/1895-11/12/1895, "Daus. of E. C. & Susian Tippett"

Todd, Lavinia [see Hicks, Lavinia Todd]

Tubbs, Laura, 1888-1963 (homemade) [as recorded by Carters: Mrs. Laura Ivy Tubbs, 11/17/1888-10/12/1963]

Tubbs, Quinton, 1927-1999, temporary marker, Stockdale-Malin Camden-Big Sandy, 5 feet north of homemade marker for Laura Tubbs and 9 feet north of military marker for Ross R. Tubbs

Tubbs, Ross H., 11/18/1891-9/22/1969, military marker "Tennessee Pvt Evacuation Hosp 18 World War I"

Umstead, Lee, d. 6/1/1870, "Aged 2 Ys. 11 Ms. & 25 Ds." "Son of Daniel & L. J. Umstead"\Umstead, Martin, d. 6/10/1863, "Aged 3 Ys. 8 Ms. & 15 Ds." "Son of Daniel & L. J. Umstead"

Vaughn, Joseph Dale, 2/18/1973-2/19/1973

Wall, Elizabeth [see Burton, Elizabeth Wall]

Webb, Charlie, 1/6/1866-6/3/1953

Webb, George, 1872-1948

Webb, Nancy, no dates (homemade)

Webb, Ollie Mae, 1910-1943\Webb, Ernest Gray, 1901-1968

Webb, Sarah E. [see Parsens, Sarah E. Webb]

Webb, Tim, no dates (homemade)

Webb, Vera P., 3/3/1890-9/15/1904

White, Celestia Gray Hays, 11/14/1842-2/27/1924, "Wife"\White, James McKendree, 10/12/1838-12/18/1917, "Husband"

White, Clarice [see Russ, Clarice White]

White, Estella, 1878-1965\White, H. L., 1863-1920

White, Infants, no dates, "Infant daughters of J. J. & Judy White"

White, James J., 3/27/1872-8/19/1948\White, Judie R., 5/1/1882-4/3/1967

White, Maggie, 6/20/1868-3/23/1955\White, John A., 12/30/1874-9/11/1941

Williams, George, no dates

Williams, Martha, 1882-1966, "Mother" footstone\Williams, Robert, 1871-1944, "Father" footstone

Wood, Roma, 12/31/1894-10/24/1972

Yockem, Letha, 1903-2000\Yockem, Leslie, 1902-1972



Ancestry Tribute

Josiah Bateman B. 1785 NC. D. 1863 Carroll Co. TN.
Md. Dec. 1807, Nancy Matlock, Rockingham Co. NC.
Family arrived Carroll Co TN area early 1820's.

Son - Green Bateman B. Ca. 1816 N.C. Killed serving
in Union Army Civil War 1863, Bd. Chickamauga, TN.
Md. Lucinda Haywood 1847 - B. 1828 D. 1914 Benton Co.

Son - William Alex Bateman B. 1848 D. 1941 Carroll Co. TN.
1st Md. Mary Ann Oxford, Benton Co. TN.
2nd Md. Frances Lenora Oxford 1889 - B. 1862 D. 1954

Dau. Meda Bateman B. 1892 D. 1970 Bd. Prospect Cem. Carroll Co.
Md. Benjamin Franklin Todd 1920. B. 1886 D. 1940

Erected by son - Milford C. Todd B. Mar. 2, 1926
Erected in 2000


Josiah and Mother's Ancestry

Son of James Bateman and Mary "Polly" Settle N.C.
Dau. of Josiah Settle Bn. 1733 and Elizabeth Allen N.C.
Son of Francis Settle and Elizabeth Fauntleroy of VA.

Josiah's Siblings
James Jr., Nancy, Polly, Jesse and Leah Bateman

Mary "Polly's" Siblings
Rev. David, Benjamin, John, Leah, Betsey, Rachel,
Jemima, Sarah and Nancy Settle


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