Oak Grove Cemetery, Carroll County, Tennessee

Submitted by David Donahue

            Oak Grove Cemetery is located at Oak Grove Missionary Baptist Church on Birdwell Road in southeastern Carroll County, Tennessee. Natchez Trace State Forest borders the cemetery on the north, east and south. The cemetery, which is well maintained, probably dates to the 1840s. Like many early-mid nineteenth century cemeteries still in use, fieldstone marking early burials have been removed. It is impossible to estimate the number of unmarked burials. A number of grave shaft depressions are visible, especially on the north end of the cemetery. This record was made February 8, 2002 and checked February 8, 2002.

Ashby, Chestine [see King, Chestine Ashby]

Ashby, Ethel M. Norden, 1898-1985\Ashby, Clarence Orval, 1897-1971

Ashby, James Hester, 1898-1965, temporary marker, Dilday Funeral Home, 3 feet south of double marker for Myrtle and Lillian Ashby

Ashby, Mary Hargrove Register, 7/16/1855-2/26/1916

Ashby, Mary, 5/1/1876-1/3/1961, "Mother" footstone\Ashby, Elex, 2/18/1878-4/30/1940

Ashby, Myrtle, 4/15/1911, "Age 3 Yrs."\Ashby, Lillian, 9/20/1912, "Age 8 Mos."

Ashby, Venara, 1913-____\Ashby, Aulie, 1905-1978

Ashby, Vonnie R., 11/1//1900-11/15/1976, "Mother" footstone\Ashby, W. Nogie, 9/15/1891-6/10/1957, "Father" footstone, "Married Oct. 25, 1914"

Bailey, Nancy [see Brim, Nancy Bailey]

Barber, M. P. [see Boyd, M. P.]

Barnharte, Nancy, 5/28/1820-____\Barnharte, John, 9/8/1809-2/5/1873

Benton, Auley Hugh, 1/24/1905-3/15/1974, military marker as footstone "Tennessee Sgt US Army World War II"

Benton, David F., 10/17/1869-1/28/1908 [Woodmen of the World memorial]

Benton, Henrietta J. [see Hargrove, Henrietta]

Benton, Lunie McAuley, 9/26/1877-12/14/1926, "Wife of D. F. Benton"

Birdwell, Estell Wyatt, 1901-1939 [replacement]

Birdwell, Eura [see Butler, Eura Birdwell]

Birdwell, John S., 1865-1942, "Father" footstone

Birdwell, Mary Ann, 4/2/1874-9/3/1962\Birdwell, W. T., 1/21/1867-8/2/1947

Birdwell, Nanie J., 12/17/1871-9/6/1923, "Wife of John S. Birdwell" [Supreme Forest Woodmen Circle symbol]

Bobbitt Sarah [see Butler, Sarah]

Bond, Bertha E., 9/1/1904-4/26/1905

Bond, J. D., 6/16/1856-6/27/1927, "Husband" "Father"

Bond, John B., 8/2/1882-2/19/1917, "Member of Buena Vista Camp No. 311" [Woodmen of the World memorial]

Bond, Levi B., 7/29/1884-11/15/1917, "Husband of Dealie Bond" [Woodmen of the World memorial]

Bond, Mattie Lee, 1/20/1929-1/24/1929

Bond, Pearl [see Norwood, Pearl Bond]

Bond, Sudie L., 1881-1964, "Wife of John B. Bond" "Mother"

Bond, Susan E., 3/15/1859-1/31/1903, "Wife of J. D. Bond" "Mother"

Boyd Sarah [see Butler, Sarah]

Boyd, A. E., 5/13/1852-3/7/1879, "Wife of W. T. Boyd"

Boyd, Addie Irene, 8/8/1911-10/21/1912, "Dau. of J. H. & Eva Boyd" [replacement]

Boyd, Eva L., 1886-1936\Boyd, Jessie H., 1883-1951

Boyd, G. E., 2/8/1878-5/18/1902, "Son of W. T. & A. E. Boyd"

Boyd, I. J., 8/22/1846-9/11/1917, "Wife of W. T. Boyd" "Mother" [Eastern Star symbol]

Boyd, J. Frank, 1864-1934\Boyd, Susie Y., 1871-1950, "Wife and husband" footstone

Boyd, Joshua C., 1/241825-10/26/1918, "Husband of Martha J. Boyd" [Masonic symbol]

Boyd, M. J., 4/23/1858-8/16/1865, "Dau. of J. C. & M. J. Boyd"

Boyd, M. P., d. 10/24/1892, "Aged 54 Ys, 1 Mo, 7 Ds" ""Wife of J. C. Boyd" "Nee wife of W. T. McAuley & daughter of F. & F. Barber"

Boyd, Marth J., 10/23/1828-9/23/1872, "Dau. of T. E. & S. Butler and wife of J. C. Boyd"

Boyd, Vivian [see Robinson, Vivian Boyd]

Boyd, W. T., 4/4/1849-9/27/1925 [Masonic symbol]

Brim, Nancy Bailey, 4/29/1892-8/21/1978, "Mama" footstone

Brinkley, A. A., 1/15/1860-1/2/1910, "Husband of Mary J. Brinkley"

Brinkley, Cetus, d. 1850, "Cousin" (homemade)

Brinkley, Ellie [see Parks, Ellie Brinkley]

Brinkley, Mary J., 1/22/1851-2/15/1910, "Wife of E. T. McAuley and A. A. Brinkley"

Brinkley, Minnie, 3/29/1890-4/25//1905, "Dau. of A. A. & M. J. Brinkley"

Brinkley, Parley [see Butler, Parley Brinkley]

Brinkley, R. Ada [see Cole, R. Ada Brinkley]

Brinkley, Scott, d. 1866, "Uncle" (homemade)

Brown, A. V., 2/12/1880-4/20/1906, "Wife of W. G. Brown" "Mother"

Brown, Beatrice S., 1920-____, unplaced "Mother" footstone\Brown, John G., 1912-1956, "Father"

Brown, Maudie F., 11/1/1886-2/27/1919, "Wife of W. G. Brown" [Woodmen Circle symbol]

Brown, Wm. Green, 1874-1928 [replacement]

Buther, Marth J. [see Boyd, Marth J.]

Butler, Alex T., 9/15/1863-11/20/1908\Butler, Mattie, 9/10/1870-10/18/1948

Butler, Amanda P., 11/14/1856-8/30/1824, "Wife of A. J. Butler" "Mother"\Butler, A. J., 1/5/1854-1/23/1943, "Husband of Amanda P. Butler" [Masonic symbol]

Butler, Beatrice, d. 3/3/1891, "Aged 1 Y'r 5 M's 18 D's" "Dau. of E. T. & Mollie Butler"

Butler, Bettie Lee, 1/3/1873-6/13/1952, "Wife of F. J. Butler" "Mother"

Butler, Betty E., d. 1870, "Aunt" (homemade)

Butler, Clara Dell, 2/29/1904-4/17/1935, "Wife of G. H. Butler" "Mother" [adjacent to marker for Guy Butler]

Butler, Clint, 3/22/1884-7/19/1960\Butler, Gennie, 9/25/1881-8/18/1967

Butler, Cova, d. 1911, "Aunt" (homemade) [adjacent to homemade marker for Mart Butler]

Butler, Daisy B., 5/10/1916-____\Butler, Loron, 1/24/1909-12/30/1995, "Wed May 1, 1932" "Our children Joyce Norma"

Butler, Daymon W., 10/19/1932-1/20/1938

Butler, Delia Garrett, 7/22/1869-6/25/1915, "Wife of Levi Butler"; "Mother" footstone

Butler, Drucilla, 1/27/1811-12/23/1891 [adjacent to marker for Joshua Butler]

Butler, E. A., d. 11/26/1878, "Aged 14 Days"\Butler, D. R., d. 8/11/1886, "Aged 1 Yr. 1 Mo. 26 Ds." "Daughters of A. J. & M. P. Butler"

Butler, Eldon W., 4/10/1920-4/12/1967, military marker "Tennessee Pvt Co A 33 Inf Tng Bn World War II"

Butler, Elias F., 12/22/1869-1/16/1943

Butler, Elias H., 10/2/1826-3/28/1887 [Masonic symbol]

Butler, Eliza Gray, 1/25/1844-1/9/1869, "Mirdered" (broken and repaired)

Butler, Eliza J., 3/6/1861-1/2/1906, "Wife of J. Martin Martin"

Butler, Eliza P., 10/31/184_-__/7/1871, "Dau. of J. & D. Butler" (broken into several fragments)

Butler, Ellen M., 6/6/1829-8/27/1888, "Wife of J. M. Butler'

Butler, Era L., 1895-1964, "Mother" footstone\Butler, Curtis L., 1894-1979, "Father" footstone, "Married Apr. 3, 1923"

Butler, Eura Birdwell, 1899-1937, "Wife of Graydon Butler" [probably daughter of John S. Birdwell and Nanie J. Birdwell, whose markers are adjacent]

Butler, Evelyn, 1869-1936\Butler, A. E., 1859-1937

Butler, Faye, 8/29/1896-12/4/1924, "Husband of Vera Butler"

Butler, Frank J., 10/10/1870-7/21/1916, "Husband of Betty Butler" [Woodmen of the World memorial]

Butler, Frank, 12/20/1861-11/2/1886

Butler, Gerald Ray, 7/31/1953-8/2/1953, "Inf. son of Herman & Lila Mai Butler"

Butler, Gladys, 12/5/1915-12/5/1985

Butler, Guy, 11/5/1903-12/27/1961 [Modern Woodmen of America symbol]

Butler, Henry H., no dates, military marker "Corpl." "Co. B. 7 Tenn. Cav."

Butler, Hettie, 8/12/1910-1/29/1957\Butler, Vonnelle, 1/21/1914-9/14/1921

Butler, Infant, 6/14/1924, "Mr. & Mrs. V. L. Butler" [replacement]

Butler, Infant, 7/5/1923, "Mr. & Mrs. V. L. Butler" [replacement]

Butler, James M., 7/14/1824-7/26/1894, "Husband of Ellen M. Butler" [Masonic symbol]

Butler, Jonia J., 1877-1947\Butler, Addie, 1879-1968

Butler, Joshua, 3/24/1802-11/6/1878 (broken and repaired) [birth date is best guess]

Butler, Joyce Dean, 5/20/1938, "Dau. of Loron & Daisy" [replacement]

Butler, Laura Reeder, 10/29/1857-8/4/1923, "Mother"

Butler, Lena Mae, 1899-1983\Butler, Veard, 1898-1973

Butler, Lillie M., 2/22/1901-5/5/1989 [Eastern Star symbol]\Butler, Carlos H., 5/24/1901-11/8/1986 [Masonic symbol]

Butler, Loubelle, 12/5/1887-2/19/1959\Butler, Edwin, 5/3/1888-2/7/1970

Butler, Louiza E., 1/14/1827-10/11/1897, "Wife of E. H. Butler" (broken, repaired, and rebroken)

Butler, Lovy M., 1/30/1833-2/22/1858, "Dau. of J. & D. Butler"

Butler, Lucille [see Sanders, Lucille]

Butler, Malisa Ann, 1/25/1856-2/6/1865, "Dau. of J. & D. Butler"

Butler, Mart, d. 1924, "Uncle" (homemade)

Butler, Marvin A., d. 4/28/1908, "Aged 16 Ys. 5 ms. 8 Ds." "Son of A. J. & M. P. Butler"

Butler, Mary L., 8/27/1872-4/9/1961 [adjacent to marker for Elias F. Butler]

Butler, Mary Opal, 4/2/1894-11/28/1897, "Dau. of E. T. & Molley Butler"

Butler, Mary, d. 1939, "Aunt" (homemade)

Butler, Maye [see Kee, Maye Butler]

Butler, Mollie Hammett, 7/14/1860-8/12/1954 [Eastern Star symbol]\Butler, Elbert Thomas, 12/25/1851-5/7/1929 [Masonic symbol], "In loving memory of Father and Mother"

Butler, Otis H., 9/18/1899-1/8/1970

Butler, Parley Brinkley, d. 1865, "Aunt" (homemade)

Butler, Ray, b. 8/29/1896, "Aged 1 Day" "Son of J. A. & A. P. Butler"

Butler, Robert Henry, 1906-1975\Butler, Oberlyn Jordan, 1909-1993, "Married 10-25-1942"

Butler, Rudyard K., 5/10/1870-7/9/1971\Butler, Jeweldean H., 1/23/1913-____, "Married Aug. 4, 1936" "Our children: Rita, Carol, Marilyn, Pat"

Butler, Sarah C., 3/23/1843-11/20/1911, "Wife of P. T. Butler"\Butler, P. T., 11/22/1829-11/10/1911, "Father and mother are sleeping"

Butler, Sarah, 9/1/1804-11/9/1881, "Married Thos. Boyd Feb. 21, 1822" "Left widow Sept. 10, 1853" "Married Jas. Bobbitt June 1856"

Butler, Susan H., 9/11/1840-2/14/1913, "Wife of H. H. Butler" [there is at least one and probably three infant graves between the marker for Susan H. Butler and the military marker for henry H. Butler]

Butler, Vernie E., d. 3/15/1889, "Aged 6 Ys. 1 Mo. & 7 Ds." "Son of I. G. & S. R. Butler"

Butler, W. F., 1890-1981\Butler, Sallie S., 1890-1964

Cary, Hester M., 1896-1972\Cary, W. Felix, 1898-1982

Cary, Vera M. [see Hampton, Vera M. Cary]

Clark, J. N., 3/28/1863-10/29/1901\Clark, Connie L., 1895, "Son of J. N. & M. A. Clark"

Cole, Jeanette, 1872-1944, "Mother"\Cole, Alonzo, 1867-1941, "Father"

Cole, Minnie Belle, no dates, unplaced "Wife" footstone\Cole, J. Leslie, 6/11/1913-8/20/1996, "Husband" footstone, "Married Aug. 5, 1944"

Cole, R. Ada Brinkley, 1879-1905 [replacement]

Conners, Della, 11/9/1876-7/20/1966\Conners, David C., 5/14/1874-4/22/1952

Cook, Brenda, no dates, footstone like marker at foot of grave for W. K. Sanders

Cooper, Jacob G., 10/29/1841-5/21/1929

Cooper, Jane, 9/11/1855-12/28/1920, "Wife of J. G. Cooper"

Dodd, Pearl [see Sanders, Pearl Dodd]

Dond, Donnie Edward, 2/17/1881--8/14/1903

Drinkard, Robert T., 2/23/1880-4/15/1952 [Masonic symbol]\Drinkard, Ada P., 7/13/1884-6/29/1963

Edwards, A. C., d. 11/11/1897, "Aged 45 Ys. 7 Ms. 7 ds." "Husband of H. O Edwards" "Father' [Masonic symbol]

Edwards, Angeline A., 12/22/1874-4/2/1923, "Wife of J. W. Edwards"

Edwards, C. H., 8/11/1876-1//3/1939

Edwards, Cary, d. 6/27/1889, "Aged 66 Ys." "Wife of Wm. Edwards"

Edwards, Elah, d. 6/29/1891, "Aged 10 Ms & 7 Ds" "Dau. of A. C. & H. O. Edwards"

Edwards, Ella Bell, 12/18/1880-10/21/1908 [adjacent to marker for C. H. Edwards]

Edwards, Harriett C., 10/27/1868-10/23/1923, "Wife of A. G. Edwards"

Edwards, Hubert, 10/6/1897-10/18/1914, "Son of J. W. & A. A. Edwards"\Edwards, Infant, 1/5/1910-1/9/1910, "Infant of J. W. & A. A. Edwards"

Edwards, J. W., Sr., 1/19/1848-8/24/1914, "Husband of M. F. Edwards" "Father" [Masonic symbol]\Edwards, M. F., 11/30/1856-____, "Wife of J. W. Edwards" "Mother"

Edwards, Julia Jones, 1859-10/1910\Jones, Wm. P., 1856-circa 1899, "Approximate burial site" [replacement]

Edwards, Lida Ozier, 1884-1974, "Wife" footstone\Edwards, William N, 1888-1961, "Husband" footstone, "Married Apr. 25, 1920"

Edwards, William, d. 10/29/1868, "Aged About 49 Years"

Elkins, Emma F., 1844-1920

Elkins, James C., 6/10/1850-12/10/1903, "Farewell my wife and children..."

Ellis, Dorothy Hampton, 2/28/1931-____, unplaced "Mammy" footstone\Ellis, Graden, 7/30/1927-____, unplaced "Daddy" footstone, "Married Oct. 7, 1950"

Ellis, Jessie Edgar, 1902-1968, "Daddy" footstone\Ellie, Evie Bond, 1905-1967, "Mother" footstone [she is probably daughter of John E. Bond and Sudie L. Bond, whose markers are adjacent]

Eubank, Infant, 7/12/1923, "Infant son" [replacement; "Eubank" is assumed; between double marker for Lida Ozier and William N. Edwards and double marker for Vessie Lura and Milton Brice Eubank but matching marker color and material of latter]

Eubank, Ludie, 9/1/1882-5/4/1959

Eubank, Mary E., 4/3/1856-7/31/1934\Eubank, A. E., 5/25/1866-____

Eubank, Vessie Lura, 1903-1941\Eubank, Milton Brice, 1902-1985

Flowers, Bessie C. Nolen, 10/21/1912-7/15/1937\Flowers, Infant, 7/7/1937, "Infant son"

Gardner, Harriett [see King, Harriett Gardner]

Garrett, Delia [see Butler, Delia Garrett]

Green, Lovie Ann, 1861-1941

Hammett, Mollie [see Butler, Mollie Hammett]

Hampton, Dorothy [see Ellis, Dorothy Hampton]

Hampton, Eldon J., 1/25/1932-____\Hampton, Nadean M., 2/9/1926-5/24/1998, "Married Dec. 17, 1955" "Our sons: Gary and Jeffrey"

Hampton, Infant, 7/30/1944, "Infant son of C. L. & Juanita Hampton"

Hampton, Jeffrey Lynn, 10/20/1862-7/13/1885, "Jeff" footstone

Hampton, Joyce Ann, 11/2/1944-____, unplaced "Mom" footstone\Hampton, Howard Lee, 10/4/1945-4/8/1995, "Dad" footstone

Hampton, Juanita S., 11/26/1927-____\Hampton, Clifford L., 3/8/1922-____, unplaced "Dad"" footstone, "Married Nov. 16, 1943" "Our children: Harold Lee and Karen"

Hampton, Kenneth Wade, 2/22/1949-6/20//1949, "Son of Mr. & Mrs. Elmer Hampton" [replacement]

Hampton, Vera M. Cary, 5/20/1911-5/11/1983\Hampton, Wiley Elmer, 3/10/1908-1/12/2000, "Married Oct. 9, 1929"

Hargrove, Henrietta, 11/28/1871-4/11/1923, "Wife of W. H. Hargrove" "Mother" [listed as Henrietta J. Benton Hargrove on the marker for W. H. Hargrove]

Hargrove, J. M., 6/10/1833-8///3/1905, "Our father is gone..."

Hargrove, Luvina, 11/4/1899-7/20/1905, "Dau. of J. R. & M. A. Hargrove"

Hargrove, M. E., 9/5/1869-2/27/1922, "Wife of J. R. Hargrove" "Mother"\Hargrove, J. R., 1/1/1857-10/13/1936, "Husband of M. E. Hargrove" "Father"

Hargrove, Mary [see Ashby, Mary Hargrove Register]

Hargrove, Mertie Lee, 1896-1972, "Mama" footstone\Hargrove, A. C., 1892-1980, "Married Jan. 9, 1916"

Hargrove, Minnie C., 1902-1992, "Mama" footstone\Hargrove, W. Graden, 1898-1965 [Masonic symbol]

Hargrove, W. H., 3/11/1862-6/25/1949, "Husband of Henrietta J. Benton Hargrove" [Woodmen of the World memorial]

Hedgepath, Dorothy Wood, 9/24/1939-____, unplaced "Mama" footstone\Hedgepath, Bobby Ray, 7/31/1939-11/19/1998, "Daddy" footstone, "Wed June 7, 1958" "Our children: Sharon Bridget and Lisa Ann" "Grandchildren: Travis, Grey, Tara, Nathan"

Hedgepath, Mildred Inez, 7/7/1928-4/10/1998 [Eastern Star symbol]\Hedgepath, Sam V., Jr., 9/12/1926-5/14/1950, military marker as footstone "Georgia Tec 5 Engineers World War II"

Hedgepath, Ollie P., 1901-1957\Hedgepath, Sam V., 1898-1967, "Father" footstone

Hicks, E. E., 1857-1926\Hicks, Bettie, 1857-1948, "His wife"; "Mother" on grave cover

Hicks, Ethel A., 4/8/1892-2/1/1928, "Wife of Hubern Hicks" [Supreme Forest Woodmen Circle symbol]

Hicks, Glenn A., 1/24/1912-6/8/1928, "Son of H. A. & Ethel Hicks"

Hicks, Hubern A., 5/18/1884-11/22/1930, "Husband of Ethel & Lola Hicks"

Jones, Charley, 5/28/1907-6/28/1908, "Son of I. P. & E. J. Jones"

Jones, Docie E., 3/14/1857-8/1//1908, "Wife of W. C. Jones"

Jones, Julia [see Edwards, Julia Jones]

Jones, Louisa J., 1/27/1836-8/27/1874, "Wife of W. T. Jones"

Jones, Margaret [see Rogers, Margaret Jones]

Jones, Otis, 8/26/1905-5/30/1907, "Son of I. P. & E. J. Hones"

Jones, Robert A., 11/7/1911-12/2/1950\Jones, Lurlon B., 10/15/1911-12/27/2000, temporary marker, Lawrence-Sorensen Funeral Home, Jackson, Tennessee, ""Mrs. Mary Lurlon White"

Jones, Vanna Selestia, no dates

Jones, W. C., 10/23/1863-5/21/1936, "Husband of Docie E. and Mattie" (eroding concrete marker)

Jones, W. T., d. 11/15/1890, "Aged 57 Ys, 1 Mo, & 4 Ds" "Husband of Louiza Jones"

Jordan, Oberlyn [see Butler, Oberlyn Jordan]

Jordan, Opal N., 4/15/1925-11/1/1953 [in row with Norwood markers]

Joyner, Edna F., 3/18/1907-12/8/1971

Joyner, Ender B., 1902-1923 [replacement]

Joyner, Louellen, 9/20/1876-3/27/1906, "Wife of I. N. Joyner"

Kee, Infant, 1922, "Inf. son of Thurman & Tescue Kee" [replacement]

Kee, Jacqueline Resnick, 1931-____, unplaced "Wife" footstone\Kee, William Paul, 1929-1984, "Husband" footstone

Kee, Maye Butler, 1904-1982, "Mama" footstone

Keem, Infant, 12/24/1966, "Infant son of Kenneth R. & Ruth A. Kee"

King, Chestine Ashby, 9/5/1916-____\King, Wm. Merle, 3/16/1916-2/5/1983

King, Early V., 3/2/1896-8/6/1924

King, I. L., 1888-1942\King, Addie, 1890-1964

King, Jerry, no dates\King, Will Ridley, no dates

King, Jimmie, 1/29/1876-2/27/1955\King, Gertie, 1/20/1899-9/2/1973

King, John Howard, 1909-1979

King, Lillian Era S., 6/13/1891-4/11/1975, "Wife" footstone\King, Quinton B., 6/20/1892-9/30/1972

King, Orby L., 9/21/1902-12/22/1927, "Killed in accident"

King, Pancy, no dates\King, Maty, no dates

King, Ronnie, 1/4/1879-11/1/1923

King, Wiley Bird, 1852-1936\King, Harriett Gardner, 1858-1931 [replacement]

Kirk, A. E., 1843-1879, "Wife of J. M. Kirk"[adjacent to marker for William A. Roberts; are A. E. Roberts and A. E. Kirk the same woman?]

Matheney, Eulala, 12/21/1924-6/29/1984, "Wife" footstone\Matheny, Melvin, 8/20/1922-4/13/1999, "Husband" footstone

McAuley, Edmond E., 5/8/1862-12/11/1877?, "Son of W. T. & M. P. McAuley" (broken) [broken through death date]

McAuley, Elias T., 8/29/1845-11/1/1881, "Husband" "Father" [Masonic symbol]

McAuley, Elizabeth [see Sanders, Elizabeth L.]

McAuley, George T., 1/16/1868-9/3/1870, "Son of W. T. & M. P. McAuley"

McAuley, James B., 12/22/1812-4/16/1881 [Masonic symbol]

McAuley, James F., 7/2/1860-10/14/1865, "Son of W. T. & M. P. McAuley" (eroded)

McAuley, Lunie [see Benton, Lunie McAuley]

McAuley, M. P. [see Boyd, M. P.]

McAuley, Mary J. [see Brinkley, Mary J.]

McAuley, Priscila, 2/?/1815-9/18/1867, "Wife of J. B. McAuley" (broken) [broken through birth date]

McAuley, Viola E., 11/12/1866-2/15/1889, "Wife of W. C. McAuley"

McAuley, Wm. T., 4/27/1838-7/7/1874 [Masonic symbol]

Melton, Garfield, 1902-1994, "Daddy" footstone\Melton, Nelly B., 1903-1973, "Married May 18, 1924"

Nolen, Angie, 1880--1969, "Mother" footstone\Nolen, Cullie, 1882-1958, "Father" footstone

Nolen, Bessie C. [see Flowers, Bessie Nolen]

Nolen, Clell Ione, 2/18/1919-3/21/1955, "Wife of J. Gaither Nolen"

Nolen, Dicie Ann, 1856-1953\Nolen, John W., 1854-1897

Nolen, Eva Jane, 1893-1923, "Wife" footstone\Nolen, James Bennie, 1890-1978, "Husband" footstone\Nolem, Artie Maye, 1899-1980, "Wife" footstone

Nolen, M. C., 1/7/1850-6/1/1917, "Wife of W. H. Nolen"

Nolen, William H., 1854-1940

Norden, Alonzo, 5/12/1901-9/4/1949

Norden, Andrew Green, 2/21/1869-7/11/1939\Norden, Loueasy Bell, 3/11/1871-8/18/1930

Norden, Claud, 1890-1936, "Husband of Lura Butler Norden"

Norden, Ethel M. [see Ashby, Ethel M. Norden]

Norden, Foster D., 1896-1955, "Daddy" footstone\Norden, Clara B., 1896-1928, "Mama" footstone

Norden, Minnie S., 8/14/1887-7/30/1929, "Wife of Claud Norden"

Norwood, Kathy [see Yates, Kathy Norwood]

Norwood, Letha L., 11/21/1911-7/26/1961

Norwood, Norman C., 11/12/1922-10/17/1936 [replacement]

Norwood, Pearl Bond, 3/30/1892-1/2/1969 [Eastern Star symbol]\Norwood, Robert E., 1/15/1892-6/27/1974 [Masonic symbol]

Norwood, Raymond E., 3/24/1921-____ [shares double marker with Kathy Norwood Yates]

Nowell, Nolan, 11/7/1880-11/7/1880, "Son of W. B. & S. A. Nowell"

Ozier, Lida [see Edwards, Lida Ozier]

Palmer, Infant, born & departed 5/8/1881, "Infant daughter of A. P. & J. A. Palmer"

Palmer, Pearley L., 10/2/1895-11/5/1895, "Dau. of A. P. & J. A. Palmer"\Palmer, J. A., 3/10/1857-1/7/1897, "Wife of A. P. Palmer"\Palmer, Bryant, 7/7/1900-8/20/1900, "Son of A. P. & M. C. Palmer"

Palmer, Thomas A., 2/10/1885-8/15/1903, "Son of A. P. & J. A. Palmer"

Parks, Ellie Bribkley, d. 1919, "Alonzo Parks Wife" "Cousin" (homemede)

Reeder, Laura [see Butler, Laura Reeder]

Register, Mary [see Ashby, Mary Hargrove Register]

Resnick, Jacqueline [see Kee, Jacqueline Resnick]

Ridings, Robert H., 10/14/1874-1/6/1928\Ridings, Minnie, 1/20/1888-6/16/1973, "His wife"

Roberts, Moran, 1924-1925, "Son"\Roberts, Lucy, 1905-1925, "Mother" [replacement]

Roberts, William E., 1/1/1863-6/1/1880, "Son of Wm. & A. E. Roberts" [adjacent to marker for A. E. Kirk; are A. E. Roberts and A. E. Kirk the same woman?]

Robinson, Alf'd B., no dates, military marker Co. D. 7 Tenn. Cav."

Robinson, Bell B., 1870-1959\Robinson, R. S., 1863-1917

Robinson, Hannah Nell, 12/10/1918-7/20/1940

Robinson, Vivian Boyd, 1900-1984, "Mother" footstone\Robinson, John T., 1897-1970, "Father' footstone

Robinson, William V., no dates, military marker "Co. D 7 Tenn. Cav."

Robison, Cora E., 5/9/1921-____, unplaced "Mother" foottstone\Robison, Loy G., 4/24/1922-____, unplaced "Daddy" footstone, "Married May 20, 1939" "Our children: Kenneth L. and Wanda Faye"

Robison, Corine, 1902-1997\Robison, Rupert, 1904-1976

Robison, Ezra Buren, 1/9/1910-8/1/1923

Robison, J. C., 1/28/1871-3/2/1926, "Husband of Julia I. Robison"

Robison, Julia I., 12/13/1874-6/12/1951, "Wife of Calvin Robison," "Mother" footstone

Robison, W. R., 1849-1929\Robison, Francis, 1853-1940 [replacement]

Robison, Zora [see Rose, Zora Robison]

Rogers, Elias Alonzo, 9/10/1849-10/2/1923, "Father" footstone\Rogers, Margaret Jones, 10/20/1854-11/17/1938, "Mother" footstone [replacement]

Rogers, M. L., 1//6/1854-8/8/1876, "Wife of J. R. Rogers"\Rogers, J. R., 4//22/1859-12/27/1921, "Husband of M. L. & L. C. Rogers"

Rogers, Onos, 10/11/1916-1/19/1989, "Daddy" footstone\Rogers, Cannie, 5/20/1919-2/1/1995, "Mama" footstone, "Wed Oct. 7, 1937"

Rose, Zora Robison, 1895--1974

Sanders, Callie, 12/2/1874-1/2/1892, "Son of W. C. & S. A. Sanders"

Sanders, Diannah, 12/14/1851-9/27/1871, "Wife of W. C. Sanders"

Sanders, Donnie, 3/6/1870-7/10/1895, "Dau. of W. C. & Dinah Sanders"

Sanders, Elizabeth L., 1/22/1840-11/9/1879, "Wife of F. C. Sanders & daughter of J. B. & P. McAuley" (broken)

Sanders, F. C., 8/6/1837-1/10/1928 [Masonic symbol], military marker as footstone "Furman C. Sanders" "Sergt." "Co. D 7 Tenn. Cav."

Sanders, Inez R., 7/5/1923-3/10/1983\Sanders, Leonard D., 5/21/1921-12/23/1998, military marker as footstone "PFC US Army World War II"

Sanders, J. C., 5/26/1886-2/21/1887, "Son of F. C. & S. J. Sanders"

Sanders, J. M., 1/1/1843-8/26/1903, "Husband of Mary A. & T. A. Sanders"

Sanders, John C., 11/26/1863-9/4/1865, "Son of F. C. & L. Sanders"

Sanders, Leroy, 7/11/1870-7/6/1895 [Masonic symbol] (broken)

Sanders, Lidda Ann, d/ 1/26/1917, "Aged 41 Ys. 9 Ms. 21 Ds." "Wife of J. A. Sanders"

Sanders, Lucille, 7/1/1910-10/16/1982, "Wife of K. W. Sanders and C. I. Butler"\Sanders, K. W., 8/22/1912-11/6/1973, military marker as footstone "King W. Sanders" "Tennessee Pvt US Army World War II"; "Married Nov. 13, 1954

Sanders, Mary A., 1/15/1845-3/25/1887, "Wife of J. M. Sanders" "Mother" (broken and repaired)

Sanders, Mary A., 1/15/1846-3/25/1887, "Wife of J. M. Sanders" "Mother"

Sanders, Pearl Dodd, 9/22/1885-2/3/1961

Sanders, Sarah A., 1848-1930 [replacement; adjacent to marker for W. C. Sanders]

Sanders, Susan J., 10/9/1856-12/11/1892, "Wife of F. C. Sanders"

Sanders, W. C., 8/18/1850-4/13/1915, "Husband of S. A. Sanders" [Masonic symbol]

Sanders, William Guy, 1904-1931 [replacement]

Smith, Mary E., 8/10/1868-10/23/1946, "Mother" footstone\Smith, John G., 11/6/1868-11/14/1931, "Father" footstone

Smith, Rosetta, 12/18/1912-____, unplaced "Mother" footstone, temporary marker, Chase Funeral Hone, 1912-2002\Smith, Joe W., 10/2/1910-6/23/1975, "Father" footstone

Smithson, Larry David, 4/4/1949-8/18/1950

Smothers, Melba J., 1938-1943

Spellings, Drucilla, 10/14/1856-2/26/1867, "Dau. of J. M. & A. S. Spellings" [probably a granddaughter of Drucilla Butler, whose marker is in the next row]

Swaringer, Sarah L., 1/2/1838-5/16/1880, "Wife of J. W. Swaringen" [probably daughter of Joshua Butler and Dricilla Butler, whose markers are adjacent; all three markers have been cleaned as have other markers for this family group]

Thorne, William B., 9/30/1922-6/13/1988\Thorne, Hazel Isbell, 8/2/1919-7/30/1983, "Wife" footstone, "Married Apr. 4, 1946"

Todd, Lizzie, 1879-1946\Todd, Frank, 1885-1910

Webb, Donald Glenn, 1963?-1966, temporary marker, 5 yards west of double marker for Lillie M. and Carlos H. Butler

White, Mary Lurlon [see Jones, Lurlon B.]

Wilson, Curtis, 8/1/1899-11/4/1900, "Son of C. P. & Lucy Wilson"

Wilson, Fred, 2/17/1901-3/3/1901, "Son of C. P. & Lucy Wilson"

Wood, Dorothy [see Hedgepath, Dorothy Wood]

Wyatt, Estell [see Birdwell, Estell Wyatt]

Yates, Kathy Norwood, 2/26/1953-____ [shares double marker with Raymond E. Norwood]


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