Bradford Cemetery, Carroll County, Tennessee


Bradford Cemetery, December 1999


            This cemetery is north of I-40. Follow signs to the pecan tree. The access road joins the main road to the right about a half mile south of the pecan tree. A couple of forks between the main road and the cemetery are not marked. Go right the first time and left the second. There are 39 concrete blocks. This cemetery was recorded December 28, 1999.

            Derrick Lewis recorded this cemetery in 1976. His record appears in Henderson County, Tennessee Cemetery Inscriptions (R. H. Harris, Memphis, 1976). This is referred to as Lewis in notes below.  Submitted by David Donahue


Bradford, Georgia [see Harris, Georgia]

Bradford, Gray, 1883-1910\Bradford, Mary, 1860-1902 [replacement]

Bradford, S. B., d. 1937, "Aged 6 Yrs." [overlooked or not found, reported by Lewis]

Bradford, W. R. (Bud), d. "about 1896," "Age early 50's" "Husband of Mary," "Pa" footstone [replacement]

Harris, Georgia, 7/7/1880-3/12/1899, "Wife of Addison Harris" "Dau. of Bud & Mary Bradford"

Hilliard, Parlie, d. 5/20/1909, "Aged 38 ys. 6 ms. 6 ds." "Wife of G. H. Hilliard" "Mother"

Kelley, W. M., no dates, military marker "Co. F. 2 Me. Inf."

Melton, Amanda, 1839-3/4/1925, "Wife of J. F. Melton"

Melton, R. H., d. 5/24/1898, "Aged 57 ys" "Husband of M. L. Melton," military marker as footstone "Co. E. 7 Tenn. Cav."


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