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Formed December 13, 1801

from Knox and Grainger Counties Tennessee

County Seat: Clinton



The County was named in honor for Senator Joseph Anderson(1757-1847. United States Senator, Judge of the Superior Court of the Territory South of the River Ohio (Later Tennessee) and U.S. Comptroller of the treasury. The county seat was originally named Burrville after Aaron Burr vice-president of the United States at the time. On November 8, 1809 it was renamed Clinton after New York Governor DeWitt Clinton sponsor of the Erie Canal. Court met for the first time in Joseph Denham's log residence in Eagle Bend. Some of the interesting locations found in Anderson County include Clinton, Oak Ridge, Norris, Briceville and Lake City.



Anderson County's Pedigree Chart

Washington County b. 1777
   1 Sullivan County b. 1779
     2  Hawkins County b. 1786

  3  Knox County b. 1792
  4 Anderson County b. 1801


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