General Research Links

General Research Links

Genealogy Resources on the Internet

Genealogy's Most Wanted
Help in locating your "Most Wanted" missing links

Beginner's Guide to Family History Research

Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet

Ancestral Findings
CD-ROM look-ups (limited to two per day)

dedicated to searching adoptees, birth parents, adoptive parents, and siblings

Family History Research Register

Gedcom Library

Genealogy Online

GenDex Index


Genealogy Exchange and Surname Registry

Genealogy Gateway Query Forum

Genealogy's Most Wanted


Gennam-L Archive Page

Guild of One-Name Studies

Helm's Genealogy Toolbox

I Found It!
search engine of genealogy pages on the net

Lineages, On-line Queries

Obituary Daily Times
North American (and some world-wide) newspaper obituary listings

Online Genealogical Database Index

Roots Surname List

Surname Springboard

Yahoo's Lineages and Surnames

ZIP-file Genealogy Resources
Includes Canada, Europe, New Zealand/Australia, Russian, and Jewish files.

Just for Fun!

Dialectize a Web Page

Ever wonder what your web page would look like if it had been
written by a Elmer Fudd, Redneck, Jive, Cockney, Swedish Chef, Moron, or Pig
Latin? Well now you can see. Go to the web page listed below and type in
your web page or your favorite web page. Choose the version you'd like to
see i.e. Elmer Fudd and then watch your new page is a hoot!

from Dana on the TXGENWEB list


A brief intro to copyright - by Brad Templeton

Who Owns Genealogy? Cousins and Copyrights
by Gary B. Hoffman



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For example, you might use "Copyright 1999, Widget Consulting Company, All
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