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Jourdan GenConnect Boards

Jourdan GenConnect Boards

Please post your queries and share your Jourdan family information!

"The Kentucky query system began in December, 1997, as a query board for a single KyGenWeb county page. Recognizing the potential benefit for the county coordinators of that project as a tool for handling the queries on their county pages, Dr. Brian Leverich was contacted to see if RootsWeb Genealogical Data Cooperative would be willing to house the project. Web space was obtained and within 2 weeks the Kentucky query system was offered to everyone in KyGenWeb that wanted to use it.

"It wasn't but a few days later that many of the KyGenWeb county coordinators were asking if they could have a query board for the counties they hosted in other states for the USGenWeb project. The System Administrators, Pam Carey Durstock and Nancy Trice, discussed the requests and decided to allow boards for the other states if they wanted to use them. The announcement was made and over the next couple of months, hundreds of new county query boards were activated across the country, and a similar system was set up for the WorldGenWeb project under the leadership of Carol Hepburn.

"As our popularity grew it became obvious that we needed to re-write the program to make it more efficient, and Randy Winch joined the team as a programmer. During the next month the entire program was rewritten, combining the programs being used by The USGenWeb and WorldGenWeb Projects, and several new enhancements added, including several new board types. The new combined program was named GenConnect, making its grand entrance the end of April 1998.

"Since that time, GenConnect has been upgraded several times, each time adding exciting new features for both our visitors and the board administrators.

"At this time, GenConnect offers a suite of seven (7) boards that includes: Bibles, Biographies, Deeds, Obits, Queries, Pensions and Wills."