Branches of the Hayes Family


First Generation

OWEN HAYES married {---} {---} HAYES. OWEN died Lynhaven Parish, Princess Anne Co., Virginia.


Second Generation

MARY HAYES born Virginia, married in Virginia, JOHN O'SULLIVAN, born 1637, Ireland, (son of OWEN-DONEL O'SULLIVAN and JO-ANN ELIZABETH BROWN) occupation Planter, died before Sep. 7, 1698, Princess Anne Co., Virginia, buried Princess Anne Co., Virginia. MARY died Virginia.
She was the daughter of OWEN HAYES of Lynhaven Parish. Abstract of will of OWEN HAYES, 25/99. The will of JOHN O'SULLIVAN is recorded in Princess Anne Co., Virginia, Lynhaven Parish, dated May 12, 1698, proved Sep. 7, 1698, Book 1, page 194; see also State Library, Richmond, Virginia. Lands owned by him are mentioned in the will of Matthew Brinson June 12, 1681 (Jour. Irish-Amer. Soc. 25/103)
JOHN came to America October 24, 1655 (Patent Book 3, p. 392, Land Office, Richmond, Virginia). He came as a minor with his mother, ELIZABETH O'SULLIVAN. He appears in "a List of Lower Norfolk People" in 1673 as 36 years old (Clerk's Office, Norfolk, Virginia; William & Mary Quarterly, Vol. 26). In the early Virginia records, the name is various spelled: USEHULLEVAN, USULIMAN, O'SWELLIVANT, O'SULLIVAN, SULLIVAN. Named JOHN THOMAS for two maternal ancestors.

i OWEN O'SULLIVAN I born about 1673/4, Lunhaven Parish, Princess Anne Co., Virginia, occupation Planter, married (1) 1693, in Virginia, ELIZABETH CLAIBORNE, born 1678/9, Virginia, (daughter of LT. COL. THOMAS CLAIBORNE and SARA FENN) married (2) in Virginia, MARY RUTH PLEASANTS, born 1671/4, Virginia (daughter of JOHN PLEASANTS I and JANE LARCOME TUCKER) died Virginia. OWEN died about Feb. 6, 1769, Charlotte/Lunenburg Co., Virginia, buried about Feb. 6, 1769, Charlotte/Lunenburg Co., Virginia. OWEN was granted 240 acres Nov. 7, 1700 at Dam Neck, near OWEN HAYES at Fish Pond (Princess Ann Co., VA, Bk 4 fol 126) Also granted 862 acres in Lunenburg Co., Sep 10, 1755 (Pat. Bk. 32, 631), granted 225 acres July 15, 1760 (Bell's Free State), granted 160 acres Sep. 10, 1755. The tithable List of William Caldwell, taken 1749 for Lunenburg, shows OWEN SULLIVAN (Wm. & Mary Quart., 11/57). OWEN'S will dated Oct. 12, 1768, proved Feb. 6, 1769 in Charlotte Co. (this county split from Lunenburg in 1764).
ii MORRIS O'SULLIVAN born Princess Anne Co., Virginia.
iii MARY O'SULLIVAN born Princess Anne Co., Virginia.
iv AMIE O'SULLIVAN born Princess Anne Co., Virginia.
v JOHN O'SULLIVAN born Princess Anne Co., Virginia, married HESTER {---} O'SULLIVAN.

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