Cousins Who Have Shared

JAMES CLARK, Houston, Mississippi

First and foremost on a list of "cousins"--both literal and those with shared surnames--I am especially grateful to my dear cousin and good friend, JAMES CLARK of Houston, Mississippi.

Our SULLIVAN grandparents were siblings, and, although we grew up with each others' school pictures in our family albums, we never actually met until 17 years ago when we started working together on the SULLIVAN genealogy.
James graciously shared his research data with me, and we began a joint effort to assemble a history of the descendants and ancestors of JOHN SULLIVAN, who emigrated to Virginia with his sister, Elizabeth, in the year 1655.

We are currently planning a family reunion for June 2000, of the many descendants of our great-great grandfather, Confederate veteran DUNKLIN SULLIVAN.


PAUL HALSEY of Topeka, Kansas
FRAN HALSEY MANNING of Sun City, Arizona

The newest addition to this genpage is due to the generosity of my father's cousins, PAUL HALSEY, of Topeka, Kansas, and his sister, FRAN HALSEY MANNING, of Sun City, Arizona.

Displaying extraordinary courage and trust (!!!), PAUL mailed his father's photo album to me to be scanned and placed on this genpage.

ANDREW FRANK HALSEY assembled this album of treasured family photos just prior to his passing in 1974.

The first (and earliest) 25 full pages of the album are viewable at present, and the remaining 75 pages will be added soon.

The album is carefully footnoted with ANDREW'S (my Uncle Son's) remembrances of his family's early life in Kansas and later in pre-statehood Oklahoma.

I am most appreciative for Paul and Fran's memories of the HALSEY family, and their willingness to have their father's historically significant photo collection placed on this webpage for others to see.

The photos are also being added to the OKGenWeb and KSGenWeb State Archives collections.


SHERI HALSEY of Fallbrook, California

My sister, SHERI, has done me the most amazing favor. She has held onto a copy of the WILLEY family genealogy I sent her 27 years ago, and returned it to me when I thought I would never again see the manuscript!

The book follows the descendants of SAMUEL WILLEY, a British soldier during the American Revolution who chose to stay and marry the widow of an American soldier, and together they reared 12 children in the wilds of Western Pennsylvania.

"The WILLEY Book" was written by Ida M. Rose from material gathered over a period of at least twenty years. Copies were distributed to the family members and upon the death of my grandmother, IDA MYRTLE WILLEY, in 1954, her copy of "The WILLEY Book" was eventually handed down to me.

The book was lost in a move, but not before I made copies and sent them to both my sisters; in time, I forgot the two copies existed. Over the years, I tried to find someone who had a copy, but the 1942 book was nowhere to be found, until last fall when my sister came to visit--bearing gifts!!

She not only brought the copy of "The WILLEY Book" I had sent her over a quarter of a century before, but she also brought many very old family photos, as well, which add so much to the HALSEY and WILLEY genealogy.


JODY HALSEY JOHNSON of Palm Springs, California

My sister, Jody, has developed a great interest in genealogy and, in addition to her Halsey roots, she researches the family of her husband, Carl.

I just wanted to thank her for being an Instant Message
away anytime I need my memory jogged!
It's terrific to have someone around who remembers all the early times we shared.
(Including hiding together under the quilt watching Boris Karloff movies
and holding moonlight seances in the backyard!!)


DAVID HALSEY of Herndon, Virginia

DAVID HALSEY, author of "HALSEY Genealogy Since 1395," shared several new items of information on the most recent research results on the family.

The HALSEY genealogy has been hampered for many years because the true identity of the wife of our immigrant, THOMAS HALSEY, SR., a founding father of Southampton, Long Island, New York, was left in doubt by an 1895 history of the family.

An extensive research project was undertaken by the HALSEY Family Association of Southampton, to prove the long-suspected link between the HALSEY and the WHEELER families.

Thanks to DAVID'S generosity, I received confirmation of our ancestor, ELIZABETH WHEELER, and also some excellent research information on our English WHEELER lineage.


JEANETTE TABB of Bellaire, Texas

JEANETTE TABB is a true Angel--the kind we all hope appears to us when hope has dimmed and the prospect of finding missing ancestors is seemingly lost to us!

We had been corresponding on some SULLIVAN family information, when JEANETTE offered to share with me the ancestry of MILLY CHANDLER, wife of a DAR Patriot of mine, MOSES SULLIVAN.

She said this was not her personal line, but had come across it in her own research of the SULLIVAN family, and would forward the lineage information to me...if I would like it.

To my excitement, she had MILLY CHANDLER'S mother's name--which had eluded me for 26 years--and included the fact that her grandmother was of the BACON family, giving me what would become, with further research, a genealogy stretching back over 800 years!


BARBARA CLAYTON of Kingfisher, Oklahoma

Without Barbara, the
Kingfisher County GenWeb page would pale in comparison to what she has helped it become. She is a tireless volunteer who offers help to any researcher looking for early families in the county. On March 28, she was spinning through microfilmed obituary notices, looking for yet another lookup request, and stopped to see how far along in the roll she was. There, filling the screen of her microfilm viewer, was the obituary of Andrew McMillan Halsey.

Recognizing the name as the head of the Kingfisher family I research, she transcribed the notice for me and for her growing collection of Kingfisher County records. This is a valuable asset to my research, and I am most grateful for her fateful discovery!


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