BIBBINS in the Military

BIBBINS Soldiers in the Military

This page is designed to be a reference for miltary records of BIBBINS/BEVINS soldiers.
Currently, only major United States conflicts are listed, but if you have BIBBINS ancestors that fought in other wars, please let me know and I will be happy to add them.

If you have BIBBINS ancestors who enlisted and/or served in the military, feel free to send me an e-mail at .
Please put BIBBINS MILITARY in the subject so I do not overlook the message.
Also, cite your sources so others can go directly to the reference material.

French & Indian War * Revolutionary War * War of 1812 * Civil War * Mexican War * World War I * World War II *

French & Indian War

Amos 1736 1755 pvt - 1st Regim under Capt John Terry
1757 Capt Stapp's 8th Co, Col Lyman's Regim
killed by enemy 7/16/1757 at Ft Edward
Ebenezer 1717 1755 Sgt - 1st Regim under Capt John Terry
1756 Sgt - 4/6-10/15 - 2nd Co. 1st Regim (Lt Col Rayson)
also in Lt Col Eleazer Fitch's Co.
Elijah 1740 1757 corp - 15 days in Capt Jonathan Rudd's Co. and later in Capt John Fitch's 1st Co
William 1743 4/2-11/16 1760 - 2nd Co (Lt Col Joseph Spencer), 2nd Regim
Jacob 1742 1761 - 11th Co (Capt Hugh Leslie), 1st Regim
7/2-12/15 1762 - 10th Co (also Leslie)
Timothy 1736 3/31-12/7 1762 - 10th Co (Capt Azel Fitch), 2nd Regim
Sources CT Men in French & Indian War

Arthur Jr 1710 on 7/8/1746 was a soldier in Capt Benjamin Lee's Company

Revolutionary War

John 1750? Rob't van Renssalaer's Regim, NY Militia (Albany Co) no pension
Benjamin 1765 enlisted under Capt Jonathan Little 5/81 or 5/82 pension file
joined Jersey Brigade to Blank's Point & Morristown NJ
disch 11/5/1882 - see also War of 1812
Ebenezer 1747 7/10-12/18/1775 pvt Capt Abijah Rowley's 6th Co,
Col. Jedidiah Huntington's 8th Regim
- 4/6-10/15/76 sgt Capt Terry's Co of CT militia
CT Soldiers
Timothy 1736 ensign - 4th Battal, CT state regim under Gen'ls Spencer & Wooster 11/76-3/77
CT Soldiers
Thomas pvt - 1st Regim Gen Wooster - enl about 4/75 disch 11/20/75 [likely Thomas Bevin - common home of Guilford]
CT Soldiers
Timothy Col. - 10/76 - 11/17/76
Israel 1747 pvt - under Capt David Dimon - 7 days svc
CT Soldiers
John fifer - Capt Jonathan Allen's Co, Gen'l Pomeroy's Regim no pension
4/20/75 - 5/1/75 - out of Northampton MA
[could be John Bevans (J11)]
Samuel 8/21/77-10/21/77 - pvt - Capt Enoch Noble's Berkshire MA
Regim - marched to Manchester and Allington VT -
fought in Battle of Stillwater
10/15/80-10/17/80 - enl in Col John Ashley's Regim and marched to Boltons Rills by order of Gen Fellows at time Ft Edward & Ft Ann were captured by enemy
Sources: CT Soldiers = CT Soldiers in Rev. War - CT Adj Gen'l Off.
MA S&S = Mass. Soldiers and Sailors in the Rev War

War of 1812

Amaziah 1784 Sgt - Col John Prior's Regim, NY Militia - fought at Plattsburg 1814 Capt - *
Samuel 1796 pvt - drummer - Josiah Perry's Co, Col John Prior's Regim
NY Militia - pension file SC17333 enl Saratoga NY 9/13/1814 as
substitute for uncle Calvin - disch Plattsburgh 12/12/1814 *
Samuel pvt - 3rd Regim NY Vol's under Lt Col Alex Denniston *
Joseph E 1779? pvt - Capt Peter Kleck's Co,90th Regim (Wright's), NY Militia
no pension likely stationed in Sackets Harbor - deserted 10/25/1814 *
James pvt/ensign - 41st NY Regim - enl 2/11/1811 Saratoga no pension
Benjamin 1765 6/18/12-11/23/13 at which time was teamster under Commissary Gen Elishee Tracy
see also Revolutionary War
Sources: * Index of Service Records of Soldiers Who Served in War of 1812

Civil War

Mexican War

Edwin A K enl as seaman in fall 1846 in Vera Cruz, Mex Pens file SA 23939
served on USS Somers which was sunk 12/8/1846
Twin son of Benjamin Bevins - he and brother both adopted Bibbins spelling

Patriot War

Charles Woodworth 1809 Capt, NY Militia - stationed in French Creek

World War I

Llewellen C 1888 sgt

World War II

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