WPA Report Culpeper County - The Routt Family Bible

The Routt Bible

The following is an exact transcription of the Works Progress Administration (WPA) of Virginia Historical Inventory

Researched by: Margaret Jeffries, Culpeper, Virginia
March 1, 1938

1. SUBJECT: The Routt Family Bible

2. LOCATION: At the home of Mrs. C. H. SMITH, 605 North Main Street, CUlpeper, Virignia

3. DATE: 1848

4. OWNERS: Mrs. C. H. Smith, Miss Georgie Petty, and Mrs. Snead

5. DESCRIPTION: This Bible measures about twelve inches long, nine inches wide and four inches thick. It is in fairly good condition and has pasteboard backs embossed with gold trim. It was published by James A. Bill, No. 253 Market Street, Philadelphia, Pa., having in it the apocrypha, marginal notes and the usual reference table, etc. It is well illustrated with large pictures and maps.

6. HISTORICAL SIGNIFICANCE: The following family records were copied from this Bible:


Henry Marshall PETTY, son of Sallie B. ROUTT married to Annie M. KENT of West Virginia, 1906. Issue Katie Alberta, M. Evelyn, Henry Marshall and Maxine Kent, and William Aylor.

Zach Ansell PETTY, son of S. B. ROUTT & Estelle Hoage WARREN, November 3rd., 1913, Charleston, West Virginia

William Crittenden PETTY & Susie Cameron SNEAD were married in Fork Union, Virginia, June 18, 1914. Issue Susie Payne, Sallie Routt, W. C. Petty, 3rd and Georgie Lucy second.

Emily Cornelia PETTY & Charles Hamilton SMITH, were married in Culpeper, Virginia, November 21st., 1922. Issue Charles Jr., Emily Cornelia, Ida S., and Sallie PETTY

Katie Alberta PETTY, daughter of Henry & Annie PETTY were married in Huntington, W. Va. to Frank KING, Feb. 12, 1924. (First grandchild of W. C. PETTY and Sallie B. PETTY to marry.)

Ansell P. ROUTT & Ellen A. SWAN were married July 10th., A. D. 1847

William Pope ROUTT & Margaret MITCHELL were married Oct. 12th., 1812

George ROUTT, father of Wm. Pope ROUTT, was married to Winny POPE about 1780. He was killed by Indians in going to Kentucky after the close of the American Revolution in which he served as captain of company.

Henry M. PETTY, son of Sallie B. & W. C. PETTY married Annie KENT of West Virginia, 1906.

Ansell P. ROUTT & Emily JONES were married the 16th of December, A. D., 1851

Sallie Bettie ROUTT & Wm. C. PETTY were married the 20th of Nov. 1882

Leroy P. ROUTT & Mary PULLIAM were married the 8th of October, 1889

Georgie A. ROUTT & J. Scott JOHNSON were married October 7, 1889

Ansell M. ROUTT & Garnett PIERCE were married Sept. 24, 1891

Novella A. ROUTT & W. Hugh REYNOLDS were married the 28th of June, 1893

George A. ROUTT married the second time, Mr. P. T. MANNING


Ansell P. ROUTT was born August 17, 1822

Ellen A. ROUTT was born June 22, 1827

Emily ROUTT was born July 18, 1829

Henry Marshall PETTY, great grandson of A. P. ROUTT was born January 5, 1914, at Winona, West Virginia

Susie Payne PETTY was born to W. C. PETTY, Jr., & Susie Cameron PETTY, April 6th., 1915, at Kingston, W. Va.

Sallie Routt PETTY was born October 1916, second daughter of W. C. PETTY Jr. & Susie Cameron PETTY

William Aylor PETTY, son of H. M. & Anne R. PETTY was born Jan, 1917

Margaret Kent PETTY was born January 23, 1920, daughter of Anne KENT and H. M. PETTY

Ansell Pope REYNOLDS, son of W. H. & Novella REYNOLDS, was born the 10th of March 1896

Emily Cornelia, daughter of Wm. C. & Sallie B. PETTY, was born the 30th of April 1896, Thursday at 4:30 A. M.

Alice Blain ROUTT was born, daughter of Leroy Pope & Mary P. ROUTT

Dorothy Randolph ROUTT, daughter of Leroy and Mary ROUTT was born May, 1908

Katie Alberta PETTY, daguther of Henry & Annie KENT was born March 19, 1907

Mollie E. PETTY, daughter of Henry & Annie was born April, 1910

A. P. ROUTT & Emily, his wife, their sons and daughters:

William Thomas ROUTT was born the 26th day of October 1852

Sallie Bettie ROUTT was born the 13th day of May 1855

George Anville ROUTT was born the 28th of June 1858

Norvella Annie ROUTT was born the 29th of July 1861

Carrie Ansell ROUTT was born the 2nd of December 1863

Leroy Pope ROUTT was born January 4th 1866

Ansell McCormick ROUTT was born the 20th of December 1868

Great Grandchildren

William Crittenden PETTY 3rd., son of W. C. & Susie his wife, was born at Huntington, West Va., July 28, 1919

Zachary Ansell PETTY, son of Wm. C. & Sallie B., his wife, was born the 7th day of January, 1884

Henry Marshall PETTY was born the 12th of February, 1886

Georgie LeRoy PETTY was born November 11, 1888

William C. PETTY was born August 8, 1890

Emily Cornelia PETTY was born the 30th of April, 1896

Ernest Gold ROUTT, son of A. M. & Garnett ROUTT, was born June 23, 1892

Samuel Pulliam ROUTT, son of Leroy P. & Mary ROUTT, was born September 23rd., 1892

Merry Pulliam ROUTT, son of Leroy P. & Mary ROUTT, was born the 1st of August, 1894

Walter Hugh REYNOLDS, son of W. H. & Novella REYNOLDS, was born the 16th of August, 1894


Ellen A. ROUTT departed this life March 15th., A. D., 1851

Carrie A. ROUTT died the 30th of January, 1864

William P. ROUTT, father of Ansell Pope ROUTT, died on the 15th of August, 1862 in the 79th year of his age

Emily ROUTT, beloved wife of A. P. ROUTT, died the 26th of May, 1892, in the 64th year of her age.

Ansell Pope REYNOLDS died the 7th of May, 1896

Virginia Courtney REYNOLDS was born and died in 1900

William Thomas ROUTT, oldest son of Emily & Ansell, died in Richmond and war buried in Hollywood Cemetery, March 1908, in the 56th year of his age. The first death in the family of children.

John Scott JOHNSON, husband of Georgie ROUTT, died October, 1899, aged 41 years

W. H. REYNOLDS, husband of Novella ROUTT, died in Denver, Col., the 17th of May 1902.

Leroy Pope ROUTT, Sr. died in Chicago and was buried in Hollywood, Richmond, Va., June 3rd., 1915. Aged 47.

Ansell Pope ROUTT died at the home of his oldest daughter, Sallie B. (Mrs. W. C. PETTY) in Culpeper, May 9, 1914.

W. H. REYNOLDS, Jr. died in Tuscon, Arizona of T.B., April 1917. Aged 23. (Son of Novella ROUTT)

Ansell McC. ROUTT died in San Antonio, Tex., April 13, 1918, in the 50th year of his age, buried in Hollywood, Richmond.

Sallie Routt SMITH, infant of E. Cornelia & C. H. SMITH, died Feb 15, 1931. Aged 1 day.

7. ART:

8. SOURCES OF INFORMATION: Copied from the Bible.

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