Culpeper County WPA Report - The Petty Family Bible

The Petty Family Bible

The following is an exact transcription of the Works Progress Administration (WPA) of Virginia Historical Inventory

Researched by: Margaret Jeffries, Culpeper, Virginia
February 14, 1938

1. SUBJECT: The Petty Family Bible

2. LOCATION: In the town of Culpeper, Virginia, at the home of Mrs. C. H. Smith, 605 North Main Street

3. DATE: 1834

4. OWNERS: Mrs. C. H. Smith, Miss Georgie Petty

5. DESCRIPTION: This Bible is in bad condition, one back being torn off and a home made one substituted. Some of the pages are loose also. The book is twelve inches long, about nine inches wide and four inches thick. The back which remains is pasteboard. The book is illustrated with full page pictures and maps and has the usual features, with the apocrypha added. It was published in Boston by Langdon Coffin, 77 Washington Street.

6. HISTORICAL SIGNIFICANCE: The following family records were copied from this Bible:


Z. D. S. PETTY and Cornelia C. CRITTENDEN were married Dec 12th., 1844

Z. D. S. PETTY and Cornelia C. PETTY were baptised by Rev. James Garnett, April 24, 1851

Chas. T. CRITTENDEN and Fannie T. LIGHTFOOT were married on Tuesday, 23rd by the Rev. John Cole. (This was a newspaper clipping and bore no date other than that given)

Emily Cornelia PETTY and Charles Hamilton SMITH were married in Culpeper, Virginia, November 21, 1922.

Katie Alberta PETTY, daughter of Henry M. and Annie his wife, was married in Huntington, W. Va. to Frank KING of West Virginia (First of grandchildren to marry)

W. C. PETTY and Sallie B. ROUTT were married in Danville, Va., November 22, 1882

Mollie B. PETTY and Dr. J. W. AYLOR were married at home on April 5, by Rev. H. May, pastor of Cedar Run Church, 1893

Henry M., son of W. C. and Sallie B. PETTY was married to Annie Marie, daughter of E. and S. KENT of Putnam Co., W. Va., on July 19, 1906

Zach Ansell PETTY and Estelle Hoage WARREN were married November 3, 1913, at Charleston, W. Va.

Wm. Cirttendon PETTY, Jr., and Susie Cameron SNEAD were married in Fork Union June 18th, 1914


W. C. PETTY, son of Z. S. and C. C. PETTY was born March 1st., 1840

Mollie Bettie PETTY, daughter of Z. S. & C. C. PETTY, was born January 6, 1849

Lucie Catherine PETTY, daughter of Z. S. and C. C. PETTY, was born May 24, 1852

Wm. Aylor PETTY, son of H. M. & Annie, was born in West Virginia, January 1917

Maxine Kent PETTY, daughter of Annie Kent & H. M. PETTY, was born January 23, 1920

Hanry Marshall & Kate George PETTY, son and daughter of W. C. & Sallie B. PETTY were born Feby., 12, 1886

Georgia LeRoy PETTY, daughter of W. C. & S. B. PETTY, was born November 11, 1888

Wm. Crittenden PETTY,Jr., son of W. C. & S. B. PETTY, was born August 8, 1890

Emily Cornelia PETTY, daughter of W. C. & S. B. PETTY, was born on Thursday, April 30, 1896 at 4:30 A.M.

Katie Alberta PETTY, daughter of Henry M. & Annie Masie PETTY, was born March 19th, 1907

Mollie Evelyn PETTY, daughter of H. M. & Annie M. PETTY, was born April, 1910

Henry Marshall PETTY, Jr. was born January 5, 1914, son of Henry and Annie PETTY

Susie Payne PETTY was born to W. C. PETTY, Jr., & Susie Cameron PETTY, April 6th at Kingston, W. Va., 1915

Sallie Routt PETTY was born to W. C. PETTY, JR., & Susie his wife, November, 1916 at Kingston, W. Va.

Wm. Crittenden PETTY, 3rd., son of W. C. 2nd., & Susie Cameron SNEAD his wife, was born July 28, 1919 at Huntington, W. Va.

Georgie L. PETTY was born to Susie and W. C. PETTY, Jr., May, 1921

Cornelia C. CRITTENDEN was born December 1st., 1826

Charles Hamilton SMITH, Jr., was born to C. H. SMITH, Sr., and his wife Cornelia PETTY at Johnson Willis Hospital, Richmond, Va., on Saturday at 7:30, March 15th., 1924

Emily Cornelia SMITH was born to C. H. SMITH and his wife E. C. SMITH August 13, 1927

Ida Sparks SMITH was born to C. H. & E. C. SMITH, June 27, 1929 at Johnson Willis Hospital, Richmond, Va.

Sallie Petty SMITH was born to E. C. SMITH and C. H. SMITH Feb 14, 1931


Zachariah S. PETTY, son of Marshall & Elizabeth PETTY, departed this life January 22, 1854, aged 32 yrs & 1 mo.

Lucy Catherine PETTY departed this life September 8th, 1884

Cornelia C., widow of S. S. PETTY, died August 11, 1902 at 10:20 P. M.

Wm. Crittenden PETTY died December 15, 1915 in Culpeper. Aged 70 years

William CRITTENDEN, Esq. died at Cloverdale, Culpeper County, 12th of ------ in the 85th year of his age

James W. CRITTENDEN, son of Wm. & Catherine CRITTENDEN departed this life May 12th, 1852. Aged 24 years.

Oliver H. Perry CRITTENDEN, son of Wm. & Catherine CRITTENDEN, departed this life August 1852

Lucy Jane, daughter of Wm. & Catherine CRITTENDEN, died in the 24th year of her age on the 9th day of September, 1857

Wm. CRITTENDEN died in the 77th yr of his age on the --- day of October 1854

Catherine, wife of Wm. C. CRITTENDEN died on the 24th day of July, 1868 in the 70th yr of her age

Wm. Crittenden PETTY died at his home in Culpeper, December 15, 1915, in the 70th yr of his age

Mollie Petty AYLOR died at her home in the 72nd year of her age

Dr. J. W. AYLOR died August 30, 1929. Aged 88

Sallie Routt SMITH, infant of E. C. & C. H. SMITH died Feb 15, 1931

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8. SOURCES OF INFORMATION: Copied from the Bible.

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