WPA Report Culpeper County - The Payne Family Bible

The Payne Family Bible

The following is an exact transcription of the Works Progress Administration (WPA) of Virginia Historical Inventory

Researched by: Margaret Jeffries, Culpeper, Virginia
February 19, 1937

1. SUBJECT: The Payne Family Bible

2. LOCATION: At Bleak Hill, 1.3 miles north of Alanthus, Virginia, via Routes #625 and #631; on west side of Route #631.

3. DATE: 1802

4. OWNERS: Payne Family

5. DESCRIPTION: This Bible has entries in it dated 1790 but these were quite evidently entered in the book long after they happened, as the copyright is dated 1802. In the back of the Bible is written these words:

June 10th, 1816---FROST

According to stories told by old timers there was a heavy frost one June, which may have been in 1816. At that time all the wheat and corn was killed. Some of the farmers plowed up their crops and planted again. However, some were not so ambitious and left the wheat where it was. They were rewarded for their laziness by a late fall and the wheat came up again from the roots and had time to ripen a fairly good yield of grain before fall.

7. ART:

8. SOURCES OF INFORMATION: The Bible itself. Tradition

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