WPA Report Culpeper County - The Lake Family Bible

The Lake Family Bible

The following is an exact transcription of the Works Progress Administration (WPA) of Virginia Historical Inventory

Researched by: Margaret Jeffries, Culpeper, Virginia
December 8, 1937

1. SUBJECT: The Lake Family Bible

2. LOCATION: East of Jeffersonton 1.5 miles on Route #621, thence south on Route #625, 2 miles, thence 50 yards west to house.

3. DATE:



6. HISTORICAL SIGNIFICANCE: The inscriptions in this Bible are as follows:


William L. LAKE and Nannie Lewis WHEELER were married by Q. B. LAKE, October 26, 1881 (Nannie Lewis WHEELER was born May 5, 1859)

Louise LAKE and William R. BUTTON were married August 23, 1920

Duncan Beverley LAKE and Nellie Douglas BUTTON were married February 7, 1922

Robert D. LAKE and Mary FEWELL were married January 8, 1931

Mr. W. H. LAKE and Sarah E. CHILDS were married by Elder T. D. Herndon, May 30, 1850


The children of William H. LAKE and Sarah E. LAKE his wife were:

Mary Agnes LAKE, born May 8, 1851

William Ludwell LAKE, born November 10, 1854

William H. LAKE was born November 7, 1826

Sarah E. CHILDS was born January 31, 1822

The children of William L. LAKE and Nannie LAKE his wife are:

Duncan Beverley LAKE, born August 9, 1882

Adelaide J. LAKE, born October 15, 1883

William Ludwell LAKE, born March 20, 1885

Maury Montgomery LAKE, born August 11, 1885

Agnes Martin LAKE, born October 20, 1892

Robert Davenport LAKE, born January 3, 1894

Louise Lewis LAKE, born May 8, 1898


William H. LAKE died January 8, 1899

Sarah E. LAKE, wife of William H. LAKE, died August 15, 1903

William L. LAKE died June 6, 1936

Mary L. LAKE died July 13, 1935

William L. LAKE, Jr. died November 10, 1885

Adelaide J. LAKE died July 7, 1907

Maury M. LAKE was killed in France in the World War in Argonne Forest and buried in France in American Cemetery

7. ART:

8. SOURCES OF INFORMATION: Informant: D. B. LAKE, Jeffersonton, Virginia. The Bible itself.

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