WPA Report Culpeper County - The Judd Family Bible

The Judd Family Bible

The following is an exact transcription of the Works Progress Administration (WPA) of Virginia Historical Inventory

Researched by: Margaret Jeffries, Culpeper, Virginia
February 9, 1938

1. SUBJECT: The Judd Family Bible

2. LOCATION: 1 mile north of Culpeper, Virginia, on Route #29, thence northwest on Route #49 for 5 miles, thence directly on north side of road

3. DATE: 1882

4. OWNERS: C. B. Judd, Cordova, Virginia

5. DESCRIPTION: This Bible is seven and a half inches by five and a half, and is leather bound.

6. HISTORICAL SIGNIFICANCE: The following records were copied from the bible:


Charles Burgoyne JUDD and Lucy Mildred SETTLE were married January 26, 1882

Walter Raleigh JUDD and Marion CROPP were married May 29, 1905


Walter Raleigh JUDD was born December 14, 1882

Charles B. JUDD was born January 17, 1861

Lucy Mildred SETTLE was born April --, 1855

Susie Anne JUDD was born March 4, 1884

Minnie May JUDD was born May 3, 1885

Dora Lee JUDD was born July 25, 1887

Bettie Nannie JUDD was born April 15, 1889

Amy Roy JUDD was born June 9, 1892

Emma Edith JUDD was born September 14, 1894


Lucy Mildred JUDD died April 24, 1925, aged 70 years, at home, Cordova

Mrs. Elizabeth Grigsby SETTLE died September 4, 1886

Idith Frances BOWEN (married 1st Strother BEANE, 2nd Jake JUDD, 3rd B. W. MORGAN) died September 19th 1906

Minnie May Judd JOHNSON died October 2nd 1936

7. ART:

8. SOURCES OF INFORMATION: Inspection of the Bible.

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