WPA Report Culpeper County - The Crisler Family Bible

The Crisler Family Bible

The following is an exact transcription of the Works Progress Administration (WPA) of Virginia Historical Inventory

Researched by: Margaret Jeffries, Culpeper, Virginia
November 2, 1937

1. SUBJECT: The Crisler Family Bible

2. LOCATION: Southeast of Culpeper, Virginia, 3 miles on Route #3, thence north .2 mile to house known as, Old Massie Place, owned by Mr. Harry Berry

3. DATE: 1828

4. OWNERS: Mrs. Harry Berry, Culpeper, Virginia

5. DESCRIPTION: The bible is medium size, measuring ten and three quarters inches in length and eight and one half inches in width, with a thickness of about two and three quarter inches. The backs are of pasteboard. Some of the leaves at the front are missing, including the fly-leaf. Some of the back leaves are loose also, but the fly-leaf preceeding the New Testament is still there.

6. HISTORICAL SIGNIFICANCE: This bible was stereotyped, printed and published by H. and E. Phinny, and sold by them at their book store.

The inscriptions are as follows:


Benjamin CRISLER was married to Nelly BLANKENBOKER the 10th day of May 1827

Thomas J. BERRY and Louisa E. CRISLER were married by the Rev. John H. Harrison on the 11th day of January 1849


Benjamin CRISLER was born the 15th of December in the date 1783 -- and departed this life the 5th day of November 1847

Louisa Elizabeth CRISLER was born the 12th day of February 1824

Nelson W. CRISLER was born the 12th day of September 1830

Sarah Ann CRISLER was born in the year 1833 April the 21

Cordelia Ellen CRISLER was born in the year 1836 the 26th day of August

Marthy Frances was born the 17th day of October in the year 1839

Thomas Jefferson, son of Thomas J. and Louisa BERREY was born on the 4th day of October 1849

Thomas Jefferson, son of Thomas J. and Louisa E. BERREY departed this life July 2nd 1851, aged 1 year, 8 months, 17 days. Funeral preached by Thomas W. LEWIS and A. P. SUDDEN, from Second Samuel, 12th Chapter, 23d verse

7. ART:

8. SOURCES OF INFORMATION: Informant: Mrs. Harry Berrey, Culpeper, Virginia, and the bible itself.

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