WPA Report Culpeper County - Bowers Family Bible

The Bowers Family Bible

The following is an exact transcription of the Works Progress Administration (WPA) of Virginia Historical Inventory

Researched by: Margaret Jeffries, Culpeper, Virginia
April 5, 1938

1. SUBJECT: The Bowers Family Bible

2. LOCATION: At the home of C. T. Bowers, 411 South Main Street, Culpeper, Virginia

3. DATE: 1879

4. OWNERS: Mr. C. T. Bowers

5. DESCRIPTION: This Bible is twelve and a quarter inches long, nine and three quarters inches wide and three inches thick. It is bound in leather over pasteboard. It was printed by A. J. Holman, 930 Arch Street, Philadelphia, and has the concordance, apocrypha, historical sketches of the four great empires of antiquity, mpas and full page illustrations. It is in good condition with no torn pages.



Robert A. BOWERS and Bettie M. TOWLES were married Jan. 28, 1869 at the home of the bride, by the Rev. A. M. Grimsley.
Witnesses: John S. Smith and Vaehti C. Bowen

Peyton L. THOMAS of Culpeper and Bettie G. BOWERS of Culpeper were married on November 23, 1890 at the bride's house by Rev. E. W. Winfrey

C. T. BOWERS of Culpeper, Va. and Bessie NETHERS of Madison County, VA. were married on December 25, 1905 at the home of the minister, Rev. Dr. W. R. L. Smith, 602 East Grace Street, Richmond, Va

H. T. BOWERS of Culpeper and Lena H. REYNOLDS of Madison County, Va. were married on December 19, 1906 at the home of the bride by Rev. C. W. Leftwich

Bessie Maud THOMAS was married to W. E. BROWN at Culpeper Va. October 10, 1917

Ethel Margaret THOMAS was married to Eugene Christian BROCKMEYER, April 26, 1933 at Washington, D.C.

Georgie Peyton THOMAS was married to Jake RECK at Culpeper, Va. July 1, 1933

Helen Bowers THOMAS was married to Harry Lee O'BANNON at Alexandria, Virginia Feb. 16, 1924

Sallie Bell THOMAS was married to G. Linwood FREEMAN at Washington, D.C. December 6, 1917


Robert A. BOWERS was born July 4, 1828

Bettie M. TOWLES was born April 16th 1837

Bettie G. BOWERS was born November 25, 1869

Robert L. BOWERS was born December 4, 1873

Harry T. BOWERS was born May 25, 1877

Thomas C. BOWERS was born July 29, 1881. (Note: This is the same C. T. BOWERS mentioned above as the owner.)

Elsie E. THOMAS was born December 22, 1891

Bessie M. THOMAS was born May 20, 1895

Sallie Bell THOMAS was born Feb. 10, 1897

Robert Clyde THOMAS was born April 8, 1900

Helen Bowers THOMAS was born December 16, 1901

Mary Thelma THOMAS was born August 19, 1904

Ethel Margaret THOMAS was born December 14, 1905

Georgie Peyton THOMAS was born March 6, 1911


Robert A. BOWERS departed this life February 16, 1885 in the 57th year of his age

Bettie M. BOWERS departed this life April 18, 1909, aged 72 years and 1 day

R. Lynn BOWERS departed this life November 22, 1929

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8. SOURCES OF INFORMATION: Inspection of the Bible

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