Notes - Juneau County bygdebok

Notes from Larry Onsager's "Juneau County bygdebok"

Most of the Norwegians who settled in Fountain, Lindina, Lisbon, and Plymouth townships in Juneau County and Clifton Township in Monroe County came from Suldal Township or from upper Telemark County and Laerdal Township in Sogn og Fjordane County.

"The History of Juneau County" by Joseph Hanson, a series of articles which appeared in the Mauston Star in 1888 and 1889, provides some information on when and where the earliest settlers located.  The Map of Juneau County, Wisconsin, 1876, G. V. Nash and F. B. Morgan, compilers & publishers is also very useful in determining locations of early settlers.  The Plat Book of Juneau County, Wisconsin, C. M. Foote, Pub. Co., 1898 and the Atlas and Farmers Directory of Juneau County, Wisconsin, St. Paul, MN, The Farmer and Webb Publishing Company, 1914 are extremely useful in determining the extent of the Norwegian settlement at its peak around 1900.  The 1914 atlas and directory is an excellent source on information for the names of wives and children

[The following is an extract containing only the ancestors of John Everett Hale.]

4 Herman Julian Johnson
Johnson, Herman Julian, s of John Halvorson Johnson (see) and Ingeborg Jacobine Quamme.  Herman was born on March 7, 1892 in Camp Douglas and was baptized in the East Lemonweir Church on April 24, 1892.  He served in the US Navy in WWI.  Herman was married on December 24, 1925 at the bride's home in Elroy to Sena (Sina) Christine Anderson.  The witnesses were Anna G. Anderson and Jacob T. Johnson.

Sena, the dau of John Magnus Anderson (see) and Marie Christofferson, was born on February 16, 1893 in Elroy and was baptized on March 15, 1893 in the East Lemonweir Church.  Herman worked as a farmer and later as a Maytag district manager.  Sena was a registered nurse.  She died from a coronary thrombosis on September 16, 1954 in New Lisbon, Juneau County, Wisconsin.  Herman died of pnuemonia at the V. A. Hospital on December 30 1968 in Shorewood Hills, Dane County, Wisconsin.  They were buried in the East Lemonweir Cemetery (ELCR; JCGS Cem Bk 3, p. 239; Anderson, SY,

John Everett Haleb. Jul 5, 1927; bp. Aug 7, 1927, Elroy (spon: Marie Anderson, Anna Anderson, Jacob & Thelma Johnson, and Mr. & Mrs. John H. Johnson), conf, Sep 7, 1941, Elroy (EYCR); m. Aug 18, 1951, Elroy, Phyllis Marie Smith (b. Dec 28, 1928, LaFarge, WI, dau of Holly Floyd Smith and Pearl Marie Henthorn); children: John Allen, b. Sep 9, 1953, Madison, WI, Karen Ann, b. Nov 30, 1957.

8 John Halvorson Johnson
Johnson, John Halvorson, s of Halvor Vindlos Johnson (see) and Siri Jacobsdtr.  John was born on August 9, 1866 in Clifton Township, Monroe County (Check to see if Jacob was a brother or same man).  He was married on May 18, 1891 in Fountain Township by Rev. M. P. Ruh to Ingeborg Jacobine Quamme.  The witnesses were Halvor Johnson and JacobL. Quamme.  Ingeborg, the dau of Jacob L. Quamme (see) and Theodora Selsing, was born on July 4, 1870 in Oeiren Sogn, Laerdal Township, Norway (other sources give her birthplace as Utica, Wisconsin).  Ingeborg came to the U. S. with her parents in 1871.  They settled in Crawford County.

With the exception of a few years in Camp Douglas and Stowell, they lived on the Johnson homestead in Fountain Township.  Ingeborg died on January 9, 1940 at her home in Fountain Township.  John died in 1955 at his home in Kendall, Wisconsin.  They were buried in the Fountain Lutheran Cemetery (JCGS Cem Bk 3, p. 257; obit, New Lisbon, Jan 18, 1940).

Herman Julianb. Mar 7, 1892; bp. Apr 24, 1892, WLC (spon: Halvor Johnson, Jacob Halvorsen, Lars Quamme, Britha Aslaksen, and Britha Quamme) (see).
Jacob Theodorb. Jun 27, 1895; bp. Sep 1, 1895, WLC (spon: Mrs. Lone, Jacob Quamme, Odd Birkenes, and Ranvey Quamme).
Leonard K. (Rev.)b. Jan 1897; res: Klamath Falls, OR.
Thelmab. c1904, WI.
Ingeborg Jasmineb. Aug 15, 1909; bp Sep 22, 1909; conf, Jul 22, 1923; m. Reinhardt Hauer; res: Kendall, WI, 1940.
John Williamb. Jul 22, 1916; conf, Sep 13, 1931, FLC.

10 John (Johan) Magnus Anderson
Anderson, John (Johan) Magnus s of Sven Johan Anderson (see) and Stine Katrine Johnson.  John was born on June 11, 1856 (June 1855, 1900 cen) in Smaaland, Sweden.  He emigrated to the U. S. in 1871. John was married on December 28, 1881 in Elroy, Wisconsin to Marta (Marthe) Marie Christenson (Christofferson).  The witnesses were Svend Anderson and Andrew Anderson.  Marthe, the dau of Christian Vaarig Benson (see) and Guri Nielsdtr. Tjostheim, was born on May 24, 1860 in Suldal, Norway.  She emigrated in 1880 and joined the East Lemonweir Church on December 6, 1880.

In 1900 and 1910, they ran a dry goods store in Elroy, Wisconsin.  John was the senior partner in the firm of Anderson and Miller.  John died of stomach cancer on July 31, 1913 and was buried on August 3rd.  Marthe and her two daus lived in the same household in Elroy in 1920.  She died on February 4, 1930 in Tipton, Iowa and was buried on February 7th.  They were buried in the East Lemonweir Cemetery (US Cen, 1900, Elroy #127, 1910, Elroy #148, 1920, Elroy #48; JCGS Cem Bk 3, p. 239; ELCR; EYCR; Wis Cen, 1905, Elroy #204; Mauston Star, Jan 13 1930; JDR, 6-152).

Children (3, 2 living 1910):
Carl Johanb. May 31, 1885, Plymouth; bp. Jun 21, 1885, ELC (spon: Svend Anderson, Katherine Anderson, Berthe Christoffersen, Ole Ritland, and Bjedne Christensen); conf, May 28, 1905, Elroy, ELC; student; d. Feb 4, 1904, Elroy, consumption; bur: E. Lem Cem (JCGS Cem Bk 3, p. 239; JDR).
Anna Gurineb. Aug 14, 1890; bp. Sep 14, 1890, ELC (spon: Kristen Benson, Andrew Anderson , Carl Anderson, Ingborg Kittelson, Mrs J. Moe, and Birthe Larsen); conf, May 28, 1905, Elroy, ElC; home econ teacher, Milwaukee, 37 yrs; d. Apr 23, 1966.
Sena (Sine) Christineb. Feb 16, 1893; bp. Mar 15, 1893, ELC (spon: Jorond Kittelsen, Charley Kittelsen, Peder Anderson, Berget Anderson, Amelia Kittelsen); conf, Jun 30, 1907, ELC; m. Dec 24, 1925, Herman Julian Johnson (see).

16 Halvor Johnson of Vindlos
Johnson, Halvor Vindlos s of John Halvorson (see) Vindlos and Thorbjor Johannesdtr.  Halvor was born on June 25, 1841 in Laardal.  There is a Vindlaus farm in Eidsborg Parish, Laardal Township, Telemark County; Vindlos or Windlos is given as an alternate spelling), Norway.  He came to Juneau County with his father in 1853 and settled on a farm in Lindina Township (Mauston Star, Nov 20, 1902, p. 1).

During the Civil War, Halvor was mustered in as a private in Company E, 42nd Wisconsin Infantry on August 30, 1864.  His residence was Clifton Township, Monroe County.  Halvor was mustered out on June 20, 1865.  He was married, first, on December 29, 1865 in New Lisbon by H. H. Hatch, magistrate, to Siri Jakobsdatter (Sarah Jackson on the marriage certificate).  (see parents) Siri was born on Jan 11, 1846 in Suldal, Norway.  She died on April 23, 1873 at the age of 27 years, 3 months, and 12 days (headstone); 26 yrs (ELCR) and was buried in the East Lemonweir Cemetery (JCGS Cem Bk 3, p. 225).  She has not been identified in Gamle Suldal.

Halvor was married, second, on November 27, 1873 at New Lisbon by Rev. Bryjolf Hovde to Britha Lardtr. Rosseli.  Halvor was a resident of Clifton Township, Monroe County.  The witnesses were Lars Johnson and Ole O. Kjerntvedt.  Britha, the dau of Lars Johnson Rosseli and Britha Larsdtr., was born on February 6, 1843 in Suldal, Norway.  Halvor was confirmed in the East Lemonweir Church in 1873.  He died on November 9/12, 1902 in Clifton Township, Monroe County, Wisconsin after a lingering illness and was buried in the West Lemonweir Cemetery.  Halvor was survived by his wife, two sons, and one daughter.  Britha was buried in the West Lemonweir Cemetery (Naeseth, v. 2, pp.53-4; JCGS Cem Bk 3, p 306).

Children by first wife:
Johannes (John)b. Aug 9, 1866, Clifton Twp, Monroe Co; bp. Nov 11, 1866, ELC (spon: Ole Johnsen, John Halvorsen, Britha Nilsdr., & Siri Osmundsdr.); conf, Aug 14, 1881, WLC (see).
Jacob (James H.)b. Aug 29, 1867; bp. Nov 24, 1867, ELC (spon: Ole O. Tveten, Odd Aslagsen, Ingeborg, Johannesen, Britha Nilsdtr., and Helga Jacobsdtr.); conf, Aug 20, 1882, WLC.
Tina Heleneb. May 9, 1870; bp. Jun 26, 1870, ELC (spon: Ole Osmundsen, O. O. Tvedten, jr, Joh. Halvorsen, Britha Nilsdtr., and Anne Gitlesdtr.); conf, Jul 19, 1885, WLC; m. John William Lone.

Children by second wife:
Larsb. Sep 7, 1874; d. Sep 12, 1874, age 5 days (Lars Halvorsen Vindlos, ELCR).
Britab. Aug 19, 1875; bp. Oct 17, 1875, WLC (spon: Peter Eriksen, Torjus Halvorsen, Brita Nilsdtr., Ingerid Johnsen, and Martha Alexand).
Siri Marieb. May 23, 1879; bp. Jun 8, 1879, WLC (spon: John Vindlos, Lars Rosseli, Lars Rosseli, Jr, Brita Rosseli, Anna Kvitanos, and Kjersti Rosseli).
Herman Lauritzb. Feb 8, 1881; bp. Mar 20, 1881, WLC (spon: Gabriel Havorsen, Borgilda Halvorsen, Odd Aslaksen, and Barbro Helgesdtr.); d. Aug 10, 1890; bur: W. Lem Cem (ELCR; JCGS Cem Bk 3, p. 306).
Bertha Serineb. Jan 24, 1883; bp. Feb 7 1883, WLC home baptism (spon: Jens Jensen Grothe, Johannes Halvorsen, Britha Halvorsen, Kersti Larsen, and Martha Askildsen).
Bertha Serineb. Jan 24, 1884; bp. Nov 14, 1884, WLC (spon: Jens Grothe, Britha Halvorsen, Kersti Rosseli, and Johannes Halvorsen); d. Aug 15, 1890 (ELCR).
Lars Joelb. Jan 9, 1885; bp. May 3, 1885, WLC (spon: Jacob L. Qvamme, Theodora , Britha Hanson, Lars Larsen, B. Larsen, and L. Johnsen); d. Aug 26, 1886; bur: West Lem Cem (JCGS Cem Bk 3, p. 306).

18 Jacob Larson Quamme
Quamme, Jacob Larson s of Lars Knudsen Quamme (see) and Brita Hansdtr. Ovre Kvame.  Jacob was born on January 13, 1846 in Borgund, Laerdal Township, Sogn og Fjordane County, Norway.  Following his graduation from Seminary for Teachers at Balestand, he taught in private and public schools in Norway for 7 years.  He was married, first, in 1869 to Theodora Olafine Selsing.  Theodora, the dau of Trand Trondson Selsing (see) and Ingeborg Judkins, was born on September 26, 1845 in Bergen, Norway.  They came to the U.S. in 1871 with their infant dau, leaving Liverpool, England on June 5 and landing in Quebec where they proceeded by rail to Detroit.  They were in Utica, Crawford County, Wisconsin for 11 years.  Here Jacob served as teacher and song leader for the Lutheran congregation and reader when the non-resident pastor could not attend.

Jacob was called as a regular teacher and preceptor for the East and West Lemonweir congregations and began his duties on October 22, 1882.  Halvor Johnson provided for Jacob and his family until they were permanently settled in Fountain Township.  Jacob and Theodora joined the West Lemonweir Church (ELCR).  Jacob taught the Lutheran catechism and the Norwegian language and served for about 22 years (resigning because of age).  Jacob served 56 years as teacher of the Lutheran faith.

The Norwegian school was a wooden building about 18 x 30 feet in size.  It had one door, which was in front, and three windows on each side.  There were two rooms, a cloak room in the front and the school room itself.  The teacher's desk was in the front and the wood heater was about 10 feet back, with black stove pipe to the chimney on the back of the building.  The desks were behind the stove.

Jacob and Theodora had a farm in sections 31 and 32 (120 acres) in Fountain Township. (1898 map) Theodora died on November 2, 1913 and was buried in the West Lemonweir Cemetery.  At the age of 69, Jacob was married, second, on June 30, 1915 in Lindina Township by Pastor Ruh to Anna Eliza Nevestveit.  The witnesses were Mr. & Mrs. John E. Johnson and Mr. & Mrs. Jermon Tveit.

Anna, the dau of Ole Gjermundson Tveit and Anna Felland, was born on February 14, 1859 in Juneau County, Wisconsin.  She was the widow of Ole B. Nevestveit.

Mendus Western recalled that his parents rented Anna's farm about the time she married Jacob.  Mendus' dad would tell about Jacob looking over the big house and the smoke from the chimney and saying it looked like a factory.  It wasn't long before he found out who ruled the roost there.  Jacob was a large man with a full beard and wouldn't hurt anyone.  He had false teeth that clicked whenever he talked.  Jacob came over every evening to get milk and they always visited with him in Norwegian.  Jacob always smelled of peppermint, popular candy of the day.

Anna died on April 30, 1932 at her home in Lindina Township and was buried on May 4, 1932 in the Suldal Cemetery, Rev. C. Hjermstad officiating (ELCR; JCGS Cem Bk 5, p. 676).  Jacob died on October 12, 1935 at the home of his dau, Dora, Mrs. George Jerman, in West Prairie, Wisconsin and was buried on October 16, 1935 beside his first wife in the West Lemonweir Cemetery (Wis Cen 1905, Fountain #169; JCGS Cem Bk 3, p. 304; obit, New Lisbon, May 12, 1932, Oct 24, 1935).

Children by Theodora:
Ingeborg Jacobineb. Jul 4, 1870, Laerdal, Oeiren Sogn, Nor; bp. Borgund Luth Church, Nor; conf, Jul 19, 1885, WLC; m. 1891, John Halvorson Johnson (see).
Lars Theodoreb. Sep 4, 1871, Crawford Co, WI; conf, Aug 29, 1886, WLC).
Britha Elineb. 1873; conf, Sep 2, 1888, WLC; m. Sep 28, 1894, Odd Torjussen Birkeness.
Maria Carolinab. Feb 15, 1876; d. Jun 17, 1887; bur: West Lem Cem (JCGS Cem Bk 3, p. 304).
Ranvei Theodora (Dora)b. Sep 19, 1877, Utica, Crawford, Co, WI; conf, Sep 18, 1892, WLC; m. Oct 3, 1900, Fountain, George Theodore Jerman; res: Crawford Co.
Anna Berthinab. Feb 15, 1881, Utica, Crawford, Co, WI; conf, Nov 15, 1896, WLC; m. Jun 28, 1903, Johannes Johnson.
Theodor Carlb. Dec 29, 1882, Fountain Twp; bp. Feb 1, 1883, E Lem (spon: Ole Mo, Marie Mo, Lars Knudsen, and Brita Knudsen).
Bertha (Bessie) Johannab. Sep 6, 1884; bp. Oct 5, 1884, E Lem (spon: Halvor Johnson, Britha Johnson, Britha Qvamme, M. P. Ruh, and Anne Ruh); m. Nordahl Skundberg; d. Jan 1, 1924; bur: West Lem Cem.
Sigrid Helenab. Mar 21, 1886; bp. Apr 26, 1886, E Lem (spon: Ole Nilsen, Sigrid Nilsen, Erig Eggum, and Tina Johnson; TWIN; dressmaker, Elroy, 1910 (Inga Normark, apprentice); m. John Watson; res: Viroqua, WI, 1935.
Martha Sophiab. Mar 21, 1886; bp. Apr 26, 1886, E Lem (spon: Lars Hoff, Marie Haukensen, Fredrikke Hoff, and Endre Einarsen); TWIN; d. Sep 9, 1886 age 5 1/2 mos; bur: West Lem Cem (JCGS Cem Bk 3, p. 304).
Jacob Martinb. Jan 29, 1891; bp. Mar 30, 1891, E Lem (spon: Mrs. Anderson, Ingeborg Quamme, Britha -, Lars -, and John H. Johnson; res: Phoenix, AZ, 1940.

20 Sven Johan Anderson
Anderson, Sven Johan.  Sven was born on April 24, 1828 in Sweden.  He married Stine Katrine Johnson.  Stine was born on September 3, 1831 in Sweden.  They emigrated from Sweden in 1868.  Stine died on November 2, 1899 in Elroy and was buried on November 5th.  Sven was living with his son, Carl, in 1900 on a farm in Plymouth Township.  He died on December 28, 1901 in Elroy and was buried on December 31st.  They were both buried in the East Lemonweir Cemetery (JCGS Cem Bk 3, p. 239).

Andrewb. Sep 25, 1852, Smaaland, Sweden.
John Magnusb. Jun 11, 1856, Smaaland, Sweden (see).
Johannes Peterb. Dec 14, 1857, Neygard, Sweden.
Carl Augustb. Jun 3, 1867, Neygard, Smaaland, Sweden; conf, Aug 20, 1882, ELC.

22 Kristen Bjentsen aka Christian Vaarig Benson/ Christen Bentsen /Kristen Bjedenson of Ytre Bjerga, Vaarig & Meland
Benson, Christian (Kristen Bjedneson Meland) s of Bjedne Bjedneson Ytre (Outer) Bjerga (1792-1885) and Mari Kristensdatter Ytre Vanvik (1806-1891).  They were married in 1826. Christian, the second child, was born in April 1829 on farm (bruk) #7 in Ytre Vanvik, Sand Township, Rogaland County, Norway.  He was married in 1859 in Suldal, Norway to Guri Nilsdtr. Tjostheim.  Guri, the dau of Nils Thorson Markateigen, Tjostheim (see) and Valborg Nilsdtr. Tjostheim, was born on July 10, 1825 in Suldal, Norway.  Her sister, Valborg, married Jacob Mokleiv Larson.

They lived at Meland in Ulladalen for many years. In 1865, Christian's occupation was listed as a farm laborer who maintained his own household and the burn cutter (one who burns the forest to clear a place for cultivation).  They moved from Ulladalen to live at Sellandsplasset in 1869.  After only a few years at Sellandsplasset, they moved to Vanvik and then to Aas sjoen.  Christian and Guri emigrated to the United States in 1882 with their daughter Berta (Letter, Ernst Berge Drange, Sand, Nor, Apr 25, 1995).  The other children had emigrated earlier.

Christian and Guri joined the East Lemonweir Church on March 25, 1883.  They lived as neighbors to the Heinemann family near Mauston.  Christian died on October 5, 1895 at the age of 66 years, 7 months in Lindina Township, Juneau County, Wisconsin.  In 1896, Samson Wanvik of Elroy wrote in a letter to Norway that Christian had recently died but Samson had talked to his widow the day he received a letter from Gunnar Aas.  In 1905, Guri was living on a farm in Lisbon Township with her son Ben and his family.  Guri died of "old age" on March 9, 1917 in Lindina Township.  They are both buried in the East Lemonweir Cemetery. (JCGS Cem Bk 3, p. 237; Gamle Suldal, Tjostheim, p. 277, Meland, p.146; Drange, Sand, v. 1, pp. 515, 521; Wis Cen, 1905, Lisbon #22; JDR, 3-73)

Marta Marieb. May 24, 1860, Suldal, Nor; Til Amerika; m. Dec 18, 1881, Elroy, John Magnus Anderson (see).
Valborgb. 1862, Suldal, Nor; m. Anders Helland of Sand, Norway.
Bjedneb. Jun 1, 1864, Suldal, Nor
Nilsb. 1866, Suldal, Nor; Til Amerika, 1880; d. working as a farm hand, Oct 6, 1893, SD, age 28 yrs, 7 mos: bur: East Lem Cem (JCGS Cem Bk 3, p. 237)
Berta Laurenseb. Mar 11, 1868, Suldal, Nor; Til Amerika, 1882; conf, Aug 12, 1883, ELC; m. Apr 7, 1892, New Lisbon, Louis Heineman.

32 Jon Halvorson Vinlos/Kleppen
Halvorson, John Kleppen s of Halvor Olson Vindlos (Windlos) and Aasne Olsdtr.  John was born in January 1813 in Laardal Township, Telemark County, Norway.  He was baptized on April 24, 1813 in the Laardal Parish church.  John was married, first, on November 16, 1840 to Thorbjor Johannesdtr. Berge (listed as mother of Halvor Johnson Vindlos in confirmation record).

Thorbjor, the dau of Johannes Jonson Berge (see) and Birgit Niculsdatter, was born on November 2, 1819.  John and Thorbjor sailed about May 22, 1844 on the Industrie from Porsgrunn, Telemark (In the East Lemoweir Church records John is listed as emigrating in April 1844 from Solem).  The Industrie arrived in New York on July 31, 1844 after a voyage of 71 days.  The captain was Boye Adtzlen.  John and his family settled, first, in Deerfield Township, Dane County, Wisconsin.  Thorbjor died in 1845.  She was buried on August 12, 1845 in the East Koshkonong Lutheran Cemetery in Dane County.

John was married, second, on March 18, 1847 to Askjer Knutsdtr. Lien.  Askjer, the dau of Knut Olson Lien (c1798-?) and Ragnild Johansdatter (c1784-?), was born on August 11, 1815 in Laardal.  She emigrated with her parents on the Industrie in 1844.  Askjer died in 1849.  She was buried on February 25, 1849 in the West Koshkonong Cemetery in Dane County.

John was married, third, to Martha (Marta) Andresdtr. Hegerland (John is listed in the Roldal Book as Johan Hallvorson Vindlos from Mo in Telemark).  Marta, the dau of Anders Aasmundson Hegerland and Ingeborg Mikkelsdtr. Lono, was born in 1799 in Roldal Township, Hordaland County, Norway.  She was married, first, in 1814 to Mikkel Knutson Lono.  Marta emigrated in 1850 with her husband, Mikkel Knutson Lono and her son, Knut Mikkelson.

The Halvorsons were among the earliest settlers in Juneau County.  They came to Lindina Township on July 6, 1852? (The Mauston Star, Aug 11, 1887, p. 1 gives 1850 as the date.)  They joined the East Lemonweir Church in 1854 (members # 13 & 14).  They settled on section 9 (Land Grant), (1898 map of Lindina Twp), (1898 map of NE 1/4 sec 9) on land owned by Charles Johnson in 1888.  John sold his farm to Williams of Mauston and moved to Fountain Township, on the farm owned by Andrew Rosland in 1888 (Land Grant), (1898 map of S 1/2 of SW 1/4 sec 32 - yellow) .  He lived there a number of years and then moved to Clifton Township, Monroe County where he lived with his son until his death.  On December 6, 1861, he became a trustee of the incorporated Norwegian Evangelical Congregation.  They became members of the West Lemonweir Church (ELCR).

Marta died on January 26, 1881 in Clifton Township, Monroe County, Wisconsin.  John died in Clifton Township on April 23, 1888.  They were buried in the West Lemonweir Cemetery (no headstone found) (ELCR).  At the time he died, he had a son and brother living in Plymouth Township, Juneau County, Wisconsin (Naeseth, v. 2, pp. 50, 52, 53-4; ELCR; Roldal Bk, p. 434; R. Carl Wolter Corr, Nov 3, 2000, Lawrence Onsager personal files).

Children by first wife:
Halvorb. Jun 25, 1841, Laardal Twp, Nor; bp. Sep 8, 1841; conf, Jul 26, 1873, ELC (see Halvor Vindlos Johnson)
Johannnesb. Oct 6, 1843, Laardal Twp, Nor; emig 1844.

34 Jakob Tjostovsen Qvitenes
Tjostovsen, Jakob Qvitenes (Kvitanaes). Jacob was born about 1803 at Tveit in Kviteseid, Telemark County, Norway.  He was married in 1842 in Suldal to Brita Nielsdtr. Veka (Vekamoen).  Brita, the dau of Nils Gulleikson (from Kvitseid Township, Telemark County) and Kari Olsdtr. Vekamoen, was born on August 29, 1823 in Suldal Township, Rogaland County, Norway.  Jakob was a husmann on the Aarhus farm in Suldal from 1842 to 1845.  In 1845, Jakob and Brita with their two oldest daus moved to Kvitanes, Hylen, Sand Township, Rogaland County in 1847.  Jakob died in 1860.

Brita was remarried prior to April 20, 1864 to Odd Kvitenæs Aslakson.  Brita and Odd emigrated from Sand on April 20, 1864.  Brita died on April 5, 1916 in Clifton Township, Monroe County, Wisconsin.  She was buried on April 8, 1916 (Gamle Suldal, p. 570; Drange, Sand, v. 1, p. 704; ELCR; FCR).

Helgab. Aug 23, 1843, Suldal; bp. Oct 23, 1843; conf, Oct 11, 1857; emig, 1864; m. Oct 16, 1870, Juneau Co, WI, Peter Eriksen.
Karib. Oct 31, 1844, Suldal; bp. Nov 17, 1844; conf, Oct 2, 1859.
Siri (Seri)b. Mar 27, 1847, Sand; bp. May 24, 1847; conf, Oct 6, 1860. (see)
Knutb. ?
Annab. May 11, 1860, Sand; bp. Jun 3, 1860; conf, Oct 11, 1874, ELC; m. Oct 15, 1880, Lars Olson Aarhus.

35 Brita Nielsdtr Veka (Vekamoen)
Aslakson (Alaxson, Ellickson), Odd Kvitenæs s of Aslak Olson Staalevik, Gautun and Ranveig Levarsdtr. Forland.  Odd was born in January 1825 in Suldal, Norway.  Odd was married to Britha Nielsdtr.  Britha was born on August 29, 1823 in Suldal.  She was married, first, to Jakob Qvitenes Tjostovsen (see). Brita and Jakob had four daughters.

Odd and Brita emigrated from Sand on April 30, 1864 and arrived in Chicago in June 1864 (Juneau Co nat rec; ELCR; FCR emig from Sand).  Odd and Britha with Britha's four daughters joined the East Lemonweir Church in April 1865.  [They lived on Section 30 of Fountain Twp. (Land Grant), (1898 map sec 30)]

1880 Census, Fountain Township, household # 66 (Vesterheim #43441-3)
  " Betsy58fkeeping house  "
  " Anna20fdau    servant   "  (Jakobsdtr.)

Odd and Britha joined the Fountain Church in 1882 (members no. 89 & 90).  Odd died on March 2, 1904 and was buried from the Fountain Church on March 4, 1904.  Brita lived with her dau, Anna, in 1905.  She died on April 5, 1916 in Clifton Township, Monroe County, Wisconsin.  She was buried on April 8, 1916 (Gamle Suldal, p. 614; Drange, Sand, v. 1, p. 704; Wis Cen, 1905, Fountain #174; FCR; ELCR).

36 Lars Knutson Quamme of Aarheim & Ø Kvame,
Quamme, Lars Knudsen Aarheim s of Knut Jakobson Aarheim (see) and Gunvor Olsdtr. Hatleberg.  Lars was born on September 19, 1810 in Laerdal, Norway.

He was married on June 12, 1836 to Brita Hansdtr. Teigen, Ovre Kvame.  Brita, the dau of Hans Jakobson (Hovland) Teigen, Ovre Kvame (see Quamme, Hans Jakobson) and Rannveig Haakonsdtr. Ovre Kvame, was born on December 14, 1814.  Lars and Brita lived on the Teigen husmann place until 1860.  Lars was a husmann (renter) at Oeyni under Nedre Kvame from 1860 until 1866.  Lars and his family emigrated to the USA in 1866.  Lars died on April 25, 1884.  Brita died on April 7, 1907 at the home of her son, Jacob, in Fountain Township.  They were buried in the West Lemonweir Cemetery (LB, 1: 73, 431, 453 4; JCGS Cem Bk 3, p. 304, obit, Elroy Leader, Apr 11, 1907).

Knutb. 1836, Laerdal; emig to USA, 1866.
Ranveigb. 1838, Laerdal, emig to USA, 1866.
Hansb. 1841, Laerdal; emig to Drammen, 1876.
Barbrab. 1843, Laerdal; m. 1863, Torstein Olsson Husum (b. 1837); emig to USA, 1865.
Jacob L.b. Jan 13, 1846, Laerdal, Nor (see).
Sigridb. 1848, Laerdal; emig to USA, 1866.
Haakonb. 1851, Laerdal; emig to USA, 1866.
Ragnhildb. 1854, Laerdal; emig to USA, 1866.
Britab. 1858, Laerdal; emig to USA, 1866.

38 Trond Trondson Selsing
Selsing (Selseng), Thrond Throndson. Thrond was born in 1807 in Sognedal Parish, Sogn og Fjordane County, Norway.  He was married in 1834 (perhaps in Germany) to Ingeborg Johannessdr or Jensdr. Judkins.  Ingeborg was born in 1809 in Hadersleben (Isleben) in Holstein Tydskland, Germany.  Thrond was a trader in Bergen, then a tailor in Bergen for 12 years, then a farmer at Tornes and Balholm.  In 1861, he built a home in Balestrand.  In 1866, Thrond's occupation was given as master tailor.  The family was living on the Tendingen farm in the Tjugum subparish in Balestrand.  Either Thrond or Ingeborg died in 1867 in Balestrand (Anderson, SY,; 1865 Nor Cen,

Known child:
Theodora Olefinab. Sep 26, 1845, Bergen, Nor; m. Sep 30, 1869, Jacob Larson Quamme (see).

46 Nels Thorson Markateigen, Tjostheim
Tjostheim, Nils Thorson s of Tore Nilsson Brunnavika, Sorestad (see) and Brita Pedersdtr. Prestemoen, Vinje, was born in 1802 in Suldal, Norway.  He was baptized on March 28, 1802.  Nils was married on June 23, 1825 to Valborg Nilsdtr. Tjostheim.  Valborg, the dau of Nils Tollefson Tjostheim and Guri Knutsdtr. Tjostheim, was born in 1802 (bp. Aug 8, 1801?).  Nils' brother, Lars Thorson Moklev, emigrated to the United States in 1864.  Valborg died in 1861 in Suldal, Norway.  Nils died in 1875 in Suldal, Norway (Gamle Suldal, pp. 269, 277, 308; Sukka Aetta, pp. 150, 244, 300 1).

Gurib. Jun 11, 1825, Suldal, Nor; m. 1859, Kristian Bjedneson (see Benson, Christian).
Britab. Jul 11, 1827, Viken, Suldal, Nor; she went to America, married, and died having her first child.
Maglab. Jan 15, 1830, Suldal, Nor; m. Samson Mikkelson Flatabo, Kvinnherad (m. in Ardal, Simon Tjentland. Emig. to U.S. Children: Brita, Valborg, and Bert, all married in U.S.).
Steinvorb. Mar 22, 1832, Suldal, Nor; m. (1) 1857, Johannes Johannesson Meland (b. 1838, d. 1870); m. (2) Nils Nilsson Ostehus, Hjelmeland.
Toreb. Apr 29, 1834, Suldal, Nor; m. 1861, Helga Nilsdtr. Galland (b. 1829); d. 1919, Stavanger.
Nilsb. May 30, 1836, Suldal, Nor; unm.
Larsb & d. 1839.
Larsb. Sep 6, 1840, Suldal, Nor; m. Anna from Ardal; Til Amerika.
Valborgb. Mar 12, 1843, Suldal, Nor; Til Amerika, 1867; m. Sep 20, 1871, Juneau Co, WI, Jakob Molkev Larson.
Knutb. 1846, Suldal, Nor; Til Amerika; d. unm. at home of his brother Lars in Portland, OR.

66 Johannes Jonson of Berge
Berge, Johannes Jonson s of Joen Osmundsen Tofte and Anbjor.  Johannes was baptized on September 17, 1791 in Laardal Township, Telemark County, Norway.  He was married on February 27, 1812 to Birgith Niculsdatter Bjaaland.  Birgith was born about 1781.  Johannes worked as a wheelwright, carpenter, and farmer.  They emigrated in 1843 on the Lorena.  The Lorena arrived in New York from Havre on July 17, 1843.  The captain was John Urquhart.  Johannes was a farmer in the Koshkonong settlement in Wisconsin.  He died on August 28, 1873 (Naeseth, v. 1, pp. 206, 211-2; Anderson, SY,

Haegeb. Jul 19, 1812, Laardal; m. Apr 17, 1829, Ole Knudsen Heimdal (1799-1871); emig, 1844 to Deerfield Twp, Dane Co, WI; d. Jan 13, 1895; both bur. Liberty Prairie Cem, Dane Co.
Tollefbp. Sep 14, 1814; m. Jan 13, 1838, Aasild Tarjesdtr. Bekkhus (b. Sep 2, 1815, d. Jun 4, 1906); d. Mar 2, 1897; both bur. East Koshkonong Cem; 9 children.
Thorbjorb. Nov 2, 1819; m. Nov 16, 1840, John Halvorson Kleppen (see Halvorson, John Kleppen)
Gunvorb. Jul 25, 1822; emig, 1843; m. Nov 26, 1847, John Aasmundsen Suboee (Jan 24, 1822- Apr 24, 1891); d. Jul 22, 1894?; both bur. West Koshkonong Cem.

70 Nils Gulleikson
Gulleikson, Nils. Nils was from Kvitseid Township, Telemark County.  He had a dau with Kari Olsdatter Vekamoen (Gamle Suldal, p. 570).

Britab. Aug 29, 1823, Suldal; m. 1842, Jakob Kvitanaes Tjostovsen (see).

72 Knut Jakobson Ulvisbakken
Aarheim, Knut Jakobson Ulvisbakken s of Jakob Hansson Ulvisbakke (c1718-1792) and Rannei Hansdtr. (c1727-1806). Knut was born in 1763 on the Ulvisbakken farm in Laerdal Township, Sogn og Fjordane County, Norway.  He had a son by Gunnvor Olsdtr. Hatleberg (1768-1851).  Endre Knutson was born in 1791.  He emigrated to Kenyon, Minnesota (LB, 1:203-4, 453).

Knut was married in 1796 to Barbra Larsdtr.  Barbra was born in 1774 in Norway.

At the time of the 1801 Norwegian census, they were living at Aarheim, a husmann place under the Ovre Kvame farm.  Knut died in 1810.  Barbra died in 1858 (LB, 1: 453-4, 676-7).

Roennaugb. 1796, Laerdal; m. or live with Mons Henrikson Bjoeraker (1896-?); d. ?; 2 children (LB, 1: 453, 623).
Livb. 1799, Laerdal; m. 1824, Ola Johannesson Steingjerde, Huso (1799-1887); m. to Nevlo farm, Borgund, Laerdal; d. 1841; 3 children (LB, 1: 169, 453-4).
Gurob. 1801, Laerdal; m. (1) 1825, Agrim Hansson Oevre Kvame (1791-1826); 1 child; m. (2) 1832, Tore Andersson Nese (1798-1855); 4 children; lived, 1865 (LB, 1: 309, 429, 454).
Jakobb. 1803, Laerdal; d. 1804.
Ragnhildb. 1805, Laerdal; d. 1906.
Jakobb. 1807, Laerdal; m. 1835, Anna Sveinsdtr. Hovland (1816-1886); emig, 1858; 9 children (LB, 1: 454).
Larsb. 1810, Laerdal (see Quamme, Lars Knudsen Aarheim).

74 Hans Jakobson Hovland/Teigen
Quamme (Ovre Kvame), Hans Jakobson Hovland s of Jakob Torleifson (Nedre Voll) Hovland (1739-1790) and Sigrid Hansdtr. Hovland (1759-1795).  Hans was born in 1782 in Borgund Parish, Laerdal Township, Sogn og Fjordane County, Norway.  He was married in 1805 to Rannveig Haakonsdtr. Ovre Kvame.  Rannveig, the dau of Haakon Haakonson Ovre Kvame (1741-?) and Birgit Hansdtr. Hoelle (Hemsedal) (1745-1812), was born in 1777 in Borgund.  Hans was a husmann (renter) at Teigen under Ovre Kvame from 1805.  Rannveig died in 1836.  Hans died in 1857 (LB, 1:423-4, 431).

Sigridb. 1805, Teigen, Borgund; d. 1808.
Haakonb. 1806, Teigen; m. 1845, Brita Jensdtr. Li (1801-?); moved to Ranghammer, Losoeygarden; emig to USA.
Jakobb. 1808, Teigen; m. 1864, Anna Paulsdtr. Kvenshagen (1829-?); 1 child.
Hansb. 1809, Teigen; d. 1819.
Britab. 1813, Teigen; d. 1813.
Britab. 1814, Teigen; m. 1836, Lars Knutson O. Kvame (see Quamme, Lars Knutson).
Tolleivb. 1818, Teigen; d. 1818.

92 Tore Nilsson Brunnavika, Sorestad
Sorestad, Tore Nilsson Brunnavika Tore was born in 1764 in Norway. He was married in 1795 in Suldal, Norway to Brita Pedersdtr. Prestemoen, Vinje.  Brita, the dau of Peder Larsson Nedre Moen, Vinje and Ingeborg Torsdtr. Bratveit, was born in 1770 in Suldal, Norway.  Tore died in 1836 in Suldal.  Brita died in 1845 in Suldal (Gamle Suldal, pp. 308, 319).

Ingeborgb. 1796, Suldal, Nor; m. 1826, Herbrand Olson.
Ingeborgb. 1799, Suldal, Nor; m. 1836, Gabriel Gabrielson Lia, Berge (b. 1794, d. 1849); d. ?
Nilsb. 1802, Suldal (see Nils Thorson Tjostheim).
Britab. 1805, Suldal, Nor; m. 1837, Torbjorn Gauteson Lofthus (b. 1810, d. 1887); d. 1885, Suldal, Nor.
Steinvorb. 1808, Suldal, Nor.
Pederb. 1812, Suldal, Nor.
Larsb. 1813, Suldal, Nor.