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Permission Granted To Adopt 44.006

The Axis Historical Society is proud to announce that we have been granted formal permission to adopt, Ulladulla Lifeboat, 44.006 P&O NedLloyd Strathalan (pictured above), now in service with the Royal Volunteer Coastal Patrol, New South Wales, Australia, as our own. This boat was formerly named 'Arthur & Blanche Harris', and saw service with the RNLI at Barry. The reply to our e-mail request to adopt 44.006 read as follows........
"Re: your e mail, 2nd May.

It has generated great interest in the Ulladulla Division.

It was fully discussed at our May Mess Meeting and a result our Division would be pleased to have your committee adopt 44.006. Our Operations Officer, Neil Atkins will be visiting the U.K. in July and August this year and it is his intention to visit Barry at that time. He will make contact with you and give you an update on the activities of 44.006"


Neil Wark
RVCP Ulladulla

Since receiving the above email, Neil Atkins (Operations Officer for the Ulladulla Division) visited Barry on July 10th 2002, meeting Martin (Axis Chairman) and Betty (Axis Secretary). On that occasion Neil presented Axis with a framed picture of 44.006. (see above photograph).
Neil Atkins (left), Operations Officer, RVCP Ulladulla Division with Ted Powell (right), Secretary of the Barry Lifeboat, take part in a photo call arranged by Axis.

Axis presented a book to Neil, on the history of Barry Lifeboats and other related images which may be of interest to the members of the Ulladulla Division when Neil returns to New South Wales.

In response and following the subsequent visit of Neil Atkins ....

Reply to Commander Wark.

The Axis Historical Society, thanks Commander, Neil Wark, and all the members of the Ulladulla Division, Royal Volunteer Coastal Patrol, Australia, for allowing the Axis Historical Society the honour of adopting 44.006.

We can assure you that members of our society are now actively, working on ideas that will serve to strengthen the bond between our two organisations, as they both move into the 21st Century.


Martin Adams
Chairman : Axis Historical Society
Local History For Barry South Wales UK

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