SweGGate: New User's Guide

Guide for New Users
at SweGGate

This page describes the basics on how to use the site effectively

THEMES Special Themes like Geography, Emigration, Military, Church Records. Each theme has its own colour.
The theme sections are subdivided in Facts, Guides and Sources Sections.
FACTS A library of facts on several relevant topics.
GUIDES Advice on genealogy in general and a number of special topics. "How to" guides.
This differs from the FACTS section in that here opinions are presented.
SOURCES Sources for genealogical DATA, like parish records, census, ships lists,

and a geographically oriented set of sub-sites

a series of many sub-sites for a specific part of Sweden. The hierarchy is:
Province - > Kommun -> Socken -> Village / Farm
To find a location go to the main Regions page and use the search facilities there.

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