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Changes to Rootsweb mailing lists
Members of the Rootsweb mailing lists have received a mail in the beginning of August about changes they will make to the mailing list system. The SWEDEN and SWEGGATE lists are scheduled to be changed beginning on Monday Sept 11.
Please expect some minor problems in the change-over period (computers have their own mind you know :-)
As a list subscriber there are a few adjustments you may have to to:
  • The names and addresses of all lists will drop the "-L" and "-D" suffixes. So the "SWEDEN-L" and "SWEDEN-D" names will both be only "SWEDEN" and "SWEGGATE-L" and "SWEGGATE-D" will both be "SWEGGATE" only.
  • When writing to the lists you can use the new list names, i.e. dropping the "-L" in the list address. 
    My advice: Wait a bit until you see in the list mails you receive that it works. The current addresses with "-L" will still work for some time to come. I will update the instructions here on SweGGate and on Rootsweb when I know it works as expected. 
  • If you are subscribed in BOTH list- and digest mode from the SAME mail address you will be unsubscribed from digest mode. If you still want both subscriptions you will have to re-subscribe to the digest mode using an address different from the one you use now.
  • If you have SPAM filters specifically accepting mails from the lists you may have to adapt the settings since the current sender identification will also drop the "-L" and the "-D" suffixes.
  • You do NOT have to re subscribe to the list mode issues - if everything works but please check that your subscription works after Sept 11/12 as well.
Swedish Census 1900 is complete

The Census for all of Sweden is now completely digitized and available by subscription to the SVAR website (sub-site of the National Archives). It contains about 5.2 million persons and is indexed and searchable in several ways.
The census 1890 is also complete since some years and available at the same SVAR site.
Very useful database to find people all over Sweden - even if you don't know their address. (2006-02-10)

Norwegian Church books on line (scanned)
This is very good news and will be a very useful source for Norwegian research

Norway National Archives ("Arkivverket") has begun scanning church books from microfilms and offer those to the public for FREE. It is much like the GenLine subscription service in Sweden.
So far only 0,5 million pages are published but work is progressing so check in often to see when your parishes come up !
Startpage is here. Guide text in English is available !
Please note when searching for a parish you MUST use Norwegian letters ! (learn codes here)

The Danish Arkivalier" site
Rootsweb Denmark Genweb site has detailed info about these sources and also guide on how to use the website
SAOB (Svenska Akademiens Ordbok) on line
SAOB - the complete reference work on Swedish language - has appended a new section: Tall - Till.
Riksarkivet  SVAR , Arkion a.o. websites reorganize
Several of the subsites to Riksarkivet (Swedish National Archives) are in the process to be merged into the main SVAR site. There are still problems, not least with several broken links. Site is occasionally temp unavailable.
On the positive side they have added an English version to a few of the pages, among those the subscription services. Unfortunately the English language could be much better but I think most of it is still understandable.
Please note that they still require a Swedish personnummer (personal ID number) for orders through invoice but you can pay with a VISA-card.
Your Arkion user ID and password does NOT work on the SVAR site.
You can NOT convert your subscription on the web-site. Do NOT use the web-site subscription since that is only for new customers and will not credit you for what is left on your current Arkion account.
You have to contact customer service to have your account transferred from former Arkion to SVAR by phone or, if you don't speak Swedish, preferably by e-mail. Give them your current user ID on Arkion and your complete personal info (Name, address) and the date you subscribed.
In return they will give you a NEW user id and new password to use on SVAR. You should then log on to SVAR and change your password. This will give you access to those parts of SVAR which were previously on Arkion.
If you want to have access to additional sources which were already on SVAR you will have to pay an additional fee for the upgrade. If so then make sure you get properly credited for what is left on your Arkion account.
Calculate like this:
The price you paid (excl bank fees etc) divided by the number of months you paid for = price per month. From your Arkion price deduct what you used up (user months times price per month). This gives you your present credit. That amount should be deducted from the price of your new subscription.
Why do I tell you this ? Well - I had to tell them how to calculate when I converted my subscription or I would have lost some 60 USD (5 months worth) 


Good news for those of you who need to access Danish sources. If you have emigrants from Skåne, Blekinge or Småland this may be where you find a missing clue
The Danish National Archives offers some of their sources on line for free:
1 Church books (kirkebøger)
Scanned images (just as GenLine in Sweden) coming on line. Expected to complete within this year
2 Census (folketællinger)
Eleven census events are in the works 1787 - 1916. 7 are already on line.  Scanned images
3 Danish Demographic Database
has been there for some time but is very useful. It is indexed and searchable.
It has Censuses, emigrants (1868 - 1908 recently extended !) and some probate indices (English help) and immigrants (only Danish lead texts)

For the first 2 sources you need to register (brugerregistrering). It is simple and free. 
On front page of www.arkivalieronline.dk select 
ny bruger  (left menu)  - on next page  Opret ny bruger
FIRST fill in your info (top-down) Given Name, Surname, Address, Zip code,  TOWN (and state) to the right,
Country (Land) and finally email.  
THEN Check  "Oprette" and Click Send
Your password will arrive in your email within minutes. Use that to login. 
You can change your personal info, password included, after logging in by selecting "brugerprofil"

To access the indexed databases go to
www.ddd.dda.dk    to see all databases  (Click any of the squares, look below for help)
www.ddd.dda.dk/ddd_en.htm    to see info in English (but not all databases !)
http://www.emiarch.dk/home.php3?l=en is their English home page

Click "Søgning efter personer": Navn = Name (minimum 3 letters, blank separator, "_" replaces 1 char, "%" is wildcard), Amt must be selected ! (link "Se kort med alle" gives maps). "Alle aldre" = All ages. Køn: = Sex.
Click "Søg" to search.

Rootsweb Denmark Genweb site has detailed info about these sources and also guide on how to use the website

A BIG THANK YOU to Danish National Archives for making this available for free. Sweden charges for this info and church books are made available by a private company which of course must charge (pretty stiffly)

2004-12-20:  MANTALSLÄNGDER (<<-- click for definition)
SVAR (department under the Swedish National Archives = Riksarkivet) has started to scan the above type of records.
They will cover the period 1642 - 1820. So far only 9 län (counties) are available but they plan to have all of Sweden scanned before summer 2005.
Scanned copies are (and more will be) available on line by subscription. 
More info



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