Rutan Helper
RUTAN Dec 2000 RUTAN Dec 2003

My closest helper in this project. He is 6 months old but he reads the literature to me
(when he is not sitting on top of the book to catch my attention)
and often types (mostly in some unknown language, probably "Catish") on my keyboard.
His favourite pass-time is to chase the mouse (pointer) across the monitor screen.

Rutan is still helping out. His latest venture is reading those books - 12 volumes of Swedish laws, 1813 - 1861 (original editions).
He has found a lot of interesting info and now looks quite tired after trying to explain it all to me....
Rutan and Chico April, 2005

Rutan (right), 5 years in May, has an assistant now:
Chico (left), 2 years in June. He is learning fast but is more interested in a piece of cheese than reading books. Not much help but a very friendly cat. In this picture they look more like "Don't disturb" or maybe "When is that cheese coming ?? !"