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Award by Family Tree Magazine, Jan 2001

"Getting Started in Swedish Research
SweGGate: Sweden Genealogical Gate
Here's a great new site for tracing Swedish roots. SweGGate hopes to become the "main gate into Sweden for genealogical researchers outside Sweden" by offering a range of beginning tips and links. Under "Themes," you'll find information and sites on geography, church records, emigration and military. "Facts" offers tips on the country and its language, history and "special topics". .."
Again the same award in May 2003
Evaluation by GenLine
"A very helpful portal for Swedish emigrants. SweGGate focuses on Swedish genealogy and offers a lot of additional information on Sweden."
  Websites page on www.GenLine.se  2005
We are very happy to include a link to a new web site specializing in genealogical information about Sweden. The site name is "Sweden Genealogy Main Gate" or "SweGGate" for short. It is a member of the WorldGenWeb project at RootsWeb and a completely non-commercial, non-profit website. Dr. Fredrik Haeffner created the web site in Dec 2000 and today it has more than 500 pages and several thousand links to valuable resources sorted in topics and type of resource: Facts, Guides, and Sources. Also see Special Themes like Geography, Church records and Emigration. Covers all of Sweden and is all in English. It is recommended that you read the "Newcomer" pages first. Here is the link: http://sweggate.com
SweGGate has about 35,000 visits per year (70% USA, 10% Sweden) and Dr. Fredrik continues to update and add to it!
Tusen Tack! to Dr. Fredrik Haeffner, the SwedenGenWeb Country Coordinator and his associates for the SweGGate web site. Also Tusen Tack for many suggestions from Dr. Fredrik to improve this page! 
Presentation by Swedish Genealogical Society of Minnesota, 2003
Thank you, thank you for all you do for us. We really do appreciate your brain and your good spirits, your encouragement and "infinite" knowledge, your helpfulness. I hope you outlive me so I can
selfishly keep enjoying your work on genealogy, I'm 71 now.

---  Audrey (a very experienced researcher of Swedish genealogy from USA) to SweGGate 2003-11-06
Thank you for Sweggate. It is a mountain of information to us here on the other side of the "big pond".
Dale Edman, Prior Lake, Minnesota to SweGGate 2003-01-07
Fredrik, I'm overwhelmed by the breath and depth of your website. It will take me time to digest it. Thank you so much for your efforts.
Lou Tozer to SweGGate 2002-12-01
(Layout is ..)Very straightforward and easy to use! Thanks.
Don Carlgren to SweGGate 2002-03-31
Ya know, Judy, maybe I should just quit asking stupid questions and completely cover the SweGGate website from top to bottom! Almost every question I ask seems to be answered on that website! :)
Thanks for everything,

Laurie on Sweden Genealogy Forum at Genealogy.com in response to a tip from Judy to look at SweGGate, 2002-03-01
You have understood what we on this side of our history want to learn about. 
Not just names and dates, but the people and the hows and whys of what  happened.
There is much I want to learn and your site is one I will be using.

---  Ellen to SweGGate 2001-03-04 (when SweGGate had only about 150 pages)
I have been reviewing the SweGGate site and have found it to be a very informative and excellent site. I will be coming back to it often. 
Larry Peterson to SweGGate 2001-03-02 (2,5 months after initial launch)
I have spent some time reading through the SweGGate site, but evidently not enough. There is so much to learn there. Thank you for all the work you and others have done on the website. It is a huge

---  Susan, on the Rootsweb SWEDEN list 2001-02-25
I have not looked at everything on the site -- there is so much! But, I want to tell you, it is one of the best, if not the best, I have encountered. I have only been doing this research for three years and
only in my spare time. I spend a lot of time looking for information on the web and I think your site is great.

--- Mary Fran Felts-Nordstrom to SweGGate 2000-12-21 (4 days after I launched the site)
I have just come across this site and think it's whole concept is great. I have checked out the list of names, and found the Swedish - English alphabet and pronounciation a fabulous idea and have printed it off (I hope you don't mind) so that I can hopefully do some study of it and try and learn. 
Have bookmarked the site to do regular checks. Thank you for your time and effort to help others. Keep up the good work.
Many thanks

Maxine Dahlstrom, Australia to SweGGate 2000-12-20 (3 days after I launched the site)
Guides to Swedish parish records
SweGGate has a superb section on the Swedish parish records. You can learn 
the type of information that is available.

Judy B in response to a query on the SWEDEN list 2002-02-19
About the Emigration articles
Thank you Gladys for pointing us to that information on the SweGGate website!
It certainly did add a lot of understanding to my knowledge of the Emigration movement!
I urge you all to take a moment today and have a look at that article.

---  Nancy Ågren Anderson, USA, on the Rootsweb SWEDEN list Nov 2002
About the Names and Naming practices StarGuide..
Your writing and information regarding naming conventions in Scandinavia is the most conclusive that I have ever read, from history text books to web sites. Very well done.
---  Paul Schonstrom, USA, Oct 2002
About the then new SweGGate special dictionary for Swedish Estate Inventories
This is an absolutely wonderful list of words. It will be very helpful for my research. Thank you.
---  Janelle in Illinois to SweGGate, 2003-11-13


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