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LIBRIS (Kungl. Bibl. = Royal Library) National Library catalogue. Searchable.  Svenska .. English B
Uppsala Universitet (University) Library catalogues on the Internet.  >>> S
LDS "Scandinavian Vital Records Index". 8 CD:s of birth and marriage records for many parishes but NOT all. Well read. Home E
CD "Emigranten" Nationwide database of records of emigrants from most ports. SweGGate Guide Info/Buy . Review S
CD "1890" A nationwide "census" for 1890 based on the HFL:s (clerical survey records). VERY USEFUL !
Alternatively subscribe to on-line database Arkion.
Info / Buy S
CD "Sveriges Befolkning 1970" 1970 Census records, All Sweden. Searchable in several ways. 
In Swedish but easy to navigate with a minimum of Swedish.
Info / Buy S
CD "Sveriges Befolkning 1980" 1980 Census records, All Sweden. cf Census 1970 above. Info / Buy S
CD "Sveriges Dödbok" Deaths records, All Sweden, 1950-2003. New edition 2005. VERY USEFUL !
In Swedish but easy to navigate with a minimum of Swedish.
Info/Buy . Review S
CD "Söder" People in Söder township (Maria, Sofia, Katarina parishes), Stockholm, 1878-1926. Includes the registers (7 mill. records, 1/2 mill. indiv.) along with material from other sources like death certificates and a rich collection of images from the period.
In Swedish but easy to navigate with a minimum of Swedish
Info/Buy . Review S
CD "Klara" Continuous census recs, Klara township, Stockholm, 1878-1926
Similar to the "Söder" CD
Info/Buy S
CD "Kungsholmen" Continuous census recs, Kungsholmen township, Stockholm, 1878-1926. Estimated publication: spring of 2005 Info S
CD "Gamla Stan" Continuous census recs, Gamla Stan (the Old City) township, Stockholm, 1878-1926. CD for census (similar to "Söder" CD) plus a DVD with 90 minutes of movies, 90 minutes of sound and 2 hours of radio broadcasts. NOTE the DVD is of course in Swedish only. Info/Buy S
CD "Sjöfolk" Merchant navy seamen registered in 10 (of total 47) sjömanshus. 650 000 records. mid 1700 - early 1900. From Arkion. Info/Buy S
CD "US Census 1870" "Scandinavians in the 1870 Census". 128 000+ entries, abt 55 300 Swedes. Does not give location within Sweden. Heritage Quest E
CD "US Census 1910" "Scandinavians in the 1910 Census". 880 000+ entries Heritage Quest E
Sandels, Marianne What Genealogical Resources Are Offered by the Scandinavians via the Internet?, The Case of Sweden: Critical Assessment and Pragmatic Advice, 1997 >>> E
Uppsala Universitet List of Internet resources >>> S
  Internet in Östergötland Eng E

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