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This lists links to family trees that span a wide area and therefore do not fit in on a provincial SweGGate sub-site.
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Special Families  
Hull Royal Swedish families >Go> E
Nobility Sveriges ointroducerade adels kalender 1931. (List of "unintroduced" noble families) >Go> S
Smeder (smiths) The excellent database of blacksmiths in Dalsland and Värmland and their families by S Myhl and K Åberg - totals some 36 000 individuals SweGGate database B
Other Families      
Ebbarps-släkten Family Tree. Downloadable data fro free. Place register on line. "All over Sweden" >Go> S
Jarnebrant Family Tree. Emigrants. Downloadable. >Go> E
Ed Johnstone Mix Several Swedish emigrants >Go> E
Karlsson, E-B Family Tree. >Go> S
Kjellman Several families Kjellman >Go> E
  More Kjellman people (from Knaby, Morkarla (C) ) in this family >Go>  
Lindqvist Large tree on line >Go> E
Rudbeckius, Olof Bishop in Västerås (the author has 30 000 persons in a database) >Go> E
Swedish Artists ArtGlobe Dictionary >Go> S
Wahlström Family Tree, 400 pers Surnames E
Wisberg Large family tree, many from Småland >Go> S
Rötter "All" Printed Family Trees avail in Swe publ libraries >Go> S
Bergman List of Published Family Trees >Go> S


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