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Andersson SÄFSTRÖM, Edvin Gustaf V Emigrant from Gravgården, Eldslösa, Mjölby sn (E) to Randolph, USA in 1907 Jessi J
NORÉN, Gerda Wilhelmina Emigrant from Kastad, Örberga sn (E) to St James, USA in 1896. Jessi J
Jansson SJÖBERG, Anders Johan, b 1826-12-30 Husband, wife, 6 children, possible sister-in-law w husband and 2 children emigrate to USA 1869-1871 Kay Boyd
GUSTAFSSON , Carl Johan Possibly brother-in-law of Anders J J:son SJÖBERG above  
Jonsson WÅHLEN, Per Emigrant from Arbrå / Linsell (Z) to USA in 1906 Karen S
Carlsson THUNWALL, Anders Johan, b 1867-12-22 Born in Ås sn, Öland, emigr from Ventlinge sn, Öland in 1884. Marries Carolina NILSDOTTER (1863) in USA. Marilyn T-W, Janice D,
F Hae
LANTZ, Johan Gustaf, b 1840-03-03 Born in Algutsboda sn (H), emigr from Ventlinge sn, Öland in 1880 with wife Christina Helena Lundgren and her children Anna Ingeborg and John Albert. F Hae
NILSDOTTER, Emma Lovisa, b 1853-08-10 3 sisters born in Humlehult u Systertorp, Kristdala sn (H), emigrate to USA in 1876. Marilyn T-W, F Hae
NILSDOTTER, Mathilda, b 1860-12-25
NILSDOTTER, Carolina, b 1863-09-30 Marries Anders Johan Carlsson THUNWALL in USA
OLAUSSON From southern Öland. Per Enoch, Per Edvard, Mina Carolina and Maria Charlotta. Emigr to USA 1884-93 F Hae
HULTÉN, Carl Gustaf Helge Born in Stockholm, orphan, emigr to Köpenhamn 1884 and England 1887. Drowns on return trip 1888 F Hae
CARLSSON, Janne Born in Ventlinge sn on Öland, emigr to Köpenhamn, Denmark 1884. Returns before 1887 F Hae
PETERSSON, Janne Wilhelm Born in Ventlinge sn on Öland, emigr to USA 1884 F Hae
STRÖMGREN BERG, Anna Lena, b 1823-09-22 Born in Lenhovda sn (G), emigr from Hemmesjö sn (G) in 1887 with 3 children Kelly
Carlsson KLINGBERG Gustaf Elof, b 1873-12-04 Born in and emigrates from Asker sn (T). Blacksmith's son. Goes to Philadelphia, PA, USA, family there. Sue S
CARLSSON, Nils Peter, b 1844-06-10 Born in and emigrates from Kristdala sn (H) w wife and son to Swedona, Illin. F Hae,
Walter D
PERSDOTTER, Edonia (Eugenia ) Carolina Born in Kristdala sn (H). Emigrates unmarried from Mörlunda sn (H) to Swedona, Illin.. Second wife of Nils P CARLSSON in USA F Hae,
Walter D
Samuelsson DAHLSTRÖM, August Edvard, b 1861-09-28 Born in and emigrates from Stenåsa parish on Öland (H) F Hae
Danielsson STENBERG, Peter Olof, b 1865-10-07 Born in and emigrates from Stenåsa parish on Öland (H).
Sister Helena Sofia Danielsdtr Stenberg m. LILJEBERG
F Hae
OLAUSDOTTER, Olga Rebecka Olivia, b 1871-05-14 Born in and emigrates from Kristdala sn (H) F Hae
Larsdotter HEDBERG, Elna (Ellen) Born 1849-12-02 in Malmö, Skåne (M). Emigrates to NY in 1889 w 7 children. Died in NY 1931 F Hae
JOHNSSON, Jöns Jöns Johnsson 1832-07-12, Svensköp sn (M), wife Mathilda Hinze 1843-08-13, Östraby sn (M) and 5 children leaving on 1882-06-01 F Hae
Wendy T
OLSDOTTER, Anna-Lisa, b 1860-01-07 Born in and emigrates from Ulvenäs, Töcksmark sn (S) to Duluth, Minn Gladys J
Proj Txm-Öv
Olsson NYSTRÖM, Halfvard, b 1863-06-22 Born in and emigrates from Södra Transtrand sn (S) to Duluth, Minn Gladys J
DAHLBOM, Nils Andreas, b 1858-05-22 Born in Kungsnäs, Selånger sn (Y) Gladys J
KÄLLBERG, Karolina Olivia, b 1868-05-20 Born in Indal sn (Y) Gladys J
Olsson OLIN, Anders, b 1860-03-09 Born in Träne sn (L). Emig from sn (L) 1879. F Hae, Barbara
OLSDOTTER, Anna, b 1863-09-24 Born in Träne sn (L). Emig from sn (L) 1880 and 
1891: w DAHLBERG, Nils, b
1856-12-17, Degeberga sn (L) and Nilsdotter, Esther Hildegard, b 1890-03-22, Stoby
OLSDOTTER, Ingar, b 1854-04-12 Born in Träne sn (L). Emig from sn (L) 1879 d:o
SVENSDOTTER, Else, b 1840-10-27 Born in Östra Önnarslöv sn (L). Emig from Kristianstad city (L) 1888 w LINDBERG, Carl Johan, b 1847-04-08, Åsum sn (L) and LINDBERG, Helena Elisabeth, b 1879-09-13, Kristianstad (L) d:o
JOHANSSON, Gustaf Adolf, b 1853-11-03 Born in Åsbo sn (E). Emig w wife and 2 children to USA 1879 F Hae, Steven F
ASKERBERG, Rosina Christina, b 1850-04-17 wife of G A Johansson, born in Yxnerum (E) d:o
SMOLMAN Several emigrants from Karlanda (S) IA, Hae

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