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Eastern part in Stockholms län (since 1714), middle part in Uppsala län and a smaller western part in Västmanlands län (since 1634).
Regional city:
Uppsala. Area: 12 677 sqkm. Pop: 1,053 million (1979), 804 790 (abt 1947).
Kommuner (communes):
Uppsala län: Enköping Håbo Tierp Uppsala Älvkarleby Östhammar
Västmanlands län Heby          
Stockholms län: Norrtälje ++        
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Province Länsstyrelse Uppsala län County gov't. Admin info   B
History One of the oldest cultures in Sweden. The origin of the Swedish Realm (during the iron age) is believed to be here but disputed by some who say the origin is in province Västergötland.
More than 141 000 ancient remains are registered, dating from early stone age onwards. > 150 ancient fortresses, > 1300 rune stones. Until the radical changes of King Gustav Vasa in the 1520's Uppland was the leading province politically. The early kings lived here and many noblemen built castles. In 1296 the provincial law, Upplandslagen was created.
Geography The name Uppland is identical to the term uppland, a word meaning "land above the port" i.e. the land "behind" a port or seaside trading place. The "port" in this case would be in the Stockholm area (Birka, Sigtuna after 1000 A.D.).
Geography Tham, Wilhelm, Beskrifning öfver Upsala län, 1850 Description of Uppsala county, 1850   S
Churches Descriptions (RAÄ) Swedish state church buildings   S
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Local heritage Upplands Fornminnesförening och Hembygdsförbund Addresses to all hembygdsföreningar (local heritage societies) S
Local sites      
Alsike Parish in Uppsala kommun, south of the city. Owner: Johan Kruus. Geometric maps from 1635 Project S
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