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Dalsland was the northern 1/3 of Älvsborgs län (county), since 1998 part of Västra Götalands län.
Area: 4 136 sqkm (99 * 59 km). Pop: 53 391 (1999), 55 000 (1975), 66 000 (1906).
Kommuner /Socknar (parishes) Härader: List and Map Map of province
Åmål Bengtsfors Dals-Ed Mellerud Färgelanda Vänersborg
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Topic Name Description Link L
General SCB# 15 (after 1998 # 14)      
Major Region Sites Dalsland page at Rötter     S
Local heritage Dalslands Fornminnes- och Hembygdsförbund Addresses to all hembygdsföreningar (local heritage societies)   S
Research centre Melleruds Museum & Släktarkiv All church recs, literature, local museum >Go> B
Current time Dalsland on line Tourist info at Smorgasbord (Eng)   S
Borderland (to Norway) Gränsbygdens Släktforskare (Dalsland, Bohuslän, Østfold) . Society contact only. No data S
History SweGGate original article A few notes on the history of the province >Go> E
History at Smorgasbord     E
Namn och Vapen The Dalsland name and coat of Arms Extensive article by Emanuel Bergman
(Hembygden, 1924, p 7-17, no images on line)
(Want translation ? Request it)
>Go> S
Province Länsstyrelse  Västra Götalands län. County gov't. Admin info   B
Divisions Kommuner, Socknar (församlingar) och Härader kommuner (communes), socknar / församlingar (parishes) and härader (judicial districts): Kommun / Socken . Härad / Socken   E
Churches Swedish state church buildings Descriptions (RAÄ). Description of some of the churches. S
Specific Guides      
General Rötter: Tips on Dalsland Research Research tips, Literature (lots), Local societies >Go> S
Discussions Rötter: Home . General . Socknar (parishes) . "Wanted board" . S
Literature P-O Bergman Lots of literature links, several articles in full on line   S
Literature Göthe Jansson Literature links   S
Local sites >>> Subdivisions >>>    
Specific Sources Here you'll find only sources spanning several socknar and overviews. Check the local pages too !
Church records Indexes to Dalsland church records Catalogue of films at LDS library Catalogue M
Census Records Census and taxation records Älvsborg county LDS M
Obituaries Provinstidningen (a local newspaper) "Dalsland". Index of obituaries for year 1950 Sorted by surname. Columns: Name, place of death, age, date of publication >Go> S
Families Ingewaldssläkten Ingewald Family >Go> B
Families Edman ancestry Several Dalsland places +around Uddevalla >Go> S
Family data Jarl ancestors Several places in Dalsland, Värmland ... Places S
Family data Modh ancestors Several places in Dalsland, esp. Färgelanda >Go> N
Family Tree Hesselroth Dalsland, Bohuslän, Värmland >Go> S
Family Tree S-G Sjöberg Several places in Dalsland, Värmland Bohuslän (Solberga) >Go> S
Story Indelte soldaten Hans Åhs dagbok 1807 Personal diary of soldier Hans Åhs for 1807 >Go> S

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