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Ångermanland Landskap
Northern 4/5 of Västernorrlands län (Y) plus parts of Västerbottens län (AC). Härnösands stift (diocese)
Area: 21 000 sqkm. Pop: 161 252 (1981)
Map of Y län Map of parishes Y län
Strömsund Sollefteå Örnsköldsvik Härnösand
Nordmaling Kramfors Vännäs (part) Umeå (part)
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General SCB# 22      

Province created in the 14th century. Industry: mainly forest products.

Province Länsstyrelse Västernorrlands län. Västerbottens län. County gov't. Admin info B
Churches Swedish state church buildings Descriptions Sollefteå. Örnsköldsvik. Härnösand. Kramfors . Strömsund . Nordmaling (RAÄ)   S
Old maps Gamlakartor.nu Map from 18th century to buy >Go> S
Specific Guides      
Mailing List specific for this parish.  SWE-ANGERMANLAND
Local sites      
Strömsund SCB# 2313. Kommun home page
Sollefteå SCB# 2283. Kommun home page
  Graninge: SCB# 228303.  Created in 1673 as bruksförsamling and in 1873 converted to annexförsamling


Magnus Johansson Släktforskning Villages AND the people who lived there,
Birth records, Båtsmän (navy soldiers), Emigrants,
>Go> S
Örnsköldsvik SCB# 2284. Kommun home page. Check Kultur & Fritid: Museer, konst och kultur
New web site about "Höga kusten". Map, pictures. Some pages in English.
Härnösand SCB# 2280.   Kommun home page. Check "Kultur, Fritid & Nöje" find "föreningskatalog" (=local societies) "Församlingar" = parishes.
Specific Sources      
Census 1890   Select "English" then "Västernorrland" (Y) >Go> B
Emigration Many emigrants travelled west and left through the port of Trondheim, Norway. Digitalarkivet has a database  
Birth Books Ström, Hammerdal parishes 1694-1790. Original + Name search >Go> S
Båtsmän (navy soldiers) Olof G Strömberg Båtsmän in Medelpad and Ångermanland. History and a person database. Abt 1600 - 1900. Excellent ! Home . Search S
Family data Bertil Johnson Ångermanland, Medelpad, Dalarna .. >Go> S
Family data Ditte Schröder Several places in Ångermanland (and elsewhere) >Go> S

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