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Topic Author / Editor Title Publication data L M
Indelningverket Hans Högman The Allotment system (Swedish Mil. Recruitment) Svenska . English B I
Indelningverket Rolf Ström The Allotment system >Go> E I
Recruitment F Haeffner Different soldier recruitment systems over time Overview E H
Swedish Armed Forces Current organization and some history  >>Go>> E I

Uniforms, Heraldry and Decorations
Topic Author / Editor Title Publication data L M
Ranks, Insignia SweGGate (Haeffner) Old Military Ranks >Go> E H
Ranks, Insignia SweGGate (Haeffner) Old Military Ranks and insignia around 1940, pictures >Go> E H
Ranks, Insignia Swedish Armed Forces Modern Military Ranks and insignia >Go> (click and magnify !) S I
Ranks, Insignia Hans Högman Military Ranks and insignia >Go> B I
Uniforms Hans Högman Pictures in several pages about military English B I
Uniforms Rolf Ström Many uniforms from early 1800 >Go> B I
Uniform details Per Håkan Lundqvist ? Collection of helmets, caps, sabre scabbards and cartouches, 1680-1930. >Go> . Many colourful pictures M I
Uniforms   Uniforms used in Västgöta Dals Regiment 1765 - 1880 (army) >Go>   I
Uniform Parade uniform, Army 19th century (Fanj Hansson, Frändefors (P)) >Go>   H
Heraldry Elias Granqvist Heraldik / Heraldry >Go> B I
-- " -- Heraldiska Samfundet The Heraldry Society of Sweden Svenska . English B I

Topic Title / Description Publication data L M
Territory Swedish territorial changes. SweGGate Guide E H
War The Thirty Years War (1618-48) Martin Spahn. The Catholic Encycl., Vol XIV, 1912 E I
War Napoleonkriget ("Napoleonic war"), 1805-14 Detailed history here (M Olofsson) E I
War Museum about Sweden during WW2 Beredskapsmuseet
Pictures (batteries)

Topic Title / Description Publication data L M
Soldier life Photo of a Soldattorp Bohusläns försvarsmuseum (Slow but nice) S I
Soldattorp Photos / descriptions / examples Bohuslän . Pershov S I

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