SweGGate mailing lists Guidelines

Mailing List Guide

Guidelines for RootsWeb genealogical mailing lists
Sweden, SweGGate and Nordmarken 

To make the lists work efficiently and a pleasure to use for all of us please read and follow these simple guidelines. 
I may remind you if you don't, but will "throw someone off the list" only in extreme cases.

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I welcome your views - the lists are here to serve you !  Use the mail link at the bottom of this page.

  1. RootsWeb "Acceptable Use Policy" applies to all RootsWeb lists - FIRST PARAGRAPH:
    RootsWeb.com Terms & Conditions
    Before using or subscribing to RootsWeb.com, please review the following terms and conditions which define your rights, responsibilities, and benefits as a user of RootsWeb.com.    ----   READ THE REST

  2. All the obvious rules apply - like no inflammatory remarks, personal attacks, politics, religious propaganda, racial hostility etc. 
    You can - of course - discuss politics, religion and ethnic topics in a strict genealogical and historical context.

  3. A courteous attitude and language is expected

  4. Always remember that you are asking others for a favour and try to help someone (else) in return. Please consider that some replies may have taken hours to prepare and even involved costs.

  5. All contributions to the list and research are voluntary and you cannot demand or ask for compensation in any form for your contribution or subsequent additional info. If you want to provide info for which you paid (will pay for) please negotiate this off list. Note that this applies only to costs incurred - not payment for services !

  6. You are not allowed to use the list to solicit customers for paid research services. This includes advertising on the list in any form as well as reading the list and approaching list members on or off list to offer paid services. 

  7. Please phrase your question carefully and proof-read it before sending. Keep all mails short and to the point. Send different issues in separate mails.

  8. Make sure you tell about what you already know but quote detail info only if relevant to your current question.

  9. Do not use the list to publish your family tree. Include only the persons relevant to your question but for those give all relevant info.

  10. Never send to the list quotes which may be an infringement on other's copyright. Check the copyright notice on your source before including in your mail.

  11. Never send info about living persons without permission from each of them.

  12. Do not include long "tags" at the end of every mail. It is OK to include other research lines when asking a question related to those lines but not as a "trailer" in every mail. Ads for commercial sites are not allowed (except those you cannot avoid - added by your mail server company). Do not advertise your own websites unless your mail refers to information on that web-site.

  13. Do not include entire queries or previous mails in your replies or comments. It rapidly fills people's mailboxes and the person you reply to wrote what you copy. It also fills the list archives with useless duplicates making searches there much harder.
    -- If needed (e.g. when you translate a passage) include that quote only. 
    -- It is often a good idea to include a SHORT quote from the question to refresh the memory of other listers. 
    -- Do NOT include a series of previous mails and 
    --  always remove ALL "taglines" (the ads at the end of mails). 
    -- NEVER include entire Digest mails

  14. All info sent to the list is copyright the sender except direct quotes from other copyright owners.
    Also read the copyright topic in the RootsWeb policy which gives them some rights

  15. Set your email program "Reply to" setting to default or <blank> to make replies go to the list instead of directly to you. If replies go directly to you then people on the list will waste their time repeating what others already sent you off list !   (How to do it)

Please read my guide to efficient use of mailing lists here.

See you on the lists !     Fredrik,  your list administrator.