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SAL, Swe America Line In a websearch engine type in "Svenska Amerika Linjen". expect abt 250 hits. My pick: SAL Hae
SVAR On the "SVAR Katalog" page: (This is an on-line shopping mall)
Prices: Buy:18-20 SEK/fiche, Loan: 20 SEK/fiche volume. Minimum charge 50 SEK
Menu: Click "Kyrkoarkiv", then the Parish name range, then the parish name. Find the time period and click the blue numbered link to put that in your shopping cart.

"Se beställning" = view your current order", "Till kassan" = to the cashier's desk.
COPYRIGHTed material. All duplication prohibited.
From outside Sweden: Consider the alternative source LDS.
RÖTTER, Anbytarforum Click link '>>>' in the window you came from. (Rötter). Click "Anbytarforum" on the left menu. Select "Discussions in English" or "Landskap" for province-specific queries.

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RÖTTER, Sockensök

Type the name of the län (county), landskap (province), kommun (commune, municipality) or socken/församling (parish) OR the SCB code number you are looking for in the field below "Sök här". Make sure spelling AND capitalization is EXACT. Click "Sök" button.
Reply titles :
Landskap Nuvarande
Nuvarande län SCB-kod Kyrkböckernas
Province Current
parish name
Current county SCB-code Parish records
stored at

kn = kommun = municipality. SCB = Central Bureau of Statistics. LA = Landsarkiv = County archive. (Normally you would order through LDS or SVAR anyway)
Please note that the search gives you the current divisions. Many parishes and municipalities have changed in the years passed. To find details of changes use
RSV site (Swedish only)

Swe Parish List Click the appropriate letter on the alphabet strip at the top. Scroll to find the parish name. Note the ID number (6 digits). Return to top of page (Home key) and select "To which community..."
There select the "län" corresponding to the first two digits in the parish ID# and click "Sök". On the next page find the parish name and the heading will tell you the name of the "kommun" to which that parish belongs.
So now you have parish name, kommun name and län name. That is enough to order records and to find it on maps.
Special parishes A few parishes in Sweden have special characteristics in being "virtual" = constituting a social connection between parishioners rather than the common geographical definition. (cf socken)  
Släktdata Föreningen Currently reorganizing the site. At present you have to guess the parish by the abbreviation in the file name. Revisit later. Hae
Jönköping Parish Recs Below on the first screen you can see a listing of the recorded parishes. Click on one name. You now see a short description in Swe. and 3 links: födda (births), vigda (married) and döda (deaths) and for each the year range(s). Click one link. Hae
Lantmäteriet, map search 2005-01-12: This guide is outdated since the site changed layout
Type name in top box. Click "SÖK" (Search).
Be very accurate when typing. Looking for Södra Finnskoga type exactly that. Finnskoga or S Finnskoga will give no hits. Diacritics must be used. It is not case sensitive however.
Select one in 2nd box if > 1 hit. Read below the box in which
kommun the selected hit is located and on the second line what type of object it is. After selecting the right one click "VISA" (show). Select magnification using the pile of 8 cubes to the right of the map.
Boxes 1-2 use scale 1:700 000, Sweden Map, boxes 3-4 use 1:250 000, Overview Map, boxes 5-6 use 1:100 000, Road Map and boxes 7-8 uses 1:50 000, Terrain Map.
The even numbered boxes will show the same map as the next lower number but 2x magnified.
You can move the map by grabbing in the map with left mouse button and move OR by clicking the arrows on the map sides. Careful ! It is easy to get lost in higher magnifications.
Save map to own hard-drive by right-clicking in the map window then select 'Save picture as' (IE).
COPYRIGHTed material. Personal use only !
There are two different interfaces: a new, very fancy and very slow and the "old" "text version". Use the text version since it saves you a lot of time and allows you to save the map window - the new one has blocked the "right-click" menu.
Lantmäteriet, maps "län" 2005-01-12: This guide is outdated since the site changed layout
Title "Länskartor" = Maps of Counties. Type 1 "Länskartor" = .gif files = common image format. Type 2 in wmf / emf format, use for MS Word (not std image). Copyrighted material. Personal use only !
Click on the Län you want. Save map to own hard-drive by right-click, 'Save picture as' (IE).
Stadskartan Top 4 dropdowns: #1 select "Städer & Orter". Find and click the place name. The left map shows the "kommun" (municipality), the right one the selected area. Zoom in by clicking various parts of the map. Then use navigation tools above map. To print map ("printer" icon at the left in menu above map) you must be registered (free service)
Register: Click dropdown #4 in top menu. Select "Registrera dig". The fields are: Name, Email addr., User name, Password twice, Tel area code (use "----")
Soldatregister Krigsarkivet website about regional soldier registers:
LEFT column: Names, mail addresses. RIGHT column: Regiments / units in register.
Soldatregistret i Bohuslän Will do search on mailed request. Fee: SEK 100 (abt USD 10) per family +postage. They want more info. Try to negotiate an exchange deal if you have info to offer. Hae
Ragunda Emigrant Center Will do search on mailed request. Fee: USD 50 per person +postage. (Outrageous in my opinon.)
They want more info. Try to negotiate an exchange deal if you have info to offer.
Gula Sidorna The Swedish national phone book on line. Main page in English offers search for companies.
To search for persons click "Find a person". That page is in Swedish only. "Secret numbers" are of course not included.
At the top combobox select either "Sök privatperson (Find person) or Sök telefonnummer (Find phone number)
Searching a person
Förnamn/mellannamn = Given name(s) (maybe middle initial)  .. Efternamn= surname
Ange område = select region (hela landet = all Sweden). This is a mix of cities and areas. Use "hela landet" if you are unsure
Gatuadress = street address. Always in the order Street name then number, no commas
Postnr = zip code. Format 5 digits: 3 plus 2 - no letters
Postort/Riktnromr = Postal area (usually a city name) / name of telephone area (ref to area code)
Titel = title
? gives help    Rensa = clear form    Sök = start search. Pressing ENTER key will selekt the sök = search option
The comboboxes at the side have alternatives
Exakt stavning = exact spelling  .. Börjar med = starts with .. Liknar = similar to
Searching a phone number
Riktnr = area code,  telefonnr = telephone number. The buttons are described above.
Parish Records Ref (History . Eccles. Division, Key variables . Registers). Svenska  
Mantalslängd = mantalsskrivningsbok (census), gradually replace husförhörslängd from end of 19th century and do not record any church matters. Hae
Domböcker Records from the häradsrätt / tingsrätt (district courts). Useful esp. for tracing "illegitimate" children, but also as a second source when parish records fail. Hae

(IE) = MS Internet Explorer
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