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Step 0 Collect as much info as possible reaching into the 20th century.
Step 1 Search the 1970 Census CD. Use different spellings and combinations of info. For women remember they are registered here under their married surname.
This may give you the spouse and some children (if they live with parents in 1970)
Step 2 Search the "Death CD". Preferably use the exact info from the 1970 Census CD - otherwise try different combinations of info.
This will give you the death date and either the death date of the spouse or the divorce date or the marriage date, depending on civil status at the time
Step 3 If not found in the death book try the Swedish Online Phone Book.
1970 & 1980
Complete census of the Swedish population as of end of 1970 or 1980. Available on CD
Sv Dödbok 1970-2003 Searchable database of all deaths in Sweden ca 1970 - 1999. Available on CD
Telefonkatalogen Current public and private phone numbers for all of Sweden. Searchable on line 
Starter For the first contact start by sending a SHORT introductory mail (e-mail or snail-mail) using simple language. 
Tell your name, residence and your purpose of the mail in the introduction.
Ask if it is a big trouble that you can write only in English.
Give a hint of what you can offer but don't send entire family trees yet. Point out how interesting it will be to get in touch or at least share info.
Ask only a few questions. Many questions to someone who has a hard time reading English will cause many people to give up and ignore your mail.
Don't get too personal in this first mail. Don't use first names only - many older people may feel offended.
Knowledge of English Most Swedes below the age of 60 have studied English a few years at school (a few hours/week) but many seldom had use for it so they forgot most of it and/or feel uncomfortable speaking or writing in English. People ages 40 and younger can usually manage a simple conversation and many have a fair knowledge since we have many movies in English both at the cinema and on TV. Sweden never dubbed movies - we always use subtitles so the original dialog is intact.
They don't speak/read English If you cannot write in Swedish or get someone to translate mails - try asking for another relative to contact.

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