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RootsWeb Mailing list for genealogy beginners. >Go> E I
RootsWeb J Legried: 6 beginner's lessons (general, not Sweden specific) >Go> E I
Genealogy.com Genealogy learning center >Go> E I
LDS Family History Advice, Literature., person db, family sites and much more Home . Library . Review E I
GenForum General Genealogical Forum. Has a Sweden msg board. Lots of US functions.  Quick multi search function (US only) >Go> E I
RootsWeb Mailing list for genealogy methodology and techniques. >Go> E I
LDS Family History Research Guide, Sweden >Go> E I
Swenson Center (Augustana college) Guides to Sweden emigrant research.
Also a Journal: Swedish American Genealogist
>Go> E I
Johansson, Carl-Erik Cradled in Sweden. . Rev ed 1995. On film at LDS. New edition 2002. Very useful. RECOMMENDED E B
Olsson, Nils W Tracing Your Swedish Ancestry. Genealogical guide, 40 pages.  1963, rev. 2000-08 (Reader program PDF here) Download (pdf)
or here
RSV Population registration in Sweden. Description of procedures.
RSV =Swe "IRS" which handles all population reg. since 1991-07-01
Sv. Släktforskarförb. Rötter (All Sweden) >Go> . Review S I
B. Magnusson Glimten (Göteborg, Halland mostly). Also MANY transcribed church records to download. >Go> . Review S I
Link Lists        
Cyndi's List Useful for US research. Sweden section of very little value. >Go> E I
Google Directory Sect: Genealogy. Loads of links in English - some good some no good >Go> E I
Methods Genealogical methods      
Normering Normative spelling of Swedish given names. IMPORTANT ! >Go>    
Auktorisering Standards for linking a name to an individual. IMPORTANT ! >Go>    
Special Topics        
Rötter "Father Unknown - What to Do ?" (E Thorsell) >Go> E I
DDSS Fader / Moder okänd (Father / Mother unknown). Research guide (sorry-Swedish only) >Go> S I
DIS Datorhjälp i Släktforskningen (Computer assistance for Genealogy) >Go>   I
LDS Program: Personal Ancestry File, PAF 5.1. A very useful, well working genealogy program with many useful features. Has international versions, e.g. Swedish. RECOMMENDED. Version 5.2.18 released in Aug 2002. Review  Download 
FAQ User msg board
RootsWeb GEN-COMP-TIPS Mailing list for computer genealogy >Go> E I
Michael Horey Program, graphics: DFT, Dynamic Family Tree. Use for display on your PC or on your web site and let your visitors "walk" your tree. A separate compiler program produces a searchable, interactive family tree from your GEDCOM file.
New version 9.1 Aug 10, 2002
An excellent tool ! Free. A must !
GEDCOM Links re. GEDCOM format (at the middle of this page >>) >Go> E I
GEDCOM Language definitions. For programmers only. >Go> E I
T Mark James Read GEDCOM files directly with the GedView program (download free) >Go> E I
SweGGate Misc Tech aids >Go> E H

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