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Overview Background: Among the about 2 500 parishes in Sweden several have identical names. In the old times this was probably not a big problem and one used long names like Björke i Gäsene härad (today Södra Björke) and Björke i Väne härad (today Norra Björke), i.e. adding the name of the härad where the socken was located.
With the advent of computer databases a unique, short code was needed and so the Central Bureau of Statistics (SCB) created the so called "SCB ID"
In genealogy you need this number to make a unique identification of a socken (or kommun). Usually you can make a unique reference by naming the kommun together with the socken/församling name.
In genealogical records reference is, if necessary, made naming both socken and kommun name like this: <socken>, <kommun>.
Example: Dalby socken, Torsby kommun (S)
where (S) is the county code for Värmlands län
If you are sure there is no risk of confusion you can use this template: <socken>, <län>
Example: Dalby socken, Värmlands län OR Dalby socken, S län OR Dalby socken, (S). (cf "Washington DC")
Group 1:
First two digits
Denote the län. The number is unique within Sweden. Find names and numbers here
In genealogy this is seldom used other than as part of a kommun (4 digits) or socken (6 digits) ID number. To write a short ref to a län the alphabetic code is commonly used, e.g. "(H)" for Kalmar län.
Group 2:
digits 3-4
Denote the kommun (commune / municipality). The number is unique within the län indicated by the first 2 digits, i.e. a four-digit number constitutes a unique identification of a kommun.
In genealogy this is seldom noted since only few kommuner have identical names and in those cases the län or landskap is usually noted together with the kommun name.
Group 3:
digits 5-6
Denote the socken / församling (parish). The number is unique within the kommun indicated by the first 4 digits of the complete number.
In genealogy this number is useful to make a unique reference. This may be necessary if you don't know or are unsure of the spelling of the name. It is very useful when creating databases and to enable quick searches in large documents. The greatest advantage is that you eliminate all confusion about spelling - not only created by language differences but also those arising from name changes.
The official SCB number usually has the last 2 digits set to "00" for parishes that no longer exist (usually assimilated into another parish). This practice creates problems for historians and genealogists. To my knowledge there is no official coding of ceased parishes - you have to use the long name indicating parish AND kommun and/or län. cf overview
On the SweGGate socken specific pages you will find the SCB ID as "SCB#"

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