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SweGGate uses the provinces for presentation of regional information. To find detail info of a place within a län find the corresponding province in the table below and go to that province's pages.
In the "Name" column the name is given in the possessive form used when the name is followed by the word "län". The rule is to add a possessive "s" to the native name but please note a few exceptions to the rule below ! (Uppsala, Kalmar, Blekinge, Malmöhus, Skåne, Bohus, Örebro, Västerås), the majority because they end in a vowel or a "s", Kalmar by tradition.
In Swedish genealogical records the alpha code is commonly used instead of the full name, e.g. "(D)" instead of "Södermanlands län".
Map of counties (before 1998)

Name Alpha code Num code Residensstad Comments / changes Corresponding "landskap" Map
Order: C-clockwise, starting with Stockholm     County "capital" All names are given as if the word "län" would follow (genitive) Approximation only ! All
Stockholms A, B, AB 01 Stockholm Subdivisions (city / rural) have different alpha codes. Uppland /east + Södermanland /north  
Uppsala C 03 Uppsala   Uppland /central  
Södermanlands D 04     Södermanland /part  
Östergötlands E 05     Östergötland  
Jönköpings F 06 Jönköping   Småland /north  
Kronobergs G 07     Småland /central  
Kalmar H 08 Kalmar   Småland /east + Öland  
Gotlands I 09 Visby   Gotland  
Blekinge K 10     Blekinge  
Kristianstads L 11 Kristianstad After 1997 included in new Skåne län Skåne  
Malmöhus M 12 Malmö After 1997 included in new Skåne län Skåne  
Skåne M 12 Malmö New 1997 from Kristianstads + Malmöhus Skåne  
Hallands N 13     Halland  
Bohus län       Ceased in 1680 - see Göteborgs och Bohus Bohuslän  
Göteborgs och Bohus O,OA 14 Göteborg Created 1680 from Bohus län, Göteborg (city) and parts of Älvsborgs län. 15 kommuner
After 1998 included in new Västra Götalands län
Bohuslän (confusing using "län" but this is a province name) +small part of Västergötland.  
Älvsborgs P 15 Vänersborg After 1998 included in new Västra Götalands län Dalsland + Västergötland /west  
Skaraborgs R 16 Skara Created 1634. 8 000 sqkm. 16 kommuner
After 1998 included in new Västra Götalands län
Västergötland /east  
Västra Götalands O 14 Göteborg New 1998 from Göteborg och Bohus +Älvsborgs +Skaraborgs Västergötland  
Värmlands S 17 Karlstad   Värmland  
Örebro T 18 Örebro   Närke + Västmanland /west  
Västmanlands U 19 Västerås Created 1634, present area defined 1719. 6 761 sqkm. 3 domsagor, 4 tingslag, 4 fögderier. Major cities: Västerås, Köping, Fagersta, Sala, Arboga. Västmanland /east + Uppland /west  
Västerås - - Västerås Existed from abt 1500 until 1719, then part of Västmanlands    
Strömsholms län - -   Existed from abt 1500 until 1719, then part of Västmanlands    
Kopparbergs W 20 Falun 1997 name changes to Dalarnas län Dalarna  
Dalarnas W 20 Falun New name for Kopparbergs län 1997    
Gävleborgs X 21 Gävle Created in 1762. 10 kommuner Hälsingland + Gästrikland. 1762 -1810 also Härjedalen.  
Västernorrlands Y 22     Ångermanland + Medelpad  
Jämtlands Z 23 Östersund   Jämtland + Härjedalen  
Västerbottens AC 24     Västerbotten + Lappland /SW  
Norrbottens BD 25     Norrbotten + Lappland /most  

kommuner = communes (similar to municipalities)
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