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 SweGGate Theme: Geography

Theme organization:
Facts This section has the sources of geographical facts.
Guides Guide section provides advice on what geographical material to use, where to find it and how to use it.
Sources The geography theme does not have a "Sources" section (no "genealogical" sources here). Use the Facts section instead.
Dictionary A glossary of some important or common Swedish words connected to geography
Travel Data A special section where you find facts on travels like routes, ships, railways, passenger lists etc.

Topic Title Publication data L M
If you don't find advice here check for "Help" link at the specific source      
Overview Land, Land ownership, taxation. *** SweGGate Star Guide *** E H
Overview Farm types and farming people *** SweGGate Star Guide *** E H
Divisions Special guide to divisions in Sweden *** SweGGate Star Guide *** E H
Divisions, Administrative Special guide to Administrative divisions *** SweGGate Star Guide *** E H
Divisions, Religious Special guide to Religious divisions / church organization *** SweGGate Star Guide *** E H
ID numbers for socken / församling / kommun / län. *** SweGGate Star Guide *** E H
Geographical names Guide to the meaning of many geographical names *** SweGGate Star Guide *** E H
Guides to: Some major geographical sources      
Lantmäteriet Sweden detailed maps: (Map site with search) Help (outdated) E H
Lantmäteriet, Counties Län / Landskap (County/Province) maps Help (outdated) E H
Stadskartan Town maps (site with search) Help E H

Geographical Terminology
Swe Eng Swe Eng Swe Eng
län county kommun commune / municipality härad jurisdictional district
landskap province församling, pastorat parish, pastorate socken parish
stift diocese        

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