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*** SweGGate StarGuide *** Useful Swedish words related to genealogy in several dictionaries. >SweGGate Genealogical Dictionaries> B H
*** SweGGate StarGuide *** Some Useful Swedish abbreviations >Alphabet, Typing and Pronunciation> E H
*** SweGGate Guide *** Misc language notes Differentiate Nordic languages E H
Svenska Språknämnden (National Board for Swedish Language) >Go> S I
Svenska Dagbladet Swedish Dialects Text AND audio ! S I
Pettersson, Peter MAL VIKINGA Viking language, runic alphabet Complete guide with alphabet and grammar. E I
Vikinganswerlady Viking names >Go>    
Pettersson, Peter Old Norse Language More on old Nordic Language. E I
  Nordic (Viking) origin of place names in English    >Go> E I
On line courses      
Urban Sikeborg Introduction to Swedish >Go> . Downloadable ! (Word 6 format). RECOMMENDED E I
Björn Engdahl Swedish Course >Go> E I
Aaron Rubin A Swedish Language Course >Go> E I
Peter Dörling Old style handwriting (Sütterlin font) Alphabet, exercises and downloadable font. >Go> E I
Some periods in Swedish language history:
fornsvenska = "ancient" Swedish language. Period from the first documented Swedish language - abt year 800 - to about 1526.  cf the term for the time period in general: fornsvensk.
äldre fornsvenska The first part of the period: ca 800 to ca 1375
yngre fornsvenska The second part of the period: ca 1375 to ca 1526
Some terms in connection with the Swedish language
alfabet = alphabet, from the names of the 2 first letters in the Latin alphabet: alpha and beta. Denotes a standard sorting order of the letters of a language.
runa a rune, a letter in the oldest written Nordic languages, derived from old Germanic written language - the oldest rune inscription found is 2000 years old. (more in link above)
With the arrival of the Catholic missionaries the Latin alphabet was introduced and eventually replaced the rune futhark.
futhark the rune "alphabet", i.e. all the 16-24 rune characters listed in a standardized order. cf. Latin alphabet. The name futhark is constructed in a similar way being the 6 first runes in that order: f,u,th,a,r and k.

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