SweGGate Facts: Medical Diagnoses 1861

Facts: Medical Diagnoses

From legal publication Sweden SFS 1861, No 66

Please remember that this list was compiled in 1861 - before we knew the exact cause of most diseases. Most of the medical terms are therefore descriptive and do not indicate various causes like modern terminology does.
This is before the identification of bacteria, viruses and other infectious agents but the term inflammation was used for the signs of infection. The term infection was unknown.
Please note that this list of diagnoses was intended for the medical profession only. Priests may have used a few of these when registering causes of death in death books but the level of detail in this list is well above the common medical knowledge of priests.
Read more medical terms in my medical dictionary.
Nr Swedish Latin / Greek English Comments
I Folksjukdomar Morbi epidemici, miasmatici, contagiosi Epidemic, public and infectious diseases   
1 Tyfus och Tyfoidfeber Typhus et Febris Typhoides Typhus and Typhoid fever  
2 Hjernfeber Meningitis cerebro-spinalis Cerebral and spinal meningitis Infection of the brain and spinal cord
3 Difterit Diphteria Diphtheria  
4 Strypsjuka Angina membranacea   Swedish term meaning "strangulation disease"
5 Influenza Influenza Influenza  
6 Kikhosta Pertussis Whooping cough Sometimes lethal in old days
7 Asiatisk Kolera Cholera Asiatica Cholera  
8 Inhemsk Kolera Cholera nostras Endemic cholera The variant more common in Sweden
9 Rödsot Dysenteria Dysentery Quite common in old days and often lethal, especially for children
10 Diarrhé Diarrhoea Diarrhoea Unspecified cause
11 Barnsängsfeber Febris puerperalis Childbed fever Fairly common until Semmelweiss' discovery.
12 Frossa Febris intermittens Remitting fever Various causes, malaria very UNcommon in Sweden
13 Påssjuka Angina parotidea Mumps  
14 Smittkoppor Variola Smallpox  
14 Modifierade koppor Variolides Smallpox-like disease not = chicken-pox
15 Vattenkoppor Varicellae Chicken-pox  
16 Skarlakansfeber Scarlatina Scarlet fever Modern: Scharlakansfeber
17 Messling Morbilli Measles  
18 Smittosam ögonsjukdom Conjunctivitis trachomatosa et granulosa Trachoma  
II Konstitutionela sjukdomar Cachexiae Diseases causing severe weight loss  
19 Skrofelsjukdom Scrophulosis Scrofulous disease  
20 Tuberkelsjukdom Tuberculosis Tuberculosis  
21 Kräftsjukdom Cancer, Carcinoma Cancer, Carcinoma  
22 Engelska Sjukan Rachitis Rickets  
23 Skörbjugg Scorbutus Scurvy  
24 Bleksot och Blodbrist Chlorosis et Anaemia "Pale disease" and Anaemia  
25 Wattusot Hydrops Dropsy  
26 Gikt Arthitis Gout or other arthritis  
27 Strupsvulst Struma Goiter  
28 Spetälska Elephantiasis graecorum Leprosy Note that the Latin term = Greek giant disease. The disease causes huge local swellings
III Förgiftningsjukdomar Intoxicationes Intoxications  
29 Fyllerigalenskap Delirium tremens Delirium Alcohol intoxication
30 Kronisk Alkoholsjukdom Alcoholismus chronicus Chronic alcoholism  
31 Dragsjuka Ergotismus Intoxication by ergotamine  
32 Narkotisk förgiftning Narcotismus Drug intoxication / abuse  
33 Förgiftning genom kolångor Intoxication e vaporibus carbonum Carbon monoxide poisoning Good description before the carbon monoxide gas was discovered.
34 Förgiftning med Syror Intoxication ex acidus Poisoning by acids  
36 Arsenikförgiftning Arsenismus Arsenic poisoning  
35 Fosforförgiftning Phosphorismus Phosphorus poisoning   
37 Blyförgiftning Morbus saturninus Lead poisoning  
38 Qwicksilfwerförgiftning Hydrargismus Mercury poisoning  
39 Venerisk Sjukdom; Dröppel Syphilis; Gonorrhoea Venereal disease; Syphilis; Gonorrhoea  
40 Wattuskräck Hydrophobia, Rabies Rabies "Wattuskräck" / Hydrophobia = Fear of water - a visible sign in advanced disease.
41 Mjeltbrand Pustula maligna Anthrax Cause was unknown so term describes swelling of the spleen and severe skin pustules.
42 Rotz Equinia, Malleus    
43 Ormbett Morsus serpentis Snake bite  
IV Lokala sjukdomar Morbi locales Local Diseases  
IVa Sjukdomar i hjerna, ryggmärg och nervsystem Morbi cerebri, medullae spinalis et systematis nervosi Diseases of the brain, spinal cord and nervous system  
44 Sinnesjukdom Morbus psychicus Mental disease Note the singular form - no differentiation at this time. Cf "Allmän Nervswaghet" below 
45 Kongestion till hjernan Congestion cerebralis Cerebral congestion Swelling of brain
46 Inflammation i hjerna och hjernhinnor Enchephalitis et Meningitis cerebralis Inflammation of brain and meninges  
47 Inflammation i ryggmärg och ryggmärgshinnor Myelitis et Meningitis spinalis Inflammation of spinal cord and spinal meninges  
48 Stelkramp och Munläsa Tetanus et Trismus Tetanus and Lockjaw Locked jaw is an important sign of this disease
49 Hjern- och Ryggmärgsslagfluss Apoplexia cerebri et medullae spinalis Stroke of brain and spinal cord  
50 Hjern- och Ryggmärgsskakning Commotio cerebri et medullae spinalis Concussion of brain and spinal cord  
51 Organiska Hjern- och Ryggmärgssjukdomar Morbi organici cerebri et medullae spinalis Organic diseases of brain and spinal cord  
52 Fallandesot och konvusioner Epilepsia et Convulsiones Epileptic and convulsive diseases  
53 Nervsmärta Neuralgia Neuralgic pain  
54 Lamhet Paralysia Paralysis  
55 Allmän Nervswaghet Debilitas nervosa Debilitating nervous disease "lighter" diagnoses than mental disease (above)
56 Ryggmärgsretning Irritation spinalis Irritation of the spinal cord Purely descriptive
57 Hysteri Hysteria Hysteric disease from Greek hystera = womb
58 Hypokondri Hypochondria Hypochondria  
IVb Sjukdomar i sinnesorganerna Morbi organorum sensus Diseases of sensor organs  
59 Sjukdomar i ögonen och tårwerktygen Morbi oculorum et apparatus lacrimalis Diseases of eyes and tear organs  
59:1 Sjukdomar i ögonlock och bindhinna Morbi palpebrarum et conjunctivae Diseases of eyelids and conjunctiva  
59:2 Sjukdomar i ögongloben och dess muskler Morbi bulbi oculi ejusque musculorum Diseases of eye globe and its muscles  
59:3 Sjukdomar i tårwerktygen Morbi apparatus lacrymalis Diseases of tear organs  
60 Sjukdomar i öronen Morbi organorum auditus Diseases of the ear  
61 Sjukdomar i läppar, tunga, munhåla, swalg och spottorganer Morbi organorum gustus Diseases of the lips, tongue, mouth, pharynx and salivary glands  
62 Sjukdomar i näsan Morbi organorum olfactus Diseases of the nose  
IVc Sjukdomar i cirkulationsorganerna Morbi organorum circulationis Diseases of the circulatory system  
63 Sjukdomar i hjertat Morbi cordis Heart diseases  
63:1 Inflammation i hjertsäck Pericarditis Inflammation of the heart-sac  
63:2 Inflammation i hjerta Myocarditis et Endocarditis Inflammation of the heart  
63:3 Organiska hjertsjukdomar Vitia organica cordis ejusque valvularum Organic heart diseases  
63:4 Nervösa hjertlidanden Affectiones cordis nervosae Nervous heart diseases  
64 Sjukdomar i pulsådrorna Morbi arteriarum Arterial diseases  
64:1 Pulsådersvulst Aneurisma Aneurysm  
64:2 Pulsådertilltäppning Thrombosis et Embolia arteriarum Occlusion of artery  
65 Sjukdomar i blodådrorna Morbi venarum Diseases of veins  
65:1 Inflammation i blodådrorna Phlebitis Inflammation of veins  
65:2 Blodådersvulst Varix Varicose veins  
65:3 Blodådertilltäppning Thrombosis et Embolia venarum Occlusion of vein  
66 Blödningar Haemorrhagiae Bleedings  
67 Sjukdomar i lymfkörtelsystemet Morbi systematis lymphatici Lymphatic diseases  
IV:d Sjukdomar i andedrägtsorganerna Morbi organorum respirationis Diseases of the respiratory system  
68 Sjukdomar i struphufwudet Morbi laryngis Diseases of the larynx  
69 Akut och kronisk katarrh och inflammation i luftrören Catarrhus et Inflammation bronchiorum acuta et chronica Inflammation of windpipes  
70 Lungemphysem Emphysema pulmonum Pulmonary emphysema  
71 Lungödem Oedema pulmonum Pulmonary oedema  
72 Bröstkramp Asthma Asthma  
73 Lunginflammation Pneumonia Pneumonia  
74 Lungslag Apoplexia pulmonum "Stroke" of the lung  
75 Akut inflammation i lungsäcken Pleuritis acuta Acute pleurisy  
76 Kronisk inflammation i lungsäcken Pleuritis chronica; Empyema Chronic pleurisy  
77 Sjukdomar i mellangärdet Morbi diaphragmatis Diseases of the diaphragm  
IV:e Sjukdomar i matsmältningsorganerna Morbi organorum digestionis Diseases of the digestive system  
78 Inflammation i pharynx och matstrupe Pharyngitis et Oesophagitis Diseases of the pharynx and oesophagus  
79 Förträngning af matstrupen Strictura eosophagi Narrowing of the oesophagus  
80 Akut magkatarrh; Gastricism Catarrhus ventriculi acutus; Gastricimus Dyspepsia  
81 Akut mag- och tarmkatarrh; enkel gastrisk feber Catarrhus gastrointestinalis acutus; Febris gastrica simplex Acute gastric / intestinal inflammation less severe than the next diagnosis
82 Akut inflammation i mage och tarmar Gastritis et Enteritis acuta Acute gastric / intestinal inflammation  
83 Kronisk magkatarrh; kronisk maginflammation, magflen, magsmärta Catarrhus ventriculi chronicus, Gastritis chronica; Pyrosis; Cardialgia Chronic dyspepsia / gastritis, Regurgitation, heartburn  
84 Enkelt magsår Ulcus ventriculi simplex "Simple" gastric ulcer  
85 Kronisk tarminflammation och kronisk diarrhé Entero-Colitis chronica et Diarrhoea chronica Chronic bowel inflammation and Chronic diarrhoea  
86 Inflammation i blindtarmen Typhlitis et Perityphlitis Appendicitis Today in Latin: Appendicitis
87 Tarmvred Ileus, Miserere, Volvolus Bowel obstruction excluding simple constipation
88 Tarmarnes nervösa lidanden Affectiones intestinorum nervosae Nervous bowel diseases  
89 Masksjukdom Helminthiasis Intestinal worms  
90 Tarmbråck Hernia Hernia  
91 Tarmfistel Fistula stercoraria Intestinal fistula  
92 Tarmförträngning Strictura intestinalis Narrowing of the bowel  
93 Sjukdomar i ändtarmen Morbi intestini recti Diseases of the rectum  
93:1 Inflammation i ändtarmen Proctitis Inflammation of the rectum  
93:2 Ändtarmsfall Prolapsus ani Anorectal prolaps  
93:3 Ändtarmsfistel Fistula ani Anal fistula  
93:4 Ändtarmsspricka Fissura ani Anal fissure  
93:5 Ändtarms-atresi Atresia ani Anal obliteration  
93:6 Ändtarmsförträngning Strictura intestini recti Narrowing of the rectum  
94 Främmande kroppar i swalg, matstrupe, tarmar och ändtarm Corpora extranea pharyngis, eosophagi, intestinorum et recti Foreign bodies in pharynx...rectum  
95 Inflammation i bukhinnan Peritonitis Peritonitis  
96 Sjukdomar i lefwern Morbi hepatis Liver diseases  
96:1 Inflammation i lefwern Hepatitis acuta Liver Inflammation  
96:2 Gulsot Icterus Jaundice  
96:3 Gallkolik och Gallsten Colica hepatica et Cholelithiasis Cramp and stone in gall bladder  
96:4 Gallfistel Fistula biliosa Fistula to gallbladder  
96:5 Organiska sjukdomar i lefwern Morbi organici hepatis Organic liver diseases  
97 Sjukdomar i mjelten Morbi splenis Diseases of the spleen  
98 Sjukdomar i magspottkörteln Morbi pancreatis Diseases of the pancreas "magspottkörteln" in modern Swedish = bukspottkörteln
IV:f Sjukdomar i urin- och fortplantningsorganerna Morbi organorum uropoeticorum et generationis Diseases of the urinary tract and reproductive system  
99 Inflammation i njurarne Nephritis Inflammation of kidneys  
100 Organiska sjukdomar i njurarne Morbi organici renum Organic renal diseases  
101 Äggvitesjukdom Morbus Brighti Protein in urine Today: Proteinuria
102 Sockersjuka Diabetes mellitus Diabetes  
103 Uraemi Uraemia Uraemia ("urine poisoning")  
104 Stenpassion Lithiasis renalis, vesicalis, prostatica, urethralis Stone in the urinary tracts  
105 Akut och kronisk katarrh och inflammation i urinblåsan; urinstämma; ofrivillig urinavgång Catarrhus acutus et chronicus vesicae; Cystitis acuta et chronica; Retentio, Incontinentia urinae Irritation and inflammation of urinary bladder, urinary blockage and leakage  
106 Sjukdomar i blåskörteln Morbi prostatae Diseases of the prostate gland  
107 Urinfistel Fistula in perineo, rectovesicalis, rectourethralis, vesico-vaginalis Fistula between bladder and intestine and/or vagina  
108 Sjukdomar i manslem och testiklar Morbi penis et testiculorum Diseases of the penis and testicles  
108:1 Hopsnörpning af förhuden Phimosis; Paraphimosis    
108:2 Inflammation i testiklarne Epididymitis; Orchitis    
108:3 Pungsvulst Hydrocele testiculi, funiculi; Haematocele; Pyocele    
108:4 Sädesflytning Spermatorrhea    
108:5 Förträngning af urinröret Strictura urethrae Narrowing of the urethra  
109 Sjukdomar i lifmodren och moderslidan Morbi uteri et vaginae Diseases of the uterus and vagina  
109:1 Inflammation i lifmodren Endometritis; Metritis Inflammation of the uterus  
109:2 Lifmodrens kroniska sjukdomar Morbi uteri chronici Chronic diseases of the uterus  
109:3 Uteblifwen, förswårad, rening Menostasia; Dysmenorrhoea Dysmenorrhoea  
109:4 Sjukdomar i moderslidan Morbi vaginalis Vaginal diseases  
109:5 Hwit fluss Leucorrhea uterina, vaginalis White secretion from vagina  
110 Sjukdomar i äggstockarne Morbi ovariorum Diseases of the ovaries  
111 Sjukdomar i qwinnobrösten Morbi mammarum Diseases of the female breast  
IV:g Sjukdomar i rörelseorganerna och i benen Morbi organorum locomotionis et ossium Diseases of the locomotive system and bones  
112 Akut rheumatism Rheumatismus acutus Acute rheumatism  
113 Kronisk rheumatism Rheumatismus chronicus Chronic rheumatism  
114 Muskelförtvining Atrophia muscularis Muscular wasting  
115 Psoasinflammation, Psoasabscess Psoitis; Abscessus psoanus Inflammation / Abscess close to the psoas muscle Probably commonly spreading from an appendicitis. Rare today
113 Ledgångsinflammation Synovitis articulaitionum et vaginarium tendineum Inflammation of joints or tendons  
117 Ledvatten; främmande kropp i ledgång Hydrarthrosis; Corpus mobile in articulo Excessive synovial fluid; Mobile body in a joint  
118 Ledgångsröta Arthrocace Rotting in joint  
119 Ledgångshopwärning Anchylosis Joint fusion  
120 Kontraktur Contractura Contracture  
121 Ledvridning; Ledvrickning Luxation; Distorsio Joint dislocation; distorsion  
122 Benbrott Fractura Fracture  
123 Falsk ledgång Pseudarthrosis False joint Complication to unhealed fracture
124 Inflammation i ben och benhinna Osteitis; Peiostitis; Hyperostosis Inflammation of bone or bone sheath  
125 Benröta Caries; Necrosis Rotting (death) of bone  
IV:h Sjukdomar i hud- och bindvävssystemerna Morbi systematis cutanei et telae connexivae Diseases of the skin and connective tissues  
126 Akut wattenswullnad Anasarca acutum Acute massive oedema  
127 Ros Erysipelas    
128 Stötar, slag, bristning af mjuka delar Contusiones, Rupturae Contusions, ruptures  
129 Friskt sår Vulnus Fresh wound  
130 Rötsår Ulcus Infected wound  
131 Brännskada Combustio Burn  
132 Kylskada Congelatio Cold injury  
133 Brand Gangraena, Sphacelus Gangrene  
134 Bindvävsinflammation; Bulnad Phlegmone, Abscessus Abscess  
135 Spikböld Furunculus    
136 Karbunkel Carbunculus    
137 Kroniska husjukdomar Morbi cutanei chronici Chronic skin diseases  
138 Parasitiska husjukdomar Morbi cutanei parasitici Parasitic skin diseases  
139 Sensvulst; Senknöl Hygroma, Ganglion Swelling of tendon  
140 Tumörer af hwarjehanda art Tumores varii generis Various tumours  
141 Födelsemärke Naevus Birth mark  

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