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Legal text, usually stating
Date of document, name of the deceased, death date and heirs.
The Swedish texts are transcribed "as is" including spelling mistakes.
År 1845 den 25 Maij förrättades Laga Boupteckning efter skepparen Anders Rånocks kära Maka Henrietta Rånock, född Stolpers som den 13 sistlidne Martii härstädes afled 58 år gammal, och efterlemnade jemte ofvanbemälte dess man, äfven tvenne omyndiga barn: Sonen Erik på 17.e året och Dottern Elina på 11e året gammal, hvilka omyndigas härunder beroende rätt nu bewakades af Tullnären, Herr Carl Rådig som för sådant ändamål hade undfått Wällofl. Rådhusrettens Curators förordnande under den 21 sistlidna April, i hwars närwaro, Enklingen, Skepparen A Rånock alltså nu uppgaf Sterbhusqwarlåtenskapen, som härefter sålunda antecknades och wärderades
< the Inventory list>
On May 25th, 1845 the legal estate inventory was made after the dear wife of the ships captain Anders Rånock, Henrietta Rånock, nee Stolpers, who died here on the 13th of last March at the age of 58 years, and left, in addition to the aforementioned her husband, also two under-age children: the son Erik in his 17th year and the daughter Elina in her 11th year, the rights of whom in this procedure is safe-guarded by the customs officer, Mr Carl Rådig, who for this purpose on the 21st of last April received the benevolent permission of the curator at the Rådhusrätt (city court), and in his presence the widower, ships captain Anders Rånock now thus accounted for the estate which was registered and valued as follows:
< the Inventory list>
År 18xx den 21 Martii förrättades Laga Boupteckning efter aflidne Torparen Anders Pärssons Hustru i Klefwa torp uti Klåböle som med döden afgick den 13 Martii samma år och efterlemnade tvenne Söner och en Dotter hvilka äro omyndiga. Egendomar Uppgafs af åfvan nämnde Anders Pärsson i följande ordning Nemerligen:
< the Inventory list>
On March 21st, 18xx the legal estate inventory was made after the deceased wife of the crofter Anders Pärsson in Klefwa torp in Klåböle (the village), who (the wife !) died on March 13 the same year and left two sons and one daughter who are under age. The property was accounted for by the above Anders Pärsson as follows:
= assets. Also Boets tillgångar = assets of the estate
Several headings may be used as required. See the dictionary.
= debts
often a list of persons whom the deceased owed money
diverse skulder = miscellaneous debts.
= net value of assets (1) and debts (2)
Closing remarks
Legal text usually a confirmation (oath) that everything is included, signature of the person who accounted for the estate (usually a relative, sometimes the relationship is stated), signature of official valuer(s) (värderingsman, plur värderingsmän / värderingsmenn) and overseeing the procedure, signatures of witnesses (vittnen , vitnen).
Commonly also an account for the sum (percentage) to be paid as tax to the poor and sometimes also a receipt that the sum was paid.
Så lunda Er upp Gifvit att ingenting med vett och vilja Ute Glömt det Jag med liflig Ed kan Bestyrka om Så påfordras.  <signature>
Som till kallade Vitnen och Bouptäknings samt Wärdering menn under Skrifva <signature>

De fatigas andel er <sum>
Omförmälta andel till de fattige gottföres <signature>
This text has very bad spelling, which unfortunately is not uncommon in these documents. They were written by trusted men - not scholars. 
The following is accounted for and nothing is knowingly left out, upon which I can take an oath is so requested.  <2 Signatures>
As called witnesses and valuers we sign <2 Signatures>

The share paid to the poor is <sum>
The above share for the poor is received  <signature>

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