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Abbrev T Explanation
f, m , ff, mf, fff  as a relation between people see this page
abs A either [Lat.] absens = not present
OR [Lat.] absolutio = given pardon for sins.
adm O [from Lat.] = admitterad i.e. received into the church = confirmation.
B A As title in church records usually bonden = the farmer (male !) OR barnet = the child.
BB M barnbördshus. Maternity hospital. Also förlossningsanstalt.
bou A = bouppteckning = inventory of the estate (after someone's death). Used in genealogy.
corp A [Latin] corpus (=body) or corporaliter (=bodily, corporal).
Also as a title corporal (modern Swe: korpral) = (Eng) corporal (military rank)
d, D, Dtr O Before a name in a husförhörslängd record: = dotter = daughter.
db A = dödbok = death book/register
dkfg / dkfs A = domkyrkoförsamling = cathedral parish, the central parish in the stift (diocese). Cf sfg, lfg
dlr, dal O daler, an old Swedish currency.
dr. A 1) dräng = farm hand.
2) (modern language only) doctor (commonly only physicians use this abbrev as a single word. Other academic doctor titles are "spelled out" like "Fil dr" = PhD, "Doktor i arkeologi" = Doctor of archaeology)
D S A = den samme = the same - signature in e.g. a mail under a "P S" (Lat post scriptum
d.y. A = the younger, "jr". As in English located after the name.
d.ä. A = the elder, "sr". As in English located after the name.
e.d. ejusd O ejusdem (same , about time, e.g. same month)
eg. O egare, = owner - see hemmansägare
enk O for male = enkeman widower, for female = enka = widow. Modern spelling änkeman, änka
f A 1  = född (born) as in "f 1821" or "f i Göteborg"
2  = far (father) as in " f Erik Jonsson, m Lisa Ersdtr"
3  = följande (following) as in "p 50f" =p 50-51 or "p 50ff" = p 50 and following pages
fad O (as a person's title) = fader = father
fb A = födelsebok = birth book/register
f or fd (f.d.) A förre and före detta respectively. Used as prefix before a job title meaning "former". The job title is usually in definite form. E.g. f smeden = former blacksmith, f.d. direktören = former (managing) director, f.d. soldaten = former soldier.
fg, fs, fsg A = församling (parish)
fl A = flyttar, flyttning = moved / changed location
infl = inflyttad = moved IN,  utfl = utflyttad = moved OUT
fol. A (Lat.) folio = double page (right and left). Means folded. cf pag.
förs A = församling (parish)
g, gl O (as a person's title) = gamle = the elder
g.b., GB O gamla boken = the old book = previous HFL volume
g.m. A = gift med = married to
h.a. O (Lat) hoc anno = this year OR (Lat) hujus anni = of this year
ha A = hektar hectare see land topic
h, H, Hu, hust O Before a name in a husförhörslängd record: = hustru = wife.
hd A = härad, a judicial district, cf Divisions
hem.äg., hem.eg. O hemmansägare
HFL A husförhörslängd.
husm. O (as a person's title) = husman (click link)
ibm, ibid A [Latin] ib idem = the same place (as mentioned before). Sometimes ibdm.
inh, inhys O = inhyses. Often as title in church records.
kbfd M kyrkobokföringsdistrikt. District of church registration, may contain > 1 parish but is usually a part of one parish..
kh A = kyrkoherde = vicar
kmt O kopparmynt. = copper coin. See special sites about old Swedish currency. cf smt.
kn M kommun. Municipality (local government area)
KRA A Krigsarkivet = Swedish National War Archives.
LDS M Church of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints .Home
lfg A landsförsamling (cf stadsförsamling). Cf sfg, dkfg
lysn. A lysning.
M A As title for a male in church records usually maken = the husband.
m h v p O med hand vid pennan = with hand on pen, signifying that a signature was written by someone else in the presence of the person who cannot write.
Variations: m h o p = med hand om pennan or m h p p = med hand på pennan.
mod O (as a person's title) = moder = mother
mtl O mantal
mvh M common abbrev used in ending formal letters. = "Med vänlig hälsning" = literally "with friendly greeting" =Best Regards.
n.b., NB O nya boken = the new book = next HFL volume
n:m: O = nämndeman. Used in notes column in HFL
La, L:a A in a place name: lilla = small(er) / lesser
N A in a place name: norra = north
Ne A in a place name: nedre = lower
o.d. or o.ä.d. O =oäkta dotter = daughter out of wedlock.
o.s. or o.ä.s. O =oäkta son = son out of wedlock.
o.ä. O = oäkta = illegitimate, born out of wedlock. (about child).
p, pag A [Lat.] = pagina = page. cf fol. Frequently used in church records to note ref. to another page.
pd, prd, prid O [Lat] pridie = previous day.
p l O [Lat] = pastor loci = the priest in office.
M pastorsämbete. =Pastorate, the parish "office" (the institution, not the premises).
RA A Riksarkivet = Swedish National Archives.
RAÄ M Riksantikvarieämbetet = Gov't authority for registration and preservation of historical buildings, sites etc.
Rd, Rdr O Old Swedish currency. See Riksdaler.
reg A = regemente = regiment. OR registrerad = registered.
rmt O riksmynt Old Swedish currency.
S A in a place name: södra = south
s, S O Before a name in a husförhörslängd record: = son.
sal. A see salig.
SAOB A Svenska Akademiens OrdBok. The official standard Dictionary of Swedish Language. 
SAOL A Svenska Akademiens OrdLista. The official standard Dictionary of Swedish Language, short version - for spelling and forms.
SCB M Central Bureau of Statistics, "Sweden Statistics".
sfg A stadsförsamling (cf landsförsamling). Cf dkfg, lfg
skärs. O skärslipare (a profession of the guild).
smt O silvermynt. Old Swedish currency, e.g. Rdr smt = riksdaler silvermynt. Literally = silver coin as opposed to another form: kopparmynt = copper coin. See special sites about old Swedish currency.
sn M socken = Parish (cf Divisions)
St A in a place name: stora = large(r).
In a person's name: sankt(e) (male), sankta (female) = saint. Also Skt, S:e, S:a
susc. O Godparents, see suscepti
u. O (as a person's title) = unge = the younger
u.m. O = utom mantal = not included in taxation census register. Used in notes column in HFL
u.ä. O = utom äktenskapet = out of wedlock. More often o.ä. = oäkta.
V A in a place name: västra = west
vb A = vigselbok = marriage book/register
y., yst O (as a person's title) = yngste = the youngest
ä., äst O (as a person's title) = äldste = the oldest
Ö A in a place name: östra = east
Öv, Öf A in a place name: övre or (old) öfra = upper

In the "T' = Time column: O = Old times, M = Modern language, A = All times
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