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Dictionaries, Swedish Language    
Svenska Akademin SAOB, Svenska Akademins Ordbok The Swedish Norm dictionary, modern and old language, enormous. Requires a VERY good knowledge of Swedish language to read and understand ! Published in sections since 1893 (now covers "A - Talkumera") S I
Svenska Akademin SAOL, Svenska Akademins Ordlista Small, 1-volume, dictionary of modern Swedish. Published by the Swedish Academy and sets the standard. First ed 1874, latest = 12th (1998). 125 000 words. On line since Sept 2003. Free until end of 2003, then subscription. S B
Svenska Akademin SAOL, Svenska Akademins Ordlista Ed 8, 1923 is on line for free (useful for reading early 20th century texts !) S I
Dictionaries special      
* SweGGate StarGuide * SweGGate Dictionary Useful Swedish (genealogy) words and abbreviations B H
Hutchinson Dictionary of Difficult Words >Go> . Very good for Latin and English. (No Swedish) E I
Simply Biographies Latin Phrases >Go> . E I
Whitaker Latin Dictionary >Go> . (Downloadable) E I
Notre Dame Archives Latin Dictionary and Grammar >Go> E I
Nelson Latin Word List 8 000 words. Lynn H Nelson, Univ Kansas E I
DDSS Glossary (genealogy) >Go> . Very good. E I
LDS Glossary (genealogy) >Go> (top menu) B I
Hans Högman Glossary Home B I
Släktdata Föreningen Glossary >Go> B I
  Glossary >Go> B I
Glossaries, special      
Pladsen & Huber Swedish Genealogical Dictionary Pladsen Sveria Press, c/o Phyllis J. Pladsen, 2185 Randy Avenue, White Bear Lake, MN 55110-4333, USA. E-mail B B
Johansson In Cradled in Sweden Info E B
Palmgren, Allan Sv-Eng Heraldiklexikon Swe-Eng, special for heraldry. B I
A word of caution: Most translators (and some of the above glossaries) are made for modern Swedish. They will not recognize old spelling or older grammar. Use them to get the general idea of a document but they can never replace a translation made by a person who can understand the text and has knowledge of the time and circumstance under which they were created.
SweGGate Dictionary includes old spelling
Translator On-line translator for text or web pages >Go> (many languages, Swedish incl.) B I
LDS On-line glossary >Go> B I
Lexin On-line interactive glossary >Go> . Modern language only, medium size B I
Tolken99 Translation program >Go> (Download for trial, buy) B I

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