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  • GUIDE TO GENEALOGICAL RESEARCH is currently being prepared for publication in 2000.. The information will cover not only the territory of Slovakia but the Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, Poland, Ukraine, Germany, Croatia, Yugoslavia, Romania, USA and Canada as well. It will bring information on sources useful in genealogical research, about their maintenance in particular archives, their information value, methods how to use the information offered, how to develop them etc. Most of the information will be published for the first time. The book is to comprise 45 chapters, a lot of illustrations (depictions of documents) and indexes. While the main text will be written in Slovak, each chapter will be summarized in English. For more information, contact:

    Slovak Genealogical Heraldic Society at the Matica slovenska
    Nam. J. C. Hronskiho 1, 036 52 Martin, Slovakia, Europe
    Tel.: 421-842-31372, Fax: 421-33188,
    E-mail: [email protected] Web Site: http://www.genealogy-heraldry.sk

    submitted by Frank Kurcina

    Some abbreviations used for various denominations :

    rk.-RK. római katholikus Roman Catholic
    gk. GK. görög katholikus Greek Catholic

    kg. KG. keleti görög Greek Oriental (Eastern
    ag. AG. ágostai Evangelical
    ref. REF. református Reformed
    izr. IZR. izraelita Israelite, Jewish

    Krstení = Baptisms (Christenings)
    Sobás^ení = Marriages
    Zomrelí = Deaths
    (Words are of Slovak origin not Hungarian)

    The matriky (parish church records) were titled Krsntení (Baptisms) ,
    Sobás^ení (Marriages), and Zomrelí (Deaths).

    In Hungarian the matriky are titled anyakönyvek, keresztelések,
    házasságok és halálozások - same words as in Slovak above. 

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